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  1. HossC

    The last 24 hours

    The shows that get on-screen warnings for non-PC content seem pretty random too. I've mentioned that the UK channel currently showing Dukes includes a warning at the start, but I don't think they include one with CHiPs, which is from the same era. Another of their shows, an innocuous British sitcom from the late-80s/early-90s, also gets a warning (I'll have to see it again to check the message). The show is based around a man in his 50s dating someone half his age, but I can't see what content might be offensive. I'm considered old-fashioned these days because I'm still adding to my DVD c
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  2. Spike

    The last 24 hours

    Wow cancel culture hit looney tunes hard, there's not one single Speedy Gonzales cartoon on HBOMax, and only a couple of WW2 cartoons that WB made during the war. Glad I got a 2 week free trial period, I sure as hell am not paying $15 a month for this. I didn't even come across a classic Pepe Le Pew cartoon. How the heck is Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies more offensive than South Park which is also on HBOMax!?!
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  3. HossC

    Word Association

    bargain What's this about lower grade second rate stuff? I've had my lava lamp for over 30 years!
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