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  1. Today is the day of the Charlotte race and while Bo was in the boys bedroom packing for the race . O'l Luke was in his bed fast asleep. Meanwhile in the kitchen Uncle Jesse was busy making his famous clam chowder for poor Luke who was still not feeling his best. " Hey Uncle Jesse I sure wish that Luke could come but I guess since he's still sick I ain't about risk of him getting worse". confessed Bo " I know Bo if he was doing better I would let him go but he ain't well yet but listen you just go win that race for Luke". confessed Jesse Cue Anyone
  2. Jesse Duke felt the sun shine through the window in his bedroom he slowly made his way out to the kitchen to get some coffee. He couldn't fool himself life as he knew it was no more , as he took a sip out of his coffee mug he could feel the pain in his heart. Since Daisy had already left for work he figured that since it was such a nice day he would go sit out on the front porch. Meanwhile over at the Hazzard Junkyard the General Lee was sitting there in a far corner all bent out of shape . " Hey Charlie I see the General arrived here all in one piece ". stated Cooter " Yes it did Cooter it is gonna take a pretty penny to put it back to it's former glory". explained Charlie " Poor Bo , Luke they sure suffered a bad accident it's hard to believe their car is now damaged goods". explained Cooter
  3. I would have to say Dukes hands down It was love at first sight when I saw him as Luke Duke. They sure picked the right boys to play Bo , Luke nobody else could have played them as well as Tom , John . Coy , Vance were terrible , stupid. And I also in enjoyed him in Christmas Comes To Willow Creek that movie is my all time favorite Christmas movie. Tom and John have such great chemistry seeing the two of them together on screen again is such a treat. And I will never forget seeing Tom as Frank Butler in Annie Get Your Gun I will always remember that day as long as I live.
  4. My favorite Hughie Episode would have to be When You Wish Upon A Hogg . On account of Hughie's final act of revenge on the boys is the most sinister and for once the boys don't have a clue of Hughie's plot. Hughie's bad dudes fooled Bo and Luke good they had no idea that when they climbed back into the car trouble was waiting for them. They came pretty close to meeting their maker before there time when Luke fell asleep at the wheel almost ran into that truck. I really loved seeing the boys zonked out and snuggling while asleep which is kind of cute if you think about it. I couldn't help but feel bad for Luke when Bo hit him in the eyelid cause he was laying on his shoulder.
  5. It's Winter time in Hazzard it sure has been a rough one though since most Hazzard people ain't used to driving in snow they crash. Over at the Dukefarm things have taken a turn for the worse on account of Jesse has lost most of his crops due to the snow. and to make matter's worse O'l Luke has come down with a really bad cold on account of him and Bo went swimming last night. So While Bo was sitting at the kitchen table eating his breakfast Luke was still in bed fast asleep trying to get all the rest he can get. Every so often Bo would hear a few short coughs , sneezes coming from his and Luke's bedroom an so finally Luke decided to get up. Just as Luke was entering the Kitchen Uncle Jesse was coming in after having fed the chickens their breakfast. " Morning ....(achoo cough.. cough) uncle Jesse ". greeted Luke " Luke what are you doing up you is supposed to be in bed resting ". asked Jesse " Well I wanted to get a chance to eat..(achoo , cough) breakfast for Bo ate it all". joked Luke " Very funny Luke y'know I wouldn't do that to you since you getting sick and all ". confessed Bo " Luke go on back to bed now you shouldn't be up moving around ". ordered Jesse So Luke did as he was told even though he didn't want to but he didn't have the strength to argue so he left". Since Luke didn't feel like sleeping he decided to read a little of one of his car magazines but he could only read to pages before his eyes started getting heavy and Luke fought the battle at first but in the end he lost and he fell asleep again. Then later on that day Luke had decided to go to the Boars Nest with Bo since Boss hogg had caught another celebrity in Rosco's speedtrap this time it was Barbara Mandrell and she was singing her little heart out and the boys was loving every minute of it. But unfortunately by the end of the concert Luke started feeling a little more sick then he had before '. " He suddenly started to feel a tight feeling in his chest like he couldn't breath so he quick patted Bo on the shoulder. And told him that he feel's bad and he want's to go home and so Bo took Luke on home". Later that evening when the boy's was getting ready for bed Luke couldn't help but feel a little dizzy like he was going pass out. Then all of sudden Luke got this sharp pain in his head and he suddenly fell to the bedroom floor". " Oh My God LUKE !!!! are you alright cuz answer me ". asked Bo " Luke , Luke , Luke wake up , LUKE wake up please". begged Bo But it was no use Luke was not making a sign what so ever".
