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This is soooo WRONG!

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Well y'all...I got some sad and discouraging news for you. By what I gather out of John Schneider's blog...Facebook has gone and kicked him out of FB along with his accounts. Saying he isn't who he says he is. I really don't understand or see why FB is doing this to John Schneider and I will be honest with you, it makes me upset. They allow a lot of nasty stuff on FB and yet they kick out a great guy like Schneider for such a whimpy excuse? Totally bogus if you ask me. I guess worse things could happen than to be banned from FB and the world does go on beyond FB, but still to treat John this way is beyond wrong! It almost makes me feel like getting off of Facebook but doubt that would do any good and I would miss talking to friends and family on their as well as reading about NASCAR and other interest on FB...

John Schneider's blog

Above is the link to his blog...what y'all think?

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Yeah...don't know how they can determine John isn't who he is especially when he is giving them info like that! Seems like something is either missing from the story? or what is going on. Don't make sense at all. Just maddening and frustrating to see John get treated like this.

Not having FB or getting kicked off isn't the end of the world by any means, but it is just the matter on how they are treating John and why they would do this for. Or how they even begin to question his identity. If they are doing it to him, perhaps they should start questioning everyone's identity...feel like I am missing something here. Am I the only one?

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Well I was meaning to come on here and say this earlier but didn't have time and don't have much time right now...but thought I would send y'all a good update...

FB has accepted John back and apologized for their error or something like that.

No FB isn't life or death or anything serious. It could have been a lot worse. It was more or less on how John was treated that got me. I never thought I would get on FB but after finding a couple of freinds were on it as well as Jeff Gordon ;) I had to join. It is a great way to read upon my favorite drivers, sports teams, and singers...as well as keep in touch with family and friends. LOL. But it also has it's downfalls and you have to watch what you put on there...

Anyways...John is back on FB. Just too bad he has too many friend request that I can't send him one. :roll: Sadly I don't have that problem...LOL.

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