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  1. Hi Daisy, I'm off to watch "The Great Santa Claus Chase" I have to get stocked up with trivia questions. Ho, Ho, Ho!!!!

  2. Hey Daisy, Are you coming to any of the Hazzard County Christmas parties?

  3. I might be a little late for the first one but hopefully not.

  4. I bet it won't be as fun as HazzardNet's party. You should just invite all them folks to ours instead.

  5. Thanks so much for the Christmas parties. I had a blast. Make sure you check out the latest trivia question

  6. Hi Daisy. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. I rejoined the Hazzard Christmas party at 11:00 Monday night but you were gone by then *frowns* I stayed on until 1:00 *yawns*

  7. Merry Christmas Merry Anne!!!

  8. Merry Christmas Bo!!!

  9. Merry Christmas Lori!!!

  10. Merry Christmas Julie!!!!

  11. Merry Christmas to my favorite (and only) Supreme Superior Commander. Say hi to Buford!! *hugs*

  12. Merry Christmas Brian!!!

  13. Merry Christmas Alex!!!

  14. Merry Christmas Val!!!

  15. Merry Christmas Laura!!!

  16. Merry Christmas General Grant!!!!!

  17. Merry Christmas Redneck Girl!!!!!

  18. Merry Christmas Emy-Rae!!!!!!

  19. Merry Christmas Garrett!!!!!

  20. Merry Christmas Tim!!!!

  21. Merry Christmas Jessi!!!!!

  22. Merry Christmas artykidd

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