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  1. It looks like our two favorite Duke boys have been reunited in animation.... according to my source, they will appear in an episode of Phineas and Ferb on the Disney channel on: Fri, Feb. 12th at 9:00pm and Sat, Feb.13th at 11:30am They play the Wilkens brothers....
  2. hey youre here!!! wanna chat?

  3. I need a Coy and Vance lunchbox too....Coy signed my Bo and Luke one...but it just didnt seem right LOL
  4. I wondered why you ran out of there like a scalded cat... Yes folks...Roger Duke.....mild-mannered Uncle Jesse figure by night, crazed superfan by day!
  5. My "cousin" BoJamesDuke is also from the UK. I am pretty certain that BoJames has the reunion movies but I am not sure if it they were bought here on a visit to the US or not. I'm sure though that we can find out for you. MiniHogg may know as well. Welcome aboard!
  6. *had been quiet up til now* Dukes got no jobs?! What do you call servin you beers and cleanin' up after you every Friday and saturday night?! Pleasure!? Think again!
  7. Of course seeing Roger and Tim was great too....
  8. Well...I have said it before and I will say it again...Sonny is amazing...one of the greatest souls on this earth... and yes he remembered me....even signed my pic "to my friend". One thing that tells I think who he is: when he first got there he realized he forgot his hat and hurried back to get it. When he got back, rather than go straight to signing autographs he started greeting and shaking hands with everyone standing in line...coming to US before we could go to him. THAT I think is what sets him apart from most actors. That personable sweetness that makes you feel like you could walk into his front door, kick off your shoes, and stay a while. Also, for every child that was there he pulled out a smaller picture of him with Flash and personally autographed it for each child he met at no charge. He had a pile full stuffed in his coat. He did this for me with a full sized picture last year...he is just a sweet guy who likes to make people smile. I'll say again, if any of you get an opportunity to meet any member of the cast, he would definately be a top pick. And I guarantee you will leave with a smile.
  9. Maybe it's Hortense and there are things we DON'T know...and don't want to!
  10. miss me yet? wanna chat real quick?

  11. I'm still debating....I sure could use a Sonny hug so I might go....
  12. Nah....I'm just nosy an' wanna see who's next!
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