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  1. "Good Ol' Days" by Phil Vassar: I work my job all the way to the weekend Call all my buddies, ask where you been Let's get together somewhere, seven o'clock Wanna pop a top, pop a top Wanna go, wanna roll, wanna rock it Hey, hey, hey let's make some good ole days Hey, hey, hey let's make some good ole days That's right, Let's make some good ole days tonight Hey, baby, what's the chance you dancing with me? Been watching you all night Like what I see That big old moon is shining down from above You know it's stirring up magic stuff This could be the night we fall in love Hey, hey, hey let's make some good ole days Hey, hey, hey let's make some good ole days That's right, Let's make some good ole days tonight Ice cold, wild free Night's young for you and me Let's do something that we'd never dare Something we'll be talking about in our rockin chair Hey, hey, hey let's make some good ole days (6x) :D
  2. In "Brotherly Love" Luke: He's my brother Boss: Your Brother? Rosco: Your Brother? Boss: Rosco did you hear that? Rosco: Yea, I heard it when he said it and you said it and I said it. I thought that was sooooo funny!!
  3. The_Dukes_Generl_Lee01 wrote: Me neither!! That'll be a really good one!
  4. I'll second that one! Yeeee-Hawwwww!!!!
  5. "There is never a day in Hazzard that you can just sit back and relax for the entire day." Luke added. "I can see that." Brooke said under her breath. It was still storming really bad, so they had the light of the lightning for the time being. Soon the lights flickered, but failed to stay on. "Looks like Cooter almost has em on." Bo said breaking the silence, his head still resting on his cane. There was a big crack of thunder that took everyone by suprise. "Good heavens, that scared me." Lulu said as she took a big bite of fried chicken. "Darn it, what's taken Cooter so long he almost had it." Luke asked not really asking anyone. *CUE ANYONE*
  6. When the doctor said that the room got completely silent. Uncle Jesse changed the subject. "I wonder where Luke could be?" Just as that was said Luke swung open the hospital door. "Bo Duke what the heck did you think you were doin goin that fast on a slick road?" Luke yelled. "I was tryin to save Rosco's life, In case you didn't know and what the heck were you doin following me!?" Bo snapped back. "Boys settle down!" Uncle Jesse broke up what almost seemed to turn into a fist fight. "Now you boys don't need to add more trouble by causing a fued." Uncle Jesse firmly told the two cousins. "Yes Sir." Bo and Luke both replied at almost the same time. They all sat and watched the doctor pump the blood into Rosco's system. All of a sudden the power went out and the blood wasn't near finished gettin into Rosco. "We have to get the ol' generator runnin so we can get the rest of that blood into him." The doctor said to everyone in the room. No one could see, but Boss had happen to have had his lighter out ready to light a cigar. *CUE ANYONE*
  7. OMG!!!! I love that movie!!!!! It's so good! George Strait looks pretty good...
  8. OMG!!! that's really funny....not that you crashed, i'm sorry about that , but that they said that!!! lol!!
  9. I can't wait till seasons 5, 6, and 7 are released and the reunion movies!!! I hope they all come out soon, i can't believe we have to wait till christmas.... , that'll be hard to do, but anywayz I'm excited...lol!!
  10. I'd also like to be one of the girls that dated Bo....hehe!!!!
  11. "Now what's the other news?" Luke asked still wiping the water off of himself. "The good news is about the amputation and the worse news is he's still in acomba and we don't know if he'll come out of it yet." the doctor replied hoping not to get everyone too upset. ****** By this time it was raining even harder than before and lighting lit up the entire night sky. Bo was trying to see his way through it. He was having some trouble, but it was for Rosco so he kept on going. ****** "Thanks again Brooke." Luke said as he handed the young woman the towel. "Your welcome." Brooke replied with a half smile on her face. Everyone had both Rosco and now Bo on their minds. "I sure hope Bo is careful it's raining awful hard out there." Daisy said worried. "Uncle Jesse can I borrow your pick up so I can go and make sure he's alright?" Luke asked his Uncle. "Yes, but you be careful too we don't need three people with hurt limbs." Uncle Jesse ordered Luke. "Yes Sir." Luke said as he caught the keys that were tossed to him. ******* "These roads are so dang slippery." Bo said to himself as the lightning stuck in front of him and the thunder rolled. *CUE ANYONE*
  12. "Rosco I don't know what I'll do if anything happens to you. I loved the good ol' times when you would chase me and Luke in the General all over Hazzard. I miss those times and now you and I may be useless for the rest of our lives." Bo talked to the almost lifeless man, who wasn't aware of anything. Rosco just lay there with a mask connected to an oxygen tank on and an IV to keep him alive. Bo had tears streaming down his face by this time and almost felt like he was the one that run Rosco off the road. "Bo here's your soup." Daisy said as the family walked in the hospital room. "Oh, thank you Daisy." Bo said taking the hot soup away from the tray. Everyone sat and ate around Rosco without saying a word. Everyone was finishing up eating just as Boss came in the door. "How's Rosco?" Boss asked worriedly. Lulu came in right after him. "Well as of now he's in acomba and they might have to amputate his arm on accounta his shoulder is so injured." Uncle Jesse explained to Boss and Lulu. "Oh my poor baby brother." Lulu said tears streaming down her face as she stared at the Sheriff. Boss and Lulu joined in eating. They were eating an extrordinary amout because they were worried and when they were worried they ate more that usual. Everyone else had finished their meals and were just sitting there staring at each other waiting to here more news on Rosco. The doctor walked not too long after. "Is Rosco gonna lose his arm?" Bo asked the doctor. *CUE ANYONE*
  13. In "Hughie Hogg Strikes Again" Bo to Luke while trying to get Daisy off a horse that takes off with her: "Careful Luke, she's the only good lookin cousin I got."
