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  1. Me and my nail stylist have mutual love Mopar. Well she is in the process of coming up with Mopar themes for nails and seeing as we both are a little crazy, she is using my fingernails as her canvas. Well for her first go around I say it's not half bad.
  2. The guitar arrived today! Its to beautiful! I will take some pics and post them tomorrow.
  3. Yep I won! Woohoo I'm famous...lol I'm still in shock, It should be here sometime this week. I would be happy to share some pictures.
  4. Im a little behind on reading this fic, but Im planning and catching up tonight.
  5. To the Doonby Movie Team thank you for this contest. I still in shock that I won the guitar! You are to awesome!
  6. I've been pretty good. Just started a new job and trying to live this crazy life.

    How have you been?

  7. I love it! Thanks so fun for sharing all of this.
  8. I love it! Awesome job! You get extra props for have the Metallicar too.
  9. I seen the movie last night. I thought it was great. Way better then what I thought it was going to be.
  10. Well if you really need a pic of it. Im willing to screen cap parts of the episode for you. Just pm me with what sceen you need and your email address.
  11. Where in the heck did you hear this????
  12. lostsheep22


    Ok I see what you saying but there is one problem with it, they are some many different version of Superman out. It really all follow which one you go by. Yes in the movies he did die. In the Adventures of Lois and Clark his father was alive. And I have heard in the comics now he is still alive. So it’s all up to how you look at it. Now as far as Smallville following the whole Superman mythology is a bunch of (oh how to put is in a nice way) hog wash. If that were the case Clark would have never sleep with Lana. And there would be no Chloe. I think why so many people plus me are taking it ha
  13. lostsheep22


    My dad always told me if I ain’t got nothing nice to say then don't say it at all. So this one time I will take my dad fatherly advice. But so mad!!! I will never watch Smallville again. I think they done just dough there own grave and laid in it.
  14. Hey I got one of these too http://www.myspace.com/jennwith2n
  15. Bo never had a middle name. Well on the show they never said it. I think down the line people just have given him one.
  16. Here the interview with Al Gough. The question to how many season Smaillville we run for is that the very end. http://spaces.msn.com/members/tvfilter/blog/cns!1pn0Lz9xKV9nBpvYj33hy5Hg!1024.entry
  17. I dont know what you guys are going on about but this IS NOT the last season of Smallville. Al Gough, executive producer of Smallville has said that Smallville be go on to 6 or 7 seasons.
  18. The new charger's are a joke. Who ever came up with that should be ran over by an 69 charger!
  19. Ok I have found out that the charger is going to be blue. Sorry no orange and no 01. I guess we cant have the cake and eat it to.
  20. Rosco: Boss what a five letter word for dunce? Boss: R O S C O Rosco: That fits (as Rosco give Boss a mean look) I just love this one.
  21. Got to go with anything with a car chase!
  22. Bo: An all right fell, my shovel. Scratch any Hogg deep enough you're bound to find something rotten. Luke: Much as I hate to bring it up, looks like you and me gotta talk to Daisy Bo: um Luke: Come On Bo Bo: My name first, huh Luke: Yeah you do it Bo: Me do it? You’re older Luke: Not much Bo: Enough Luke: Dang fuel pump, Every time we want to get somewhere in a hurry. Bo: Well if you didn’t take so dang long to fix it in the first place, maybe we get there. Luke: You could have help me you know Bo: I could help you. Luke: Let’s just hope we’re in time to stop Daisy from doing somethin
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