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  1. Welcome! John has a Myspace but I don't know exactly how it works, it's a little difficult for me. The official site is http://www.johnschneider.tv/index.php but you can't join it: there are lots informations, news and the official store.
  2. Welcome! I'd like to see Niagara Falls!!
  3. morgan

    Italian movies

    Mabye Benigni is the only one can make some good things, ah ah, even if I don't like much his genre. The film named by Julieduke is a little old: about at that time, italian movies was surely more famous (and good) that today. I'll wait for other opinions, please!
  4. This week we had sunny and quite warm days: don't know excatly the temperature but I think from 12°c to 18°c. I like most the cold than the warmth, here during the summer we can have up to 40°c, I hate that!
  5. morgan

    Italian movies

    Yesterday, I had a quarrel with 2 colleeges about the difference between American and Italian movies. So, as most of you here are american I'd like to have your opinion about some argument. I tell you in advance: I don't like italian movies, I agree with Tarantino that found them boring and depressing. I think we have very good dubbers, but very bad actors, with very fiew exceptions. Instead, I love american movies, well not all obviously. My questions are: 1)do you know some italian movies (old or recents)? 2)and some actors? 3)and directors? 4)is it true that americans are very strickt in import strangers movie and prohibits them? Thanks for your opinions!
  6. I agree with you: we want Johnatan back!!
  7. I don't like cooking but I like to prepare sweet and cakes, and I'm quite good in that, so there a very simple cake that you can make when you have old bread and don't know what to do with it: (for the weight i use italian measure unit, so "g" is for gram, "l" for litre) 150 g of stale bread 1/2 l of milk 80 g of butter 1 egg 150 g of sugar currants and/or candied fruit as you want almond or pine-seed cocoa grate the bread and put it in a recipient with butter and very hot milk; when it's cold, add the sugar, the egg and mix. then add currants, candied-fruits, almond or pine-seed, and cocoa. cook it for 25-30 minutes (it depends from your oven)
  8. Well, actually I don't care a lot about this question I'm going to do, but my sister does, so: is Lana dead at the end of 6th season? I don't think so, 'cause a second before the explosion I saw a little truck pass just near her car...
  9. From what I know, John didn't go to the college, he told so when he did the casting for "hazzard", pretending that existed a sort of "driving college". He went to live in Georgia at 14 with his mother.
  10. It sounds a good plot! But, is it a new film?
  11. We had only 2 days of snow at the beginning of January: it seemed that it was going to snow a lot like 2 years ago, instead after 1 day or 2, it just..."disappeared"... Ps: my "velvet ears" loves snow!
  12. Welcome and enjoy the forum!
  13. You can find the vhs of the 1st one on amazon or e-bay.
  14. I knew his second name too. Very funny interview
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