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5 minutes ago, RogerDuke said:

I watched NBC Nightly News tonight and there were three experts on there accusing the US, Canada, Japan and Australia of being selfish for not sharing their vaccines with third world countries. Their reasoning is that a global pandemic can only be solved with a global mind-set. 

More COMMUNE  ism. ( common, etc.) We're all in this thing together, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

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I don't have an issue sharing the vaccine with other countries... But let's get the majority of our population vaccinated first before we hand it out to the rest of the world. IMO China should be vaccinating, or at least funding it, the rest of the world since this disease is their :censored:up

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Remember all the talk about making China pay or suffer for this? You don't hear a WORD about that now, do you? We can't take that attitude Spike.  We have to want EVERYONE getting the vaccine at THE SAME TIME! After all, preferring your own or your own country isn't a very Christian attitude is it? It's definitely NOT COMMON ism...!! 

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Don't get complacent after you get the vaccine, you still can be a carrier and infect others. One lady I do odd-jobs for recently went out to eat with old co workers since she got both shots if the pfizer vaccine. Turns out one if the co workers had covid and didn't show signs till the day after. Now she and everyone else in the group has to quarantine for the next 7-10 days. Her Dr also told her she might experience mild covid symptoms but should be fine though she does have underlying health conditions so hopefully the vaccine will help her body's immune system kick covid's butt. Be vigilant, wear your masks and social distance at least until everyone who wants the vaccine gets it.


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