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  1. Good! Wow, I remember that memory at a early age to watch back in the 80's when I was very young, man! Me, too. I remember that car very well, I loved that car, I agree and Transformers, too.
  2. Yeah, true! None of my friends watch "DOH".
  3. Mine was: The Ghost of the General Lee and Goodbye, GL are my favorites but others that I like to pick.
  4. TrainTownofCowee, you can add me on the first page and find me.
  5. Yeah, you can meet him when if you can go to DukesFest. I have seen his experission (sp?) when he starts taling like Rosco that reminds me of him that he was on "Dukes".
  6. Today is Catherine Bach's birthday - March 1st, 1954! Happy birthday, Catherine!
  7. Hmmm... I remember that Dukes went off on tv around September 1985 when it ended but Knight Rider was on tv around late 1985 or early 1986, that's all I remember as a toddler at age 3 and 4. Am I correct?
  8. I didn't like that movie when I saw the commerical but I prefer the old one as tv show.
  9. Yes, it was my favorite but they remind me of the Dukes boys again to the car.
  10. WOW, I remember that one on the show plus I watched more reruns till it got closed on September that time I was a toddler at 3 years old back in 1985! I remember that I watched one rerun on tv that night after my kid sister was born (August 7th, 1985) before one month later, it got canceled! DAMN, I'm almost 25 (born on March 9th, 1982) that I can remember "DOH" for 3 years since I was a just baby like few months old till I was 3 that time! It's still there in my memory from my childhood days!
  11. I don't like that movie but I prefer old 80's tv show "DOH" better!
  12. Hey, it said required last name or email, ugh! I hate it!
  13. I'm sure that he will tell you to thank for watching his show "Dukes of Hazzard" that you're watched for years like he said to me 7 years ago.
  14. I really like the new organization forum that I ever seen! Hello, my name is Alice K. Hochhausler. I'm 24 1/2 years old but will be 25 in March 9th. My birthday is March 9, 1982. I'm a member here on this forum and I'm a long time John/Bo fan for 25 years since I watched "Dukes" around 1982 when I was a baby like 3-4 months old but I don't remember which month excatly that time how old I was) till it ended on September 1985 when I was 3 years old but I remember the reruns, too. Oh, I loved the General Lee was so awesome when it fly into the sky when I saw on tv! YEE-HAAA!!!!!!! I met John at a car show here in Ohio 7 years ago when I was 18, it was a best moment of my life because of my dream come true!
  15. He was speeding on a speed limit then John was busted by a fan because he got a speeding ticket that reminds him of the show "Dukes" then the fan was a police officer saw him in the car then the fan knew it was John from "Dukes of Hazzard" as Bo. The fan is sounding like Rosco caught him "Bo" because of Boss Hogg in GA. He didn't know that was his first in 25 years.
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