  6. Tonight On the Dukes : The rodeo comes to town and when Luke falls in love with the star bareback rider he decides to enter the bucking bronco contest to impress her but when Luke takes a bad fall and ends up fracturing his spine will he ever walk again. " Ya see that their traveling van is going to be bringing the Dukes more trouble then a brand new baby". " The main star attraction of the rodeo is Elly Mae Ringgold and she is the star bareback rider. So as the traveling rodeo was making it's way to the Boars Nest for the annual Hazzard Rodeo. The Boys was on their way as well they was as happy as two clam's on account of romance is in the air. " Oh I tell you cousin I can't wait to see the Rodeo can you imagine all them pretty little ladies we is gonna meet". smiled Bo " Well I'm going just for the fun Bo you know I don't usually ain't one to fall in love at first site". kidded Luke " You just ain't got no taste that's all though their have been times when you have been bit by the lovebug". kidded Bo " Oh Please name me one time when I have been bitin' by that bug ?". asked Luke " Okay um.... how about Candy Dix member her your first real love and she had it bad for you cousin". Kidded Bo Cue Anyone
  7. Luke managed to sleep throughout the rest of the day even though Jesse would come in to check on him everytime he finished chores. The medication didn't really wear off until around late afternoon Luke let out a few short coughs ,then he tried wiping the sleep out of his eyes. then he tried to see if he could sit up without feeling dizzy no sooner did he sit up he felt his body telling him to sit back down". " Oh my head is spinning I'm seeing dots oh this ain't good ". worried Luke Meanwhile in the Kitchen Jesse couldn't help but hear some footsteps coming from the boys room so he figured he should check it out. " Oh well good afternoon Luke so how you feeling?". asked Jesse " I wish i could say that I feel better but i still feel about the same uncle Jesse ". said Luke " Well that's to be expected you just gotta give your body time Luke I know you ain't used to being sick". reminded Jesse " I can't stand this Uncle Jesse I have to be better soon I've had this bug for almost a month now ". complained Luke " Sorry boy but their ain't nothing you can do about it but give yourself time and take your medicene". reminded Jesse " speaking of medicene it 's getting near time for your second dose but I know you hate it but it will help". said Jesse Luke hung his head and sighed he knew that if he wanted to get better he had to take his medicene but he couldn't stand it ". " I really wish I didn't have to take it uncle Jesse it makes me feel plum worn out ". complained Luke " I know it does but that is because you really need alot of rest in order to get better ". reminded Jesse Seeing as how Luke had no choice he figured he better take it so he tired his best to swallow down the OXYCODEAN. Before Jesse knew it Luke had fallen back into a deep sleep and so he then left the room and slowly closed the door". "Meanwhile Bo was outside working on the General getting it ready for the upcoming race on sunday in Charlotte ". As Bo worked on the General he couldn't help but notice that the General's fuel line was looking like it needed to be replaced". So he figured he would go in and tell Uncle Jesse that he was running on over to Cooters to fix the General. " Hey Uncle Jesse I'm gonna run on down to Cooters the General's fuel line needs to be replaced how's Luke doing?". asked Bo " Well wish I could tell ya that he was doing better but he still ain't up to par yet if he was I would let him go with you ". explained Jesse " Well he has to be better by sunday that's the day of the race it won't be the same if he can't go ". complained Bo " Doc did say that Luke stands a chance of making a full recovery just takes time I'm afraid that frustrates him ". admitted Jesse Cue Anyone
  8. Jesse Duke and his lovely wife Lavinia was outside sitting on their rockin' chairs enjoying the sunrise when a car pulled up in their driveway it was Jesse's brother Dale and his lovely wife Lucy with their 2 month old son Lukas Keith Duke napping in the backseat. " Howdy their Jesse how you doing brother ?". asked Dale " Well I'm doing just fine Dale and Lucy you look just as pretty as always ". said Jesse " Thank - you Jesse it sure is great to see you again"., Then she reached out and gave Jesse a big hug ". About 15 minutes later little Luke Duke picked that time to wake up and so he started crying away ". " Oh it's okay baby mama's coming ". said Lucy So Lucy walked over and she opened up the backseat and she unbuckled Luke's carseat and she picked Luke up. " Well hey there little one I'm your uncle Jesse can you say Jesse ?". asked Jesse Unfortunately nothing Lucy was doing was helping Luke stop crying so she figured she would hand Luke over to Jesse. So Jesse tried rocking Luke back to sleep and then finally Luke stopped crying . Cue Anyone.
