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Hello People

Roth Potter

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Hello people from HazzardNet,

Since this forum is made to introduce myself I will use it to do so.

I've been a Dukes of Hazzard fan since my mother first told me about the show when it came back on dutch television in i think 2005. My Mother said she was a fan of the show when it was on tv before I was born. For herself she recorded an episode, and because back then I watched a lot of tv with my mother I watched the episode with her and like it so much i've asked her to record more of it. I believe the first Episode I ever watched was Carnival of Thrills Part 1. Unfortunatly for me the episodes were shown during school times and my mother forgot to record most episodes before the series was taken off the air again in a few month's meaning i only had 5 episode's to watch and played them almost every day. A few Month's after my parents bought a DVD player and when it became my birthday they bought me Dukes of Hazzard Season 7:) I was so happy and played all the dvd's in just 3 days while also going to school. This of course meant i wanted to see more, they said the only way to get more is to get good school reports, so the next 6 school reports were good and since have watched all Dukes episodes atleast ones.

Later for some reason i kind of forgot how good the Dukes of hazzard was:cry:. However, this year I looked at the shelf and started to watch Season 4 as it was for me one of the best back in the day.

My name:


I've always liked the name Roth for some reason. Also i've always thought Emery Potter in the Dukes was a funny character and found it a real shame he wasn't very much on the show. Another thing is I somtimes have a little bit of his character.

The reason i joined Hazzardnet:

I've always found it interesting to see filming location's and cars used in movies and tv series, so since I am watching the Dukes again I naturally started to search for these on the internet and found this site with the most amazing topics about my interests.

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Interesting nick and avatar, for sure unusual (it means you're a great fan of DOH, since you like so much a so minor character).

I'm italian, I tried to watch DOH in english... but I don't understand anything (just few more than anything... I think it's 'cause of the South accent, 'cause I usually understand English)

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Welcome to the HazzardNet Roth. It sure is nice to have you here.

I also like the name Roth. In fact I've been working on a book for years and the main character is King Roth. Don't get too excited. It's my second book idea and the first one didn't get published so I doubt this one will.

We hope to hear a lot more from you, Roger

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