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    Someone asked a question about the banjo music back in 2010. I replied that Larry McNeely was named as the banjo player on the background music. Here's also credited as playing the steel guitar on the 1982 Dukes of Hazzard album, although I don't known which tracks he played on. Back in 2010, I could only find one Larry McNeely video on YouTube, but now there's more. It's not the exact music from the show, but some of the tracks have a similar feel. Here's the title track from his 1976 album 'Rhapsody for Banjo': The track below is also on 'Rhapsody for Banjo', and should be spelled 'Honeysuckle Rose. Although it has vocals, I can imagine the Duke Boys driving to the instrumental parts.
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    What are you listening to???

    My wife watches "Dancing with the Stars". She called me into the living room last night because "Devil Went down to Georgia" was being sung!
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    Ok people here's the deal, I'm going to Dukesfest and had this idea that at Dukesfest they could have a trivia between the Dukes cast, The Dukes being on one side and the Law on the other. I wrote into them and asked and they replied saying they loved the idea and want me to send them some questions!!! Here's your chance for you guys to shine and for Hazzardnet to gain more publicity with the Dukes of Hazzad Cast. I need some questions, only two per person please. I dont know yet how many questions they want me to give, so that's the limit for now. Make them good but not too hard remembering they did this show 30 years back and probably haven't watched much of it since then. This is gonna be great, lets quiz that cast and see what they really know *grin* My three questions are: (Yeah I added one cause I couldn't pick between the three) 1. How many Duke cousins appeared over the seven seasons? Answer: 7 - Bo, Luke, Daisy, Coy, Vance, Jeb Stuart and Judd Kane. 2. How many deputies have there been over the seven seasons? There were 7 deputies in total - Rosco (demoted to several times) Enos, Cletus, Bo, Luke and Daisy. 3. Fill in the gap and name the character who said it: 'Bo! You got the IQ of a ________, a small one!' You guys check these answers as well as others too. We need to know these are 100% accurate before I give them over. Come on guys, lets really quiz em.