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Duke cards

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On 2/11/2014 at 11:29 AM, Roth Potter said:

I certainly looked forward to this. :D

The strange look, it isn't that Bad. but most scanners have settings for different scans like Photos or text. You could try finding those settings, might help it a bit.

Is this the full size the scanner makes of the pictures? Or is the attachment so small? If its small by attachment and you want them to be bigger online you could upload them to a website like www.flickr.com or send them to my email So I can upload them bigger.

Where could this be? I don't remember seeing a Cannon on the show beside at the Boars Nest in at least one episode.

I remember that I posted a picture from the same shoot.


Ah, this one. do you remember in which episode boss walked with a cane?


Season 4 Double Dukes

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