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  1. "ol' Boss was as lonely as ol Waylon on the night of the Country Music Association awards" is my favorite
  2. Rosco: I can do it if I put my mind to it Boss: Rosco, talk quiet when your talking about your mind...to show respect for the dead (I may be a little off on that one)
  3. butter roll? lol ^.^ that would've been funnier
  4. Well it worked b/c Scott and Knoxville are SO UGLY, and couldn't act to save their lives....its sad....
  5. I LOVE this song too and Long Way From Home (is that what its called?)
  6. Why are people so hard on this episode?? Its not THAT bad, I mean come on name 1 show that doesn't have a least 1 cheesy episode?? I've seen worse
  7. all of my favorites are in Season 7....that figures lol
  8. Yeah it bothered me to, and when Luke got off of that firetruck there wasn't a need for him to kiss her lol...
  9. ?? are you talking about the movie Christmas Comes to Willow Creek?? if not sorry I just dont recognize this as an epi.
  10. Your right lol he even throws back his head....its like the whole evil scientist package, but its so dern cute
  11. lord I'd rather push a chevy than drive a ford lol sorry to you ford fans out there
  12. The jump your talking about (across the river) was made in Double Sting I believe.
  13. I looked, at first I was like well I'll show him Im not going to look...but its human nature I had to see for myself lol
  14. Cathy. She had everything (voice, looks, could drive, and fight) all Jessica has is the looks (except for her funny nose).
  15. Whenever Tom laughs on DOH it sounds like an evil laugh lol, I mean that "mad scientist laugh"....don't get me wrong its sexy just like everything else about him.
  16. It was a tough choice but I voted Tom...go figure
  17. Gah, I thought he was around the same age as John or Tom
  18. I think it was Tink?? Thats what I remember someone calling her
  19. your right...hes still gorgeous
  20. lol at least Coy did something original...
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