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Tom Wopat is coming to my state!!!!!

Garrett Duke

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Well y'all you heard right...Tom Wopat is finally coming to my state and I will finally be able to meet him!!!! After going to a few Dukefests and other smaller Duke related events, he is the one living actor on the show that I have yet to meet or get an autograph (well I don't have Coy's autograph or met him...). And it is even looking like I will be able to go!!!

So if anyone is interested, in the area, or what not...Tom Wopat is coming to Monticello, Iowa on February 21 and 22!!!!! I apologize, I do not have the times or exact location with me at the time. :( He will be at a car show.

I thought I would spread the word in case anyone else can make it. :)

I am a bit excited...even had a dream the other night about meeting him. LOL. I will be meeting...well hopefully...meeting him that Saturday and watching the Daytona 500 on that Sunday. Has to be one of the best weekend plans. LOL.

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Well today was the day. :) And it was a great one.

We got there a few minutes late than when Tom was scheduled to be there, but it didn`t seem to hurt us much. There was a huge line and we started in the door way into the facility that had the cars and for a long time we just stood there. The line did not move at all and people were saying Tom was not even there. A half hour or forty minutes later I heard someone tell people move and that he had to use the rest room...I looked over to see Tom Wopat as he walked through the other door...and a few minutes later walked by again. After that the line started to slowly move. Turns out that Tom was held up by a delay at the air port.

I stood in line for over two hours to meet him...and yes, it was worth the wait. Got to talk to a nice family ahead of me. It was great to see the the ten year old so excited for the Dukes and to meet Tom. Sounds like they were there for him to start out with. It helped to have people to talk to and after awhile the linemoved pretty quickly.

Have to admit, I got nervous by the time he came into view and by the time I got to the table to buy a couple of things for him to sign and to buy getting a picture taken with him, I was really nervous. Do not know why. LOL. But Tom was super nice. Shook his hand and he asked what my name was and then said he was Tom. ;) Got my picture taken with Tom and my Dad who was nice enough to take me. (I hate driving out of town...) Tom even thanked us for standing in line to see him.

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