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  1. I know that one of the several locations used is "The Golden Oak Ranch" in Newhall, Ca. I believe this ranch/movie studio is owned by the Walt Disney Co. I am not sure if this the the location which burned a few years back. I have also heard through a friend in the film production business that some of the "Hazzard town square " shots were filmed on the Warner Brothers lot just outside of L.A. This location should be the same one used as the "old town square" for the "Back to the Future" movies. You can get more and photos on this by searching "Back to the Future film locations" on the net. A
  2. I am sure for the right amount of $$$$$$ you can have a Charger shipped anywhere in the world - Question is would it be worth it????
  3. I believe it was an " R/T" model so I am guessing possibly a 440??? Still the car was trashed and a rolling rust bucket!! It would cost big $$$$ just to get it running and drivable/ street legal. It actually looked like some of the Chargers which are selling for parts only on Ebay. I am sure someone with the $$$$ to put into it can fix it up but it is way out of my price range. I would be happy with a standard issue Charger with the 383 (to save on gas) - If I can just find one in the right price range. It is kid of funny since I actually owned a 1971 Charger about 15 years ago but sold it du
  4. I have also been keeping my eye open for a 1969 Charger for a "fair" price. A couple of weeks ago I ran across a 1970 Charger while cruzing West on Hwy78 near Georgia/Alabama State line. It was sitting next to a garage with about two dozen other vehicles and most, if not all looked like pure junk. I guess the Charger looked to be in the best shape of all but BELIEVE ME it was a junker. At this time the garage was closed (Sunday) so I was unable to obtain any information about the car. I went back by the shop on Tuesday and noticed that the Charger was gone. I asked one of the employees about
  5. If you don't mind me asking - what is this General selling for????
  6. Has anyone seen the "Waxing the General Lee" video??? I found a link to it at www.dukesofhazzardmovie.com The ad implies that the video may contain some fast driving/ stunts with a "G.L." but, looking at the cover, I am wondering if this is just a nudie video in a "Dukes" package???? Can anyone tell me what exactly is in this video- is it worth the purchase??? Thanks.
  7. In one of the newer Dukes tv movies (1996?) there is a scene where it appeares to have been raining prior to filming as the sky is clowdy and the General is driving thru a wet muddy dirt roadway. This is about as close as it gets. I figure the rain soaked filming location was not planned for but the filming had to go forward due to time restraints - since it is usually "sunny" on the Dukese??? Just a guess???
  8. What was the Generals highest jump?? What about the longest jump??? Were there any records broken here for longest or highest car jump/stunt?? - just wandering.
  9. I say lets forget about this Dukes "Movie" and demand a decent sequel to the Smokey and the Bandit series - Maybe have Cheech and Chong driving the Trans-Am and Truck. They can be hauling a load of illegal drugs from the Mexico/Texas border to the Atlanta area. - The plot centers around will they be able to deliver the goods before smoking them up! To keep some of the "Dukes movie fans" happy we can have a Confederate flag (instead of the bird) painted on the hood of the Trans-Am. Lets fill the soundtrack full of 70's pot-heat stoner music. And don't forget the profanity - to boost the movies'
  10. While sitting in my favorite chair on my front porch watching my Confederate battle flag (yes to scale) mounted on the flag pole flap around in the cool morning (2am) breeze, I took a drink from the special home brew I recently purchased from a guy on a back woods road in Alabama. As I was beginning to feel the somewhat smooth but raw kick from the "strange brew" I read over your comments and two words quickly came to mind - Yeee Haaaaa!! After yelling this as loud as possible and throwing my hands up in the air I fell off my porch and broke my laptop, but heck it was worth it.
  11. I know - who really cares - but I was just wandering what happened to the actors that played "Coy" and "Vance" - What are they doing now?? Any movie or tv shows?
  12. I agree that it would be nice to see a decent big screen Dukes movie, but let be realistic here. Given the horrible reviews this movie has received and the content of this movie (not including the "unrated" one) I don't think we will see any well known actors or musicians wanting to be in a sequel to this - especially with the same director. I figure Hollywood will try to push the dvd sales to fill their pockets and be happy with that. They made their money which is all they are concerned about. I really don't think they care about what the true "Dukes" fans think or want. I grew up watchi
  13. I believe several changes would have to be made for a sequeal in order for it to get good reviews and bring in the money at the box office. As most have stated, the movie should be based more on the original tv series as far as the characters and their behavior. It does not have to be just a "big screen remake" of the same old thing - just keep the characters and the theme of the story similar to the way it is in the series. And tone down the profanity and remove the references to the illegal drug use. I don't ever recall Bo and Luke striking up a bong in the tv series - and Uncle Jessy neve
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