  9. Tonight on the Dukes: Hazzard faces a terrible tragady will it ever be the same. It started out as any average day in Hazzard except that it was only Luke Duke that was in the driver's seat because Bo was out of town. And Luke was in such an all fire hurry to back to the farm on account of Bo was coming back today that he didn't see stop sign. " Okay I gotcha now Luke Duke you ain't gettin' away from me this time y'hear me ". said Rosco " Sorry to break it to you Rosco but you is gonna have to try and catch me first". said Luke As Usual Luke managed to lose Rosco at Hazzard Pond but unfortunately next time he may not be so lucky. When Luke finally arrived at the farm Bo, uncle Jesse, Daisy was sitting around the picnic table visting and catching up Bo decided that he was gonna go inside and change into his normal clothes so he can do some of his chores for supper time.. " Howdy Cousin welcome back I've missed ya so much while you was gone glad your back though". said Luke " Well Thanks Luke nice to see you too I had me some fun though at Taladaga sure wish you could have gone but oh well. said Bo 2 hours later the boys was outside stacking the haybales into the haystack , milking the cows, and finally feeding the pigs. Later on that evening after they had finshed their supper of Lambchops , cornbread, mashed potatoes, and corn. Bo was so tired from his trip that he decided to hit the hay early only when he went to change into his pajama's he realized that his suitcase was missing that was filled with all the money he had won at the race , some other junk that he had brought back with him. So he came out to the kitchen and he said that his suitcase was missing and so Luke told Bo that he would go back to the bus stop and pick it up so he hopped into the General and he took off not realizing that he maybe going on what could be his last ride. So Luke arrived at the bus stop and saw a suitcase sitting their so he figured he would pick it up not realizing that it ain't Bo's. Then he hopped back into the General with the suitcase and took off not realizing that there is a car following him And he tried to do everything to shake them but for some reason they was sticking to him like glue finally one of the guys starts shooting at him, he takes about 4 shots until finally one of the bullets hits one of the General's tires and the car starts going out of the control. The General's windshild is cracked , 4 flat tires ,. Poor Luke ended up being thrown free from the car and he is laying unconcious facedown On the bottom of Stix River and unfortunetly to make matters worse it appears that Luke ain't breathing. Cue Anyone :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::8-)8-)8-)8-)
  10. Bo decided to wait for Doc. Appleby out on the front porch twenty minutes later a pulled up into the farm's driveway and Doc got out and he followed Bo into the farmhouse carrying his little bag and Bo showed him to the boys bedroom . Luke had fallen back to the sleep by the time doc arrived so he slowly walked over to the bed and shook Luke's shoulder a few times and the boy slowly opened his eyes and he said "so Luke how are you feelin' heard you fell outta bed and onto the floor"?". " I got this dizzy spell but it's gone now I feel much better ". said Luke No sooner did Luke get up out of bed did he start feeling dizzy again so he sat back down . So the Doc Applebee got out his penlight and he shined it into Luke's eyes and he asked Luke to follow it and so he did And Doc Applebee couldn't seem to find anything wrong with Luke except that he looks really tired. " Well Jesse has Luke been sleeping good lately ?". asked Doc " Well last night he was pretty restless he seemed to be tossin' and turnin' ". replied Jesse So with that in mind Doc got out his thermomater and he checked Luke's temperature it seemed to be high. "Oh Boy this ain't good Jesse it says here that Luke's temperature is 105 ". said doc " I'm gonna write Luke a perscription for some Sleeping pills now these should only be taken twice