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  1. LOL well glad to have you back Mon Capitan! Ouch about work, that's gotta be a killer :( Hope you do get more time round here soon, we miss ya!

  2. LOL I was actually gonna post that this time around! That I should just not post for ages if I get em and let other people have a go. I just love doing these! Its not too hard for me cause I've got a degree in English Plus I have a method...
  3. I am indeedy. Sorry, got distracted watching Dukes

  4. Great to hear! I'm not too bad, stuck in the unemployment line...somehow it worked better for the Dukes than it did me :p.

    Thanks! I feel kinda bad solving them before anyone else, its just I understand them quite quick. I guess it takes scrambled people to understand scrambled messages huh? :p

  5. A) FCH 630 - Daisy mainly drives this, it is her Jeep, Dixie. 83522 - I think this is one of the patrol cars because they never had Letters in front of their liscene plates? At least not in the earlier episodes? I dont know if it was Rosco, Enos or Cletus who used it most though.
  6. Heeeeeeey Boss :D How's things going on your end? Haven't spoken to ya in a while, so just wanted to check your still on the face of the earth and not dropped off somewhere :)

  7. Knuckleheads Ruined Intro - And In This Corner, Luke Duke A Beleaguered Musky Cohort - Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough Grocer Toils - Cooters Girl A Skinhead Rehearsal - Share and Share Alike Idly Abuse Kidney - By Line, Daisy Duke A Spattering Thighbone Sonnet - Opening Night At The Boar’s Nest Echoing Hat - High Octane Chose Epic Pole - People’s Choice Highest Bite - The Big Heist Unsolved Racket - Coltrane vs Duke
  8. Hey! Long time no see! Hope everything is great with you and that your enjoying yourself this fine summer :)


  9. A Guarded Rebuke - Beauregard Duke Facecloth For Prisoners - Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane
  10. OMG I got it!!!! Seb infers hot forum – Sheriff Buster Moon robot menus - Buster Moon
  11. Answered And i'm still stuck on this one
  12. Easy! One of the funniest lines ever! Luke: They ain't allowed t'eat on duty.. Bo: What? Luke: You want some hot butter camera? Luke hid the camera in the popcorn
  13. Thanks, I just felt bad that you put so much work in them and no one was trying to solve them so I went on a mission! LOL Still stuck on this robot menus one, clues? Like which season? Good or Bad?
  14. Mud Freaks - Dukes Farm (although its known as just Duke Farm in the series ) Smooth Brute - Rhuebottoms Attic Policy - Capitol City Italic Colony - Colonial City Shortest Bean - The Boars Nest
  15. Forgave Joshing Feds = Jefferson Davis Hogg Honing A Global Charm = Abraham Lincoln Hogg Ant Stereos = Enos Strate Polar Concertos = Rosco P Coltrane Poetry Meter = Emery Potter Proven Doctorate = Cooter Davenport Boy Clapped = Doc Appleby Robot Menus is the only one i'm stuck on....are you sure this is a character?
  16. Bald porn vet = Bl Davenport Print overload = Lori Davenport My leaky duel = Elly May Duke Crack den pet = Capt Redneck
  17. Muse bad joke - BoJamesDuke. That's me See midday auk - DaisyMaeDuke - That's my cousin
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