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Hazzard Homecoming 2017!!

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Official announcement from Cooter's Place FB page:



Hey Y’all,

This is an announcement of a very special event for Hazzard Nation, and it is an event that will be extra meaningful for Alma and me. On Saturday July 29th and Sunday July 30th of next year, 2017, we will be producing our last “big event”, Hazzard Homecoming 2017, which will be our last festival with the whole Hazzard gang.

Hazzard Homecoming 2017 will also be called “Cooter’s Last Stand”, since this show will also mark the end of my almost 60 years “on the road.” As many of you know, a debilitating and
progressive spinal condition has greatly restricted my movement and my travel in the last few years. After this event, I plan to “kick back” around our home here in the Blue Ridge Mountains,
and I’ll have to cut back on concerts and personal appearances. I’ll still make it to our Cooter’s Place stores when I can, and I’ll still get into the recording studio for our musical projects.

But we want to go out with a bang, and we want to make this event as special as our “Dukes” fans deserve. We plan to have the whole cast there, and it seems like something magical always happens when we are all in the same place at the same time. There will be personal appearances, great music, the Hazzard Car Show, a stunt show, wrestling, fine Southern cooking, fireworks, a Civil War re-enactment, kid activities, and plenty of surprises.

Hazzard Homecoming 2017 will be at Ben Venue Farm here in beautiful Rappahannock County, Virginia. As the date (July 29th and 30th, 2017) gets closer and we get more details, we’ll keep everybody posted!
‪#‎CootersLastStand‬ ‪#‎Cooters‬ ‪#‎DukesofHazzard‬

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I really miss out on a lot of stuff by not stopping by as much as I use to. :( Didn't even knew Ben was having issues...that is rotten for him.

But on a positive note, that would be awesome to go see and to attend. I went to several Dukefests and had a great time. Highly doubt I will be able to go to this one, but we will see. Hope you have a great time Roger and all who does get to go.

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