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21 hours ago, Roth Potter said:

You know something is more then a little viral if its on our national radio and this forum. :)

Even more so if Roger's the first one to post it!

I haven't bothered to read up on the subject, but they were discussing it on the radio earlier. Apparently, the "Laurel" sound is at a lower frequency and the "Yanni" is at a higher frequency. Older people tend to hear "Laurel", although if you listen to the clip for a long time, some people who originally heard "Laurel" start to hear "Yanni".

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10 hours ago, HossC said:

Even more so if Roger's the first one to post it!


Good point. If Mr Low Tech knew about it then it must be big. It looks like it will fade away as quickly as it came. I wonder if they can do the same thing with any other two words. I'd better stop spending time with this nonsense and start focusing on what I'm wearing for the Royal Wedding.

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