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I've always liked the episodes with Boss's maybe-even-crookeder nephew Hughie Hogg. He was always an enjoyable character, and was good to have a younger character of Bo / Luke / Daisy's own sort of age, but with Boss's cunning, for them to tackle once in a while.

What is everyone's favourite (and least favourite) Hughie episodes? The episodes he appeared in are:

* "Uncle Boss" (produced early in season two, but postponed until season three) introducing the character

* "Arrest Jesse Duke" (s2) - an odd Hughie appearance in that Jeff Altman was brought in last minute to fill for Rosco when James Best boycotted the show, and as such mostly just reads Rosco's lines instead of being his usual cunning self (and actually the first broadcast with the character, see "Uncle Boss" above)

* "The Return of Hughie Hogg" (s3)

* "Hughie Hogg Strikes Again" (s4)

* "The Revenge of Hughie Hogg" (s5)

* "When You Wish Upon a Hogg" (s7, the fourth from last episode made)

Also, Altman was seemingly unavailable for the character's annual appearance in season 6, so in "How To Succeed in Hazzard", Robert Morse appears as a Hughie-alike (except dressed all in black), Dewey Hogg.

Favourites? Least favourites?

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I'm not sure what my favorite is, but I think they should've had Hughie replace Boss as the Boss, when Sorrel died, in the reunion movies!

I actually thought this too and nearly mentioned it in my original post. It would have made perfect sense - with Boss gone, Hughie would have been perfect to take his place, maybe mellowed over time into the more money-grabbing-but-no-real-harm nemesis that Boss was in the original series. Maybe in the first Reunion movie this would have arguably been too much to introduce all at once, but certainly by the second one, it would have been perfect. Especially as 'Hazzard in Hollywood' felt to be lacking in some areas, it could have done it a lot of favours.

I remember when I was a kid and had season 2 to 7 I liked the Hughie when he is a policeman the most.

Really? That's quite an unusual choice, as that appearance was basically just "Hughie reading Rosco's lines".

My personal favorite Hughie episode is s3's "The Return of Hughie Hogg", by far the strongest and best plotted episode, and shows Hughie at his most conniving.

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My favorite Hughie Episode would have to be When You Wish Upon A Hogg .

On account of Hughie's final act of revenge on the boys is the most sinister and for once the boys don't have a clue of Hughie's plot.

Hughie's bad dudes fooled Bo and Luke good they had no idea that when they climbed back into the car trouble was waiting for them.

They came pretty close to meeting their maker before there time when Luke fell asleep at the wheel almost ran into that truck.

I really loved seeing the boys zonked out and snuggling while asleep which is kind of cute if you think about it.

I couldn't help but feel bad for Luke when Bo hit him in the eyelid cause he was laying on his shoulder.

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What do you folks make of s6's "How to Succeed in Hazzard", which seems to have been penned as the annual Hughie episode, but when Jeff Altman was available to appear, was adapted for another Hogg nephew, Louie (Robert Morse) in his only appearance in thie show.

Personally I find it to be one of the weakest episodes. The whole fake "I'm dying" routine might have been mildly entertaining if it had been Hughie, but with Louie, who we have never seen before (and Robert Morse overacting like mad) the whole thing feels quite cold. Add to that the fact Bo is absent, and it's the weakest Hughie episode that isn't even a Hughie episode in my opinion! :lol:

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