a day". said Doc " Now I don't usually prescribe these pills because they are really powerful but seein' as how Luke is restless I'll make an exception. Before Doc Appleby left he gave Luke a shot of a sedation medication so that he could get the rest he needs". No sooner did Doc Appleby leave the boys room did Luke fall into a deep restful sleep Jesse tucked Luke into bed ,and shut the door. Early the next morning Jesse drove over to the pharmacy to pick-up Luke's medication that Doc Appleby had written for him by the time Jesse arrived back at the farm he figured he would check on Luke so he walked on over to the boys room door. And he peeked and Luke was still sound asleep he figured he should let Luke sleep he can use all the rest he can get. Cue Lizzy Jackson Davenport
  11. It's Halloween time in Hazzard and all of Hazzard is a glow with Halloween lights , Pumpkins everywhere you looked Meanwhile a mysterious car was following Bo and Luke back from the Happy Pumpkin Patch and this driver was none to friendly. He started banging on the General's bumper trying to knock the boys off the road suddenly the General lost Control ran off the road.
  12. It ain't very often you'll see someone tool a set of wheels almost as good as Bo and Luke Duke what you reckon is going on ?". " C'mon hurry up were losin' him at this rate we'll never catch him ". said Tex " Okay hold your horses I"ll catch him on the next bend coming up okay". reassured Charlie Unfortunately Charlie was just no match as the mysterious driver was making his getaway Charlie had fallen into a pile of dirt. " Charlie how could you I can't believe you stupid fool !!!". said Tex " Don't worry Boss we have may lost him this time but next time he won't get away so easily . said Charlie Meanwhile at the Dukefarm the boys was picking out the corn from this summer's harvest and they was sweating like pigs. " Oh Lordy Luke is sure is a hot one today ". said Bo " Yep I know what you mean cuz I'm thinking of throwing in the towel ". said Luke The boys was so busy collecting the corn they didn't hear a stranger pulling up into their driveway and then slowly get out. " Who do you reckon that is cuz?". asked Bo " I ain't got the slightest idea ". said Luke The stranger walked up to the farm's doorstep and he knocked a few times for someone answered. " Howdy how may I help you ?". asked Jesse " Well um.... ", Mr. Duke you may find this a little hard to believe but it is true ". said Judd " How do you know who I am ?'. asked Jesse " Well if your Luke Dukes Uncle your mine too ". said Judd Then the stranger slowly took off his sunglasses and looked Jesse into the face , began to explain. " Mr Duke my name is Judd Duke I'm.... Luke's Brother ". said Judd " Oh My God your ... your... um... uh... well come on in I'll go get the boys ". said Jesse So Jesse went out back to where the boy's was busy doing their chores and he walked on over to Luke. " Uh... Luke there's someone here to see ya but um.. you ain't seen him since you was a little boy. said Jesse " Well who is he ?". asked Luke " Well why don't you come on in and I"ll let him tell ya ". said Jesse So Luke followed Jesse back into the farmhouse as Luke was walking he didn't know what to think about this stranger Jesse told him. ' Hey Luke wow this is unbelieveable I can't believe it my big brother ". said Judd " WHAT are you out of your mind wait a minute my baby brother died in a hospital fire when he was 2 months old ". said Luke " Now wait a minute their was a fire but I wasn't lost in it you see their was this nurse their she was a widow lady". said Judd " Her name was Pamaela Moore and when that fire started she just grabbed me up and ran ". said Judd " But how can you be my brother my mama , daddy was told he died ". said Judd " Well in case you want proof I got the same birthmark as you do ". said Judd Then Luke's eyes got as big as saucers and he took one look at Judd and then felt like he was gonna faint. " Your ... Your.. my..baby ..br". then Luke fainted before he could finish ". So Judd quickly put Luke onto the sofa and got a wet washcloth and put it over his face. And Then about 15 minutes later Luke slowley started to come around and he looked Judd in the face and couldn't believe his eyes. " Oh My Lord I can't believe it you are actually here ". said Luke
