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On 25/02/2018 at 9:58 AM, Roth Potter said:

It's gonna be crazy cold for my country this week.

Hey, Roth, did you get the cold weather you mentioned? We've had a couple of days of snow here which has closed schools and a few businesses, but it's less than 10cm (4") deep, especially where some has melted during the days. Parts of the UK are much worse off than we are, and you must have got the bad weather before them.

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We've had that amount of snow late last year, never seen so much here.

No, snow. But it sure is cold. -9 Celcius with a feeling temperature of -20 due to the wind. I don't know how much it is in Fahrenheit. Tomorrow, Saturday seems to be the last day of this temperature.

@HossC I heard about the UK, seems like it is very local to just the UK as I've not seen any snow.

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I've just got back from a walk around town. We had a little more snow overnight, but it looks like most of the shops decided to close early yesterday, and stay closed today. The only businesses open were a couple of convenience stores, a couple of fast food take-aways and most of the bars (well, it is Ireland ;)). I think a lot will be open again tomorrow, although I should have enough food to see me through the weekend.

At least we don't have such cold temperatures. It's only about 0/-1 Celsius (32/30 Fahrenheit) here. Roth's -9 C works out at about 16 F.

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