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I think the darkest was when Uncle Jesse and the family were literally thrown out of their house. Remember? It was that one where not only was Boss trying to get them off the farm he actually DID it! That woman was buying up Hazzard and was going to strip mine the ground.....


The funniest scene in any episode was when Jamie Lee Hogg was going to marry Daisy and Boss was fretting about it and him and Roscoe were sitting together and Boss was talking about looking over the Pumpkin pie, dressing etc. and how seeing Dukes on the other side would be enough to make him loose his appetite and Roscoe said in with a real hungry, dreamy look on his face..." It makes me hungry!"

Or how about when Boss talked to Roscoe about arresting the guy dressed as Santa Claus and Cletus couldn't believe it was Santa Claus that stole something and Boss said, " Well it wasn't the REAL San.....what am I saying???? " LOL!!

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On ‎6‎/‎27‎/‎2016 at 9:12 AM, BossHogg1 said:

I personally think the darkest episode is "opening Night at the Boars Nest". It's the only episode I refuse to watch. It just seemed really dark and I don't know if it's that you knowing it's the last episode or what but I despise this episode. 

Yea, when Rosco was blubbering and crying and all it got pretty thick!

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