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Cooter 1967 Ford wrecker project


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I know what you mean...I have a double against me; one, I'm a teacher and we reported back this past Thursday, getting the kids starting Wednesday. Hands full. Two, just 7 months ago was out at Pearl Harbor for the 75th anniversary in an official capacity...so I've got no resources to do another trip like that.


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I'll get some clearer pictures of it posted tomorrow night, hopefully.  I will also try to post other photos of Cooter's Last Stand this week.  I am now using Imgur to host my photos, and it is much easier and quicker than Photobucket.   Thanks for the tip on that, Andrew D Charger Chaser.

At some point I will go back through my deleted Photobucket photos and re-upload them,  so that this thread stays relevant for future reference.  It is just very annoying that Photobucket screwed people like that.

A special thanks goes to HossC, for his help with my door decals.  They look great!!

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Thank you all for the compliments and encouragement during the entire process.  If anyone got a picture taken as they were standing beside my truck, I told them that they could get a picture sitting inside the truck.  You wouldn't believe how the little kids' faces lit up when they were sitting in the driver's seat.  (many adults sat in it too!)

That wrecker was as close to Cooter's actual 67 Ford wrecker that I knew how to recreate.  The only real difference that I know of is that his interior was white, and mine is red.  I didn't have the time or patience to do an interior paint job.  It was definitely worth the 10 hour one-way drive to get to show it off for all of our fellow fans.

Hopefully I will get to recreate his late 60's-early 70's GMC wrecker (the grey Chevy that I have) in the next year or two.  I hope that I can find a used 350 engine for it, if not then I could buy a new crate 350 for around $1600 plus the cost of water pump, carb, and other accessories.  It also needs a clutch, brake job, wheels, tires, and steering wheel.  If I just had unlimited time and money. . . . . . .    I will be for sure to do a build thread on it when that time comes.

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Another note on the truck:  You may have noticed that the door mirrors are not on it.  While trying to reinstall them on the truck, one of the brackets broke as I was trying to move it, rendering the bracket useless.  I didn't want to have a mirror on one side but not the other.  This actually worked out in my favor, as the mirrors would have gotten in the way of all the people that took pictures while sitting in the truck.  I will put on a different set of mirrors at some point.  I also lost one of the door locks, so they didn't get put on in time for the show either.  I don't think that most people were worried about those details though. 

I did have one fellow (his name is Andrew, he operates a wrecker at his local racetrack) who noticed that the truck had the correct wrecker bed on it.  I was glad that someone was as particular about the details as me!

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