  13. Over the next couple of days Luke slowly started to improve but he wasn't all the way out of the woods yet. Early this morning while Bo was collecting the eggs , Jesse was milking the little baby piglet , Luke was still laying in bed resting. " Unca Jesse it's kinda late don't ya think Luke should be up by now ". asked Bo Before Jesse answered Bo's question he looked at his watch an noticed that it said 11:30 got to thinking what he could tell Bo. " Well it's only 11:30 and you know Luke is still recovering so he's gonna need all the rest he can get. Meanwhile Luke was still snoozing away until suddenly a sharp stabbing pain woke him up. " Oh ... God my head this is the worst headache I"ve ever had ". said Luke "Luke tried to stand up and get out of bed no sooner did he stand up he started feeling really dizzy". " Oh .. . maybe this wasn't such a good idea ". said Luke Unfortunately Luke only took maybe one or two steps then he passed out. Cue LizzyJackson Davenport
  14. Tonight On The Dukes : Bo and Luke are missing everyone can't help but fear the worst could this be Hazzard's tragedy or worse. It All started on a nice peaceful day in Hazzard it was one of rare day's when nothing can go wrong and then it does. You see Bo and Luke was on their way to the Hazzard Annual Summer Fair they was as happy as clams. I can't believe the summer fair is here already it's gonna be a blast. said Bo excitingly " I know what you mean cuz I look forward to it every year". said Luke Meanwhile two bad dudes who was up to no good was waiting for the boys to drive on by so they can put their plan into action. " Okay they should be here any minute now you know what to do ?". said Russell " Don't worry I know their won't be no screw up's ". said Casey So 15 minutes later the boy's happend to spot a car on the side of the road not realizing that they was walking into a trap. " Howdy mister what seems to be the problem?". asked Luke " I don't rightly know she just up and died on me ". said Russell " Why don't we have a look at her for ya ". said Bo So While the boys was busy with the car over at the general his partner was sneaking a canister of choloroform into the General. " Here's the problem sir it looks like you must have gone over a bump your hotwire came off the coil. said Bo So the guy tried it and the car started up then they thanked the boys and the boys made there way into the General. One of the bad dudes couldn't help but chuckle as he saw the boy's drive off into the distance. No sooner did the boys start driving on back to the fair did they start to feel a little funny tired almost. " Luke if you don't mind I think I"m gonna take a nap wake me when we get there". said Bo " Okay ( yawn) I don't know about you but I'm starting to feel really sleepy for some reason". said Luke Luke tried to keep his eyes open but he was having trouble to make matters worse he felt a headache coming on. 15 minutes later Luke's eyes closed and his head was hanging over the stearing wheel the car was going out of control. Unfortunately the General ended up sliding off the road , into a ditch with the boys knocked out colder then dead mackeral. And Just who should happen to show up but the dudes the boys tried to help fix their car ". " Well lookey their they is out colder then two dead Samon's this plan will go off without a hitch. said Russell " C'mon we best get them fore' someone shows up and spots us ". said Casey So the guys slowly walked on over to the General an since Luke was the closets Russell got him first he draped Luke over his shoulder and carried him on over to there car and he layed him down into the backseat , then went back to get Bo. Once Bo was in they got in and took off and where to was yet to be seen .
