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  1. Hey Y'all!!!! if y'all got MySpace join my friend list! www.myspace.com/emmythesweetheart
  2. I like: Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson Rainin' On Sunday by Keith Urban Better Life by Keith Urban Live To Love Another Day by Keith Urban Young by Kenny Chesney The Good Stuff by Kenny Chesney Big Star by Kenny Chesney Never Gonna Feel Like That Again by Kenny Chesney No Shoes,No Shirt,No Problems by Kenny Chesney Live Those Songs Again By Kenny Chesney I Can't Go There by Kenny Chesney I Lost It by Kenny C. Don't Happen Twice by Kenny C. Fall In Love by Kenny C. For The First Time by Kenny C. Back Where I Come From (Live) by Kenny C. She's Got It All by Kenny C. How Forever Feels by Kenn
  3. Hey Y'all! just askin if anyone got a t-shirt w/ Bo on the front and it says Bo Delicious. just wonderin' cuz I got one but I dont wear it cuz I nailed it to my wall and when ever someones in my room and they are a-starin' at it i say " Aint that true!". talk to y'all later!
  4. Amen! i luv him in Dukes and i luv him now! LOL! cuz i watch Smallville just to see him! and ur right! he HAS aged well even tho i like him better in Dukes but he still hot!!!^.^
  5. i've only heard Beareguard but i aint heard that his middle name was Jackson though oh well. Cute name, Cute guy.
  6. Yea I have the Dukes soundtrack and its either I listen to "Them Good Ol' Boys Are Bad" or "In The Drivers Seat". i luv them 2 songs on there but i like the other ones 2.
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