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    Judas Priest onna pony!
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    Enos Fan

    Favorite Rosco quotes

    I caught another great Rosco moment today while watching 'Vance's Girl'. He's sitting on the car hood about to eat a hot dog. *There's no dog in a hot dog, that's just what they're called.* He says this just after Flash 'woofs' at him and he is about to take a bite. I almost fell off my chair with laughter. Poor Rosco, never got to eat his hot dog either. But, that was a really cute moment. IMO. No wonder Rosco's so thin, between Boss Hogg and Flash, the poor guy never gets to eat anything.
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    Favorite Rosco quotes

    from RIP Henry Flatt. "Enos, do you know what one casket said to the other casket? Is that you coffin?"
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    i missed rosco in season 2 it wasn't the same without him but then i was really happy when he came back!!! i luved it i luved it!!!!
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    i luv: Kew Kew Kew! Cuff em' n' stuff em' i luv it!! i luv it!!! hot persuit!!!!!! and lots more!!!!!!!!!! Rosco is soooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!