  15. Come around noon Jesse decided to go and check on Luke again so he walked on over to the boys room and he opened the door. Once again Luke remained asleep Jesse figured he would let Luke sleep at least until 1:00 then he would haved to wake him up. Bo was starting to feel hot and also he was wishing that Luke wasn't stuck in bed. Speaking of Luke he was starting to wake up some but unfortunately he just couldn't stay awake. So as hard as Luke tried to keep his eyes from closing again in the end he lost the battle. Meanwhile in the kitchen Uncle Jesse was fixing Luke some chicken noodle soup , crackers , warm tea . Once the soup was done cookin' He was gonna put it on a tray an carry it into the boys room , Luke was sleeping soundly when Jesse entered the room Luke looked so peaceful Jesse didn't have to heart to wake him up but he figured he better fore' the soup got cold. " Luke , Luke , Luke, I got some soup here for ya you best wake up fore' it get's to cold". said Jesse " Oh... , hey Uncle Jesse I ain't that hungry and my head is killin' me". said Luke " Well you gotta eat boy you have to keep your strength up ". said Jesse " So Luke took some sips of the soup , nibbles of the crackers, drank some of the warm tea. " Please Luke just promise me you'll eat some of the soup ?". begged Jesse " Okay I'll try but I'm telling ya I ain't that hungry ". said Luke "So Luke did as he was told but unfortunately Luke's normal appetite wasn't up to par ". Cue Lizzy Jackson Davenport
  16. " Oh Unca how can this be happin' to Luke he's too young to die he can't die yet". cried Daisy " Now baby he's a Duke you'll see Luke will pull through this he'll survive". reassured Jesse " Poor Luke he sure was suffering he was burnin' up somethin' awful". Every now and then Luke's eyelids would flutter but they wouldn't open , he let out a few short coughs, then his eyes opened some. " Unca Jesse I don't feel so good how in the heck did I get this sick"?. asked Luke ' I don't know boy but don't worry none you is gonna get better in time". said Jesse Uncle Jesse picked up the wet wash cloth laying on the bedside table and picked it up and started coolin' Luke off some. Luke was starting to feel some relief already but he just couldn't seem to keep from feelin' like he was fallin' back to sleep. " Okay now Luke you just close your eyes and rest we ain't going nowhere's ". said Jesse Bo was just finishin' up his cheeseburger , fries , sweet tea as he watched the taladaga 500 . Daisy unfortnately had to leave on account of Boss Hogg would fire her if she was late for work. Bo couldn't help but feel sorry for Luke who seemed to be sufferin' very bad he just wished he could help him . Luke woke up on and off during the afternoon he even caught some of the race but he ended up missing most of the good parts on account of he couldn't seem to stay awake long enough and so he ended up catching most of the commericals. Then Later on that day Dr. Mcbride had decided to run some test's to figure out why Luke ain't gettin' better. Bo , Jesse felt like they had been waiting forever when the doctor finally came into the waiting room to tell them how Luke is. ' I"m sorry it took so long in gettin' back to ya but it seems that Luke catch meningitis,. " Why would he catch that I thought he had mono ?". asked Bo " Well Meningitis is a complication from Mono since meningitis is a bacterial infection we can give Luke an antibiotic treatment. " When can we take Luke home I really think it would be better for him to recover at home". said Jesse " Okay you gotta make sure that he stays in bed , gets plenty of rest , and he must take his medicene. So the doctor ended up releasing Luke to Jesse, Bo and the nurse had to bring in a wheelchair for Luke to be escorted to the pick-up. " Well Luke is you happy to be going home ?". asked Jesse " I sure am it's gonna feel good to sleep in my own bed for a change". said Luke Bo had to help Luke into the pick-up and unfortunately no sooner did Luke get in he feel asleep on Bo's shoulder. 2 hours later the Dukes arrived at the farm and Luke was still asleep so Bo shook him some and he slowly started to wake up. " Luke you is home welcome back boy we sure missed ya". said Jesse " Now we gotta get you in to bed so's you can rest up and I don't want to hear you sneaking out of bed". said Jesse Cue LizzyJackson-Davenport
