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  1. Thanks, I think I found someone who can make them
  2. Hey guys, About 10 years ago, I bought a set of fullsize gold-mirror hazzard sheriff decals for building a Rosco's patrol car replica. Not the single vinyl 'plain' gold & black. These had a separate mirror-gold backing and separate black graphics decals. I don't remember who made these, and I don't have the emails or address anymore. Not sure, but I think I found him on the Confederate General Lee Fan Club forum, which does not exist anymore. Anyone here knows who it could have been? Thanks! Werner
  3. Hey all, We were discussing among friends the reason for this cake: Does anyone know the extact occasion what this was for? Celebration of the first 2 seasons? Or some kind of viewer ratings? (I don't know if this was discussed in the forum before, I tried the search but couldn't find anything...) Thx, Wekke
  4. Hey all, I have been (and still am) so busy with others stuff: I became a train driver, that was a 1-year training, now I'm busy working in my house. And there is still train-driving training for additional train types and new routes to learn, regularly... So surfing and forums have taken a back seat. But I have a bit more time again now :-) I had some info on the California flming locations (visite in Feb.2010), but I changed providers last year, so the webpage I had is gone. But a lot of the pictures on there were links, they were stored (and still are!) in other places. I do want to make a description to go with them again, but I'm not gonna make a website of it anymore, rather it will be in forum post(s). Since looking up all the info and posting it, with links, will take quite some time, it might take a while. As I said, my house and the railroad company keep my quite busy ;-) In the meantime, you can see the pictures: 2007 - Warner Bros studios - Hazzard Square => http://s458.photobucket.com/albums/qq301/fenderbaum/Dukes%20of%20Hazzard/Warner%20Bros%20Hazzard%20Square%202007/ 2010 - Los Angeles, CA. The pictures show a Dukes screenshot on the left, and how it looks these days (well, 2010...) http://s458.photobucket.com/albums/qq301/fenderbaum/US%202010/Dukes/ To see the what's what: Move the mouse over a thumbnail pic, look at the first letters of the image name. DuelTunnel = Tunnel used in one or more Dukes Episodes, it's on Soledad Canyon Rd, to Acton. Was also in Steven Spielberg's ''Duel''. GOBN = Boar's Nest location at the Golden Oaks Ranch (Antelope Valley Fwy 14 at Placerita Canyon Rd - Golden Oaks ranch is normally closed to public, contact them first) GOCBr = Golden Oaks Ranch - Covered bridge and lake GODF = Golden Oaks Ranch - Duke farmhouse & barn location HV = Hidden Valley (W Potrero Rd) LkShrwd = Lake Sherwood area Pi = Piru, CA PiLk = Piru Lake RivJmp = Styx river jump - Santa Clarita River (Henry Mayo Dr & Franklin Pkwy, very close to I-5 onramp) (''twin rocks'' and jump site not accessible, but visible from roadside) SauSpdw = Saugus Speedway TrnJmp = Train jump (Grannie Annie), Perkins Road (near Magellan Way), Oxnard, CA ''Bullitt'' (Steve McQueen) movie locations - San Francisco - 2010: http://s458.photobucket.com/albums/qq301/fenderbaum/Bullitt%20movie%20locations%202010/ ''Duel'' (Steven Spielberg) movie locations - north of Los Angeles - 2010: http://s458.photobucket.com/albums/qq301/fenderbaum/Duel%20movie%20locations%202010/ enjoy
  5. Oh, wow thanks for that, I didn't know they were still in the editing phase by then. That would explain it :-)
  6. Hey all, long time no see :-) Here's something that I noticed a long time ago, and it's been bugging me ever since but I never asked around : In "Repo Men" (Georgia episode) there are some interior scenes at the Duke farm, that clearly show the "california kitchen". I haven't found any previous posts about this. Does any know if this was a set they built in Georgia? If so, it would seem strange they didn't make it look like the "real" Georgia farm kitchen. Or were they already shooting in California when they were filming Repo Men? Or did they re-shoot these scenes later on?
  7. wekke

    map of Hazzard

    Well, my version of a map of Hazzard County and surrounding counties is on indefinite hold. I went over all the comments I made where they mention or show roads, towns, places, etc... : it's impossible. Nearly every episode mentioned different road names & numbers, and the general directions are contradicting all the time.
  8. I received my copy (# 99/250) last week and finished reading it already. I was amazed when I learned what life Jimmie has lead. I had already googled some info about him and Sorrell Booke, my 2 favorite Dukes characters, but this book really opened my eyes about Mr. Best. Wow. If you want to learn a bit more about the man behind "Rosco", but also about Hollywood in it's glory days, I really recommend Jimmie's book. It's also written in an entertaining way. I have never been one for book-reading, but I finished these 300+ pages in just a few evenings. That says enough :-)
  9. I made this plan a few months ago. The left side is pretty accurate, the right (bedroom area) is one possible layout. In the show itself, there are many inconsistensies there, this is the closest I could get it...
  10. Tomorrow is my 37th birthday, but we had a family afternoon today already, I got my presents a day early. Look what my sister got me: Never used, nearly mint condition, hardly any scuffs. It still has the original Aladdin tag attached to the handle, with perfect thermos inside. The person she bought it from also threw in a Dukes watch as a free extra 8) I remember looking for a lunchbox a longtime last year, but they were always either too expensive or in bad shape. So my sister got me the perfect gift 8)
  11. Mill Pond Widowmaker Bend The Hazzardgate Tape
  12. Yes, I will go to some oldtimer meetings with it, and there is the "EuroDukesFest" in Holland, next August. Exact date and time still to be fixed... :-)

  13. About Enos : "He and the Duke boys grew up together, and his dad ran moonshine right alongside Bo and Luke's dads." And "the reputation of being the oldest virgin in Hazzard County." :-)
  14. Wow, that's quite a list already, I didn't realize there were so many
  15. Boss Hogg and Rosco together, they are the perfect team. Movie magic.
  16. Hello!

    Thanks for the comment. Yes it was originally sold in Belgium. So for the wet weather, I was surprised there was almost no rust.

    I looked for a V8 first, but could never find any. Then I looked at 1 other for sale, a 6 cylinder, but very bad and rusty.

    Last year this one, also 6 cylinder, came up for sale, only 20 km from where I live. And I had never seen it before, so nice surprise.



  17. Nice ! Rosco only wore that dark jacket in the earlier episodes, I wonder why. Probably simply too hot in California, later on Here are 4 Rosco pics in sequence: I love this scene, his expression when he goes "under water"... Jimmie is the best.
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