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Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard

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Original from Imagecollect.com

REALLY love this one.

Boss was a sort of "oddball" (I don't know if it's the right word) in the show (and the same for Rosco, in a less extent), so you can't see Sorrell behind the character, whereas these pictures are showing me the actor behind the mask, and it's beautiful. :-))

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Those are some very good pictures yes. I didn't even know Sorrell wore glasses.

I've found 8 behind the scenes pictures of the scale models which i found so good i'll post them all 8 immediately.

None of these were from GeneralLeeFanclub.com, I guess they removed them from their site for whatever reason.



I believe this is the jump used in 'Welcome. Waylon Jennings'



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I found an old MySpace site last year with 18 of these miniatures pictures (including six of these eight). The MySpace link is now dead, but you can see some discussion about the miniatures here. I'll dig out the other 12 pictures and post them tomorrow.

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I thought I had already posted those pictures as I had already seen them and were not in my my folder of unposted pictures. but it seems like I never even downloaded them to my pc. Thank you for posting them Hoss.

As we now have posted all these miniatures I thought this one would fit aswell.


Yes, I know. it's not from the series but still a cool picture.




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