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  1. Luke was laying there with an ice pack on his forehead and still out cold. Bo walked over and sat down at the foot of the hospital bed. "Luke, please wake up." Bo pleaded to his non responding cousin. "Come on Luke I don't wanna lose ya now." Tears started to come into Bo's eyes. ~~~~~~~~ "Hey Uncle Jesse." Daisy said trying to sound happy to her Uncle. "Hi Daisy. Any word on Luke yet?" Uncle Jesse asked with hope she would say he was fine. "Yes, but it's not very good. He's in comba." Daisy struggled with her words. There was then silence on both ends of the lines. Then Uncle Jesse broke the silence. "I'll be right down there." The Uncle said as he hung up the phone. *CUE ANYONE*
  2. The doctor walked over to Bo and Daisy in the waiting room. The two cousins stood up when they saw the doctor coming toward them. "How is he Doc.?" Bo asked right away. "Well he every once in a while says something incoherent, but when we try and wake him nothing happens, but here's the worst of it...He's in acomba." The doctor searched the two's faces. "Acomba?" Daisy asked hesitantly hopeing she heard wrong. "Yes" The doctor assured her. The look on Bo and Daisy's faces dropped. "Can we go in and see if we can wake him?" Bo asked. "Of course, but just one at a time. I'll show you to his room." The doctor told the two and led them to his room. "Alright who's gonna go in first?" The doctor asked them. "Why don't you go in first Bo and I'll go and tell Uncle Jesse what's goin on." Daisy generously told Bo. "Alright." Bo replied as he opened the door to Luke's room. *CUE ANYONE*
  3. i'm not too good at this kinda stuff but here's a couple ideas... 1) Bullet 2) Torpedo 3) Lightining I hope you like em.
  4. let's see if i can be of any help... on the top where there's all the buttons that say quote and code and everything go to the one that says Img clik it once before you put the pic in so it looks like this this is the formula... then there ya go....hope i've been of some help.
  5. But Luke failed to wake up. Moments later the ambulance pulled up. Bo and Daisy both had relief in their eyes. The paramedics rushed over to Luke carrying a stretcher. Bo and Daisy just watched so they wouldn't hurt Luke more that he already was. The paramedics checked to make sure he was gonna be ok for the drive over to the hospital and then loaded him in the back of the ambulance. "Can we ride over with ya'll our car is not quite up to the drive?" Bo asked one of the paramedics. "Of course you two can ride in the back with me and your cousin." the paramedic replied. "Thank you sir." Bo was greatful. They all got in and headed for the Tri-County Hospital. The paramedics drove quickly yet carefully to the hospital so they wouldn't shake Luke up any. Soon they arrived at the hospital and unloaded Luke carefully and took him inside. Bo and Daisy stood in the waiting room while they took Luke to the back to check him over and find out what was wrong with him. No one had said a word. *CUE ANYONE*
  6. NASCAR: Jimmie Johnson PBR: Justin Mcbride Those are my favorites.
  7. Welcome Larry!!! I'm with EJD when you meet him you should suggest this board to him...that'd be sooooo cool!!! Oh nd say hello from Daisy_Duke_Girl!!! lol!!!
  8. Rosco happened to be going on the same road as the ambulance only from the other direction. The ambulance was goin real fast down the dusty road. Rosco was kinda just goin along lookin for someone to give a ticket too. Soon the two were in sight of each other and heading right for each other. ~~~~~~~~~ "Bo, I sure hope that ambulance gets here." Daisy said to her blonde cousin as she put a jacket over Luke to keep him warm. "So do I." Bo replied looking outside to see if he could see anyone coming, but there wasn't a car in sight. *CUE ANYONE*
  9. Everytime something gets bumped or scratched I say it's been scuffed...hehe.
  10. I hope they do, but I still have no cable...I just got my phone back so I was able to install another internet system...
  11. I'm for Justin Mcbride too!!!
  12. ya I can't believe it of all weeks for my cable to go out...I really really wanted to see it and I can't believe I missed it...that was sooo depressing.
  13. I soooooooooo upset my cable was out all week and I didn't get to see it...
  14. I take it your roomate don't like the Dukes of Hazzard...well they need to learn to like em...lol!!! I think you should get the doorbell anywayz and surprise em...hehe...
  15. ^^That goes double for me!! lol!!
  16. Ya I wish he had like an identical son around my age!!! That'd be awsome!!!!