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  1. i just took my truck to the tranny shop today ironically and as i explained what it does to the mechanic, he gave me this astonished, wide-eyed look like he'd never heard such a thing. that made me feel better! my tranny doesnt shift half the time. ill pull out from a stopsign or something and itll just coast pretty much. i have to hit the brakes, throw it in reverse then back into drive and then itll go. in the meantime, the car behind me is honking and the cars coming towards me have to swerve around me. im so surprised that truck didnt kill me. what else? --my tonneau cover wont fit anymor
  2. Hope everything goes well. Be thinking of ya...
  3. do you remember any of the songs they always played at skating rinks when you were a kid? that should be a genre all its own, like, rock, pop, roller-rock. lol i remembered this one i went to when i was a kid always played candyman by sammy davis jr and played this wierd video on the wall of this cute little fat guy making candy in a bakery. it was bizarre! plus of course the classics like ymca. any memories?
  4. ^^i feel very dumb lol ^^ thx everybody i will have to check the subtitles but ure probably right about buddy roe. thx again y'all.
  5. i was just watching "money to burn" on the 1st season dvd. i think its episode 11. in the beginning of it, enos is chasing the general lee and bo says something on the radio to enos about having the catch them and enos says thats what i am about to do _______" i dont know what the last word is though. thought it might be beauregard since thats his real name but to be honest, at first, i thought he called him 'butter roll' LOL that would be funnier! let me know if u know what he says. its bugging me! :x thx
  6. i was looking at that site...its a band that did that. u gotta listen to their music..its hilarious. expecially "sitting up drinking with robert e lee". thats a classic, now! http://www.rebel-son.com/songs.htm
  7. im 50% yankee :hangs her head in shame: but it says barely in the yankee category so maybe im not a lost cause. thing is, im from ohio & everone hear thinks i sound like im from kentucky b/c i say things like "fangers" (instead of fingers) & "beroown" (instead of brown)...thats hard to spell out lol.
  8. im on a mission to get autographs of all the cast & i found this site for enos. supposedly this site is official but it just seems janky. does anyone know if i can trust this site or not??
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