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2012 Sprint Cup Series race reviews and results

Garrett Duke

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Well sadly NASCAR.com just fixed their finishing grid of today's race and Gordon was right...he came home 14th thanks to the accident and running out of gas. :( I try to be a positive person . . . in fact have a hard time having much patience with negativity, but this season thus far has me wondering what else can go wrong?

Here is the new top ten finishers:

1. Ryan Newman

2. AJ Allmindinger (they even had the second and third drivers mixed up!)

3. Dale Earnhardt Jr

4. Matt Kenseth

5. Martin Truex Jr.

6. Denny Hamlin

7. Tony Stewart

8. Aric Almorila

9. Brad Keselowski

10. Clint Bowyer

Once more...the next race is April 14th...we'll be going night racing at Texas!

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Well the NASCAR Sprint Cup raced at Texas last night. I am sorry my review is late...to be honest, didn't even think about it. Perhaps it was because it was thundering, raining, and lightnining through most of the race. With four or so laps to go the lights go out...I was so mad. LOL. Then went on, but took awhile for the box to find the cable again. Luckily I was able to watch the last couple of laps before it went out again...and back again so I can hear them talking to Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. I turned the TV off once they were going back to normal programming and turned my computer off as well. So I apologize for my write up and review being so late.

I even had a dream last night that someone already beat me to it when I came on today to do it...:( LOL.

Perhaps I am a bit biased, but I do have to admit that last night's race was probably the best race of the season so far...seven races into the season. And no, Jeff Gordon did NOT win...but it felt like a win. He qualified in the thirty-fourth position. Was not happy to see him starting all the way back there, but it happens. Well he must have had an awesome fast car last night. By the time they got on lap 39 he was twentieth...didn't seem like too much longer when he broke into the top ten. Long story short, he came home fourth last night. From 34th starting position to fourth. Nice going JEFF GORDON! Sounded like he had the fastest car on the track several times last night and was the one that passed the most cars for position as well. Not a win, but it feels like one after the last six races and how they had ended. He is now 17th (unofficially) in points...there is hope after all. :)

Well enough about Gordon...just had to express my excitement over his race. Sorry if it was a bit biased. LOL. I try my best not to pinpoint my favorite drivers, just sometimes it is a bit hard to do.

Martin Truex Jr started the race from the pole and led a lot of laps and came home sixth. Greg Biffle started second...and went onto lead the most laps and to win the race. His first race won in 49 races. Both Truex Jr and Biffle was on my fantasy team last night so once this season I had a great race fantasy wise as well. :D

They broke speed records last night going 160 or 170 mph through the three hour race...five hundred laps in three hours. Was an awesome race with the last 234 laps being caution free...also a record. Not a lot of action when it came to cautions and accident. Think the only accident was when the wind knocked Trevor Bayne into the wall...they had really high winds last night in Texas.

Jimmie Johnson led a lot of laps as well until Greg Biffle did the slide job on him to pass him for the last time of the night. Then with fifteen or ten laps to go JJ, I think, swiped the wall or something happened and something was wrong with his car. But he went onto hold position and finish the night second. In fact all four Hendrick cars finished in the top ten...JJ 2nd, Gordon 4th, Kasey Kahne 7th, and Jr 10th. Which is awesome for my boys...still not the 200th win for Hendrick that they are all going for.

Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, and Tony Stewart all had rough nights last night.

Here is the top ten finishes of last night's race:

1. Greg Biffle (point leader as well!)

2. Jimmie Johnson

3. Mark Martin

4. Jeff Gordon

5. Matt Kenseth (also on my fantasy team :) )

6. Martin Truex Jr.

7. Kasey Kahne

8. Carl Edwards

9. Kevin Harvick

10. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The next race will be at Kansas where Jimmie Johnson won his last race at. It will be Sunday on Fox...

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They race at Kansas today at 12:30 ET...11:30 my time...Central. Probably the pre-race starting at that time. But do love watching the pre-race show on FOX. Love the announcers on FOX and really wish they would just keep NASCAR on FOX...all that my opinion of course. HA. The other announcers on the other stations are good too, just like the ones on Fox a bit better.


AJ Allmindinger and Kevin Harvick will be starting on the front row with AJ having the pole today. :) Don't have the top line up as of now and don't have much time, but thought I'd make a note of what time it will start....12:30 ET on FOX. :D

Am hoping for a great race for my Hendrick team...especial Jeff Gordon. Hope all of your favorite drivers will have a GREAT race as well. :D Can't wait to hear them say them magical words in NASCAR..."Gentlemen start your engines!" :D

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Don't have the top line up as of now and don't have much time ...

The top ten line up is:

1 AJ Allmendinger

2 Kevin Harvick

3 Joey Logano

4 Denny Hamlin

5 Mark Martin

6 Martin Truex Jr.

7 Dale Earnhardt Jr.

8 Clint Bowyer

9 Kasey Kahne

10 Sam Hornish Jr.

Jimmie Johnson is 15th, Jeff Gordon is 20th, Tony Stewart is 23rd and David Ragan is 27th - I hope that covers most of this thread's regular poster's favorites :).

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Well the Sprint Cup race at Kansas just got over and Denny Hamlin just won his second race of the 2012 season.

Not a lot of action to today's race...just a lot of engine failures and dropped cylinders. Including JEFF GORDON. Am not a happy Gordon fan right now as he comes home 21st after finