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  1. I have to say the Kent farm jump is my fav.. I can imagine Marthia saying "Jonathan, get out of that car!"
  2. Say I was watching the Disney channel and they had a music Video of some band I didn't know, and the song was called "Get over it." (I think) and as I look the band was dancing around a orange '69 Charger! No lie, has anyone seen this?
  3. Besides the Dukes: 1: Mythbusters (I have about 5 tapes worth of episodes) 2: Game Fever (it helps me to wake up) 3: Family Guy 4: Jeff Corwin/Corwin's Quest 5: Monster Jam 6: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers 7: Kim Possible
  4. I don't really concider these (The big screen movie and the Beginning) to be Dukes of Hazzad movies but rather "General Lee" movies.. C-mon, the reason we continue to watch these because to see the General fly.. I'll tell you, if they started to use those new "chergers" I'll stop watching!
  5. Unfornonatly they stoped airing the Dukes on Family, never really watched them but wish they still do..
  6. I have to disagree, "strange visitor to Hazzard" was pretty good, the only episode I hated, besises the 5'th season was the one where they tried to run the General into that train. But I did like how Boss Hagg tried to stop them..
  7. say call me a nut but I had a vision of a General of my own. Picture a white '67 Mustang hard top with the rebel flag on the roof and instead of 01 there'll be a 02 on the doors and the name "Traveller" instead of GeneralLee. I was wondering if anyone could take a picture of a '67 Mustang and paint it like that, I would love to see what it would look like..
  8. Yea but I still like to see them.
  9. Oh yea me too. I never heard of "Enos" untill I started to look up Dukes on the net. I keep hearing it was pretty bad..
  10. Say I have another question, how do I set my profile so it'll automaticly get email notifications on replies?
  11. I do! And I got the whole version on a CD!
  12. Say does anyone know where I can view any episodes of "The Dukes" cartoon? I seen the theme song but I like see some of the show..
  13. Yea I heard that Bo (or Luke) ran the General into a barn or something.. Love to see that
  14. Jayn

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    Oh I just made it.. Just when I posted before I made it it don't show up even I just rejoin..
  15. Jayn

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    That's wired, it is showing up here but why isn't it showing up on my older posts?
  16. Say I made a Signature and it shows up on my preview but I can't see it in my posts. Am I doing something wrong?
  17. Oh sorry I meant colonel, I spelled that wrong.. so I asked again.. Could this be "Colonel Lee?"
  18. Hey guys I just had a funny thought. I am a big Nascar fan and I notice that the army's car is #01. Now normally I wouldn't make a big deal about this kind of thing, but I got to thinking.. Is this "Carnal Lee?" I know from history that General Lee was a carnal in the Union army before becoming the Confederate general so as a joke I started to call this car "Carnal Lee.".. So what ya think?
  19. It looks more like one of those Starky and Hutch cars.. I forgot what they are called..
  20. I personally would like to see a Dukes 2 and I liked to see them in England. I would think that would be interesting..
  21. Yea I know, I once started a stript called DOH: The next generation but never finished. My idea was to have Bo and Luke drive their kids to the farm where they meet their uncle, Uncle Pete. While there they find the General and Bo and Luke give them the title making the General a family elem. Also knowing how old the car is, they decide to build a new car. My idea for a new car is a '67 mustang named "Traveller," as in General Lee's horse.. I got the idea after geting my car..
  22. Wait, what did they do in the Unrated verson? Did you say Cooter used drugs?!
  23. I didn't think Coy and Vance wasn't so bad ether. I do like a few episodes like when Coy finds that runaway and the other one about Boss Hogg being dead.. I met Coy once when he was at Cooter's and he was a nice guy
  24. I beleave that this movie was a outlet for a Dukes fan (if you can call him that) and to write a Duke movie based on what he felt how the Dukes should have been like. On CMT Insider John does say that the first 5 episodes did had more grip to them meaning they had some mild cussing, Daisy showed her body more, and I think they make some other references the later episoses didn't have. I think what Jay wanted to do was to capture the feel of those episodes but went a bit too far when he put references to Jackass and Super Troopers.. As for me, if it wasn't for it having the General in it, I really don't think I would have enjoy it as much as I did.
  25. I also think the the movie, even though how bad it was it was very enjoyable. Of course I did went to see it to just see the General on the big screen. I do agree with a lot of people that there were things that shouldn't been in the movie but damn, did the General look great on the big screen!
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