  17. " Well I have good news and bad news for y'all which would you like to hear?". asked Doc " Well will take the good news first doc!". said Bo " The good news is that Luke seems to be well on the road to recovery ". explained doc " The bad news is that their seems to still be somethin' strange floatin' in Luke's blood stream". said Doc " Well um.. what does all that mean doc you is speakin' all greek to me". said Jesse " I don't know what it means unfortunately what it means to get the answer we would have to run more test's". explained doc " So does that mean we can't take Luke home yet ?". asked Bo " Yes that's what that means but I'm sure that when we find out what it is will let you know". said Doc. Cue LizzyJackson-Davenport
  18. Early the next mornin' when Luke's nurse came into check on him she noticed that he looked very restless and his eyes was open. " Luke oh my lord you is awake !!", oh wow what a surprize". said nurse Beth " Oh my head is killin' me and I feel like I'm bakin' in an oven". said Luke " Okay darlin' I'm gonna give you somethin' for that nasty headache , for the fever". said Beth "So Beth gave Luke a shot of lquid Tylenol for the fever , morphine for the headache". While she was in there she figured she would give Luke a blood test so she got out her needle and stuck Luke with it. 15 minutes later she took the needle out and dumbed the needle into the trashcan before leaving Luke's room. Then she made her way down to the bloodlab and put the tube filled with Luke's blood onto the machine waited for the results. Cue LizzyJackson-davenport
  19. Scarlett came into Luke's room every two hours and she would check out his temperature at the moment it was stable. After that scare Jesse felt like he had aged 10 years if he didn't know any better he would swear that god had it in for his boys Bo feared for his cousin's life he was afraid that Luke's body may not be able to fight off the infection as well as they'd hoped. " Uncle Jesse does this mean Luke's losing the war?". Bo asked concernly". " I wouldn't give up on him none Bo Luke will be just fine his body is just havin' a little trouble ". assured Jesse Meanwhile Daisy was still workin' at the fundraiser so far the blood bank had managed to raise 30.00000$$$. Later on that afternoon Uncle Jesse had left the hospital on account of he had to get back to the farm to do chores. Later on Luke's doctor had come into Luke's room to check on him and was happy to see that Luke's temprature looked the same but he was awfully worried about the fact that Luke was still in a comatose state and he wasn't showin' any signs of coming out. LizzyJackson-Davenport
  20. Bo and Uncle Jesse was overjoyed that Luke was gonna be okay but unfortunately in Hazzard nothin' ever goes as planned. " That's quite a relief that Luke is gonna be okay ain't it!!". said Bo " Yes that is great news boy but I wouldn't count my chickens fore' they hatch ". warned Jesse Uncle Jesse slowly made his way over to Luke's bed and he felt Luke's forehead and it stil felt warm. Then all of sudden Luke let out a few short coughs , but his eyes was still closed. " Luke , Luke, Luke , can you hear me boy ?". asked Jesse All Jesse got as a response was a flick of a eyelash which told him that Luke was still comatose. Luke was restin' comfortably as Bo , Jesse was keepin' an eye on him then all of sudden Luke started moaning , groaning ". " uh oh ..... ", I better go get the nurse ". said Bo So Bo left the room and went out into the hallway and walked on over to the front desk. " uh... ma'am my cousin is in awful lot of pain ". explained Bo The nurse looked at the clock in to see if he Luke was due for another shot of pain medicene the clock said 11:30 ". Which ment that his first dose had well worn so she followed Bo into Luke's room an so she shot the syringe filled to the brim with morphine into the IV. Then Luke's features slowly started to relax again while she was in there she figured she would check his temp. so she got out her thermometer and she stuck it into Luke's mouth and then she waitied , waitied , then the thermometer buzzed She took it out and it said " 108" which ment Luke's fever had gone up again unfortunately ".Before she left the room she wrote on Luke's chart temp, reported to dr. Mcbride No sooner did Scarlett leave the room then Luke started going into convulsions . Cue Lizzy Jackson Davenport