  14. Moments later the doctor came out. "How is he doc?" Uncle Jesse asked the man in the white uniform. "Well were not sure how it will turn out at the moment. He's in acomba and has a severe concusion." the doctor revealed the bad news to everyone as he stared at the ground. "Ya'll can go in and see him if you like." the doctor announced. "Where's his room?" Luke asked. "Right this way." the doctor took the group to Rosco's room and left them alone with him. "Someone oughta call J.D. and tell him what's goin on." Uncle Jesse said to no one imperticular. "I'll see if I can reach him" Enos replied and walked over to the hospital phone. "Hi Mr. Hogg, ummm I was calling to tell you that Rosco is at the Hazzard Hospital and everyone's down here if you wanna come down and see him." Enos started the conversation. "What are you talkin about Enos?" Boss asked having no clue of anything that happened to the Sheriff. "Rosco ran off the road last night and a tree fell on his car. He was out cold and still is. The doctor said he's in acomba and has a severe concusion." Enos explained. "Alright, alright, alright I'll head down there now." Boss replied trying not to show how worried he was of what the young deputy had just told him. *CUE ANYONE*
  15. HotHillbilly wrote: I love this song!! I have lots and lots of favorites!!!
  16. The ambulace worked their way to Rosco and pulled him out of the car. They took him into the ambulance truck to get him out of the rain, so they could take a good look at the injurys. Everyone walked over to the truck soaking wet and teary eyed. They all hoped that Rosco would be ok, even Bo. Bo felt really bad about what had happened to Rosco and right then and there he prayed to the good Lord that Rosco would we alright. He wished he had listened to what everyone was trying to tell him about Rosco before and he wished he had forgiven him. Now he was thinking to himself that Rosco could pass away without knowing that Bo would forgive him. Tears started streaming down Bo's face, he felt so guilty. "Were gonna take him over to the hospital now and fully check him there." the ambulace people told the very upset group standing in the pooring Georgia rain. Everyone stayed silent and went to their vehicles to follow the ambulance to the hospital. *CUE ANYONE*
  17. What are ya'lls favorite special features on the DOH DVDs..... i loved the BBQ and the Good Ol' Friends ones, but then again I loved all the special features....lol!!
  18. "Bo, Luke, Daisy get over here quick!" Uncle Jesse yelled to his nice and nephews. "Ya Uncle Jesse what's wrong?" Luke asked worried. "Rosco ran off the road and is out cold. Now everybody get in the car and were gonna head over there." Uncle Jesse commanded everyone. "Breaker one, breaker one might be crazy but I ain't dumb craaaaaazy Cooter commin at ya, Enos you got your ears on?" Cooter quickly called over the CB. "This here's Enos, Cooter what's goin on?" Enos asked. "Get an ambulance over here A.S.A.P Rosco's dun run off the road." Cooter explained briefly. "Possum on a gumbush, I'll call an ambulance and I'll be right there. I'm gone!" Enos replied over the CB and immediatly called an ambulance. The Dukes got to the scene right away and Luke pulled the General over to Cooter's pick up truck. They all got out in a hurry even Bo who couldn't stand Rosco at the time being. "How's he doin?" Uncle Jesse asked Cooter. "Well I'm not too sure, I need some help gettin him out and Enos'll be here with an ambulance any minute now." Cooter answered. "Poor Rosco." Daisy added having feeling sorry for him in the first place about him feeling so bad about the Bo situation. Moments later Enos pulled up with an ambulance close behind. *CUE ANYONE*
  19. BoDuke'sGirl wrote: I've been wondering that same thing...anyone know??
  20. The Voice Man of Hazzard wrote: Jamamda wrote: and sooooo many more!!!!!! I love Rosco!!!!
  21. Boss: OH my back! I threw out my back again. Rosco: You sure you can't move. Boss: Yes I'm sure i can't move. (Rosco starts endulging in Boss's Ice cream sunday) Boss:my ice creams gonna melt. Rosco: no it ain't somethin along those lines. but i loved that!!!!!! this is one of my favorite episodes!
  22. OMG!!! that was funny...... At first I was like ok when the boat was going through and then when the pigs went by and the General flew over i started laughing really hard!!!! LOL!!! That was really amusing!!!