  21. When Bo and Jesse entered Luke's room Bo felt his heart breaking at the site of Luke lookin' so helpless , fragile . Jesse happened to notice a washcloth laying on the bedside table so he walked over and patted Luke's forehead with it. Suddenly Luke's eyelids started moving some as he felt the washcloth he tried opening them but they felt like 10 pound bricks. " Uncle Jesse did you see that Luke's wakin' up !!!". said Bo " Yes I know i saw it he's slowly comin' around but I wouldn't count my chickens fore' they hatch boy". warned Jesse Luke tried as hard as could to wake up but he just couldn't do it yet all he could manage is a few little winks of an eyelash. 15 minutes later Bo and Jesse heard some footsteps so they looked up and saw that it was one of Luke's nurses . So Bo and Jesse thought they would step out into the hallway while the nurse examined Luke, Bo figured he'd offer Jesse some coffee. " Sure I'd love some Bo I got a feelin' we may be here awhile". said Jesse So Bo walked on over to the coffee machine and he fixed Jesse some coffee he put 2 sugars in it , cream then he walked it back over. As Jesse was drinkin some coffee Bo was tryin' to think good thoughts about Luke even though he had a bad feeling. The nurse checked his IV, the machine watching his temperature which is now 110 which ment that Luke's fever had gone down some. Then she checked his concious state so she got out her penlight and she lifted up Luke's left eyelid and shined the light in. " Unfortunately she didn't get a response so she sighed an put it back down and she wrote on Luke's chart. " fever has gone down , still remains comatose and unresponsive Then she slowly left the room reported to the doctor. Luke maybe okay for now but he is far from being out of the woods. Cue Lizzy Jackson-Davenport
  22. Luke's body was still doing it's best to fight off the infection but unfortunately so far it wasn't doing that great a job on account of Luke's fever still remained dangerously high , he still was in a coma, he had little bits of sweat pouring down his face. At the moment one of Luke's nurses was in his room checking the machine that was montoring his temp was at 116 which was high. Then all of sudden the nurse heard a moan coming from the man lying in the bed and so she figured she would check Luke out. " Oh I see we is getting restless now ". said Nurse Scarlett So she gave Luke a shot of morphine in his IV then she slowly left his room and reported to his doctor. " So how's our patient doing nurse?". asked Dr. Mcbride " Well I'm awfully worried his fever is still high, still in a comatose state ". said Nurse Scarlett " That ain't good I guess Luke's body ain't fighting off the infection as well as I thought. said Doc. Mcbride Later on that morning Bo, Uncle Jesse showed up to the hospital to visit they was in high hopes that Luke was doing better. " Hey Doc how's Luke doing today?". asked Jesse " Well Mr. Duke why don't we step into my office and have a chat ". said Doc So Bo , Jesse followed the doc into his office and he walked on over to his file cabinet and pulled Luke's file out and layed it down. " Unfortunately Luke's body ain't fighting off the infection as fast as I thought it would". said Doc " Well uh.. he's gonna be okay right doc?". asked Bo " Unfortunately he also remains in a comatose state with a high fever". said Doc " I"m very sure that the reason Luke remains in a coma is because of his fever". said Doc " Ain't their someway you could make the fever break?". asked Jesse " Well Mr. Duke since Luke has a virus he can't take any antibotics so the only thing I can give him is time. said Doc Cue Lizzy Jackson Davenport
  23. Later that morning Luke's blood test results came in and as his doctor was lookin' over them he didn't like what he was seeing. Unfortnately as it turns out Luke Duke had managed to catch Leukemia Luke's doctor thinks that he has managed to catch it in time. So doctor mcbride made it out to the waiting room to tell Bo the bad news about Luke's condition. " Hey Doc how's my cousin doing?". asked Bo " Unfortunately Bo I got some rather bad news for ya it seems that Luke has developed mono". " Do you know if he's been kissing anyone lately?". asked Doc " Um... well he kissed Patty Mae at the Picnic last weekend ". said Bo " Symptoms don't usually appear this fast but since he's started feeling really tired that would explain it". said Doc " He's been falling asleep more then usual which ain't normal". said Bo " It usually goes away all on it's own but with time ". said Doc " uh... he is gonna be okay ain't he doc?". asked Bo " Well he's gonna need alot of bed -rest and drink alot fluids to bring down that fever , other then that he should be okay. Cue B.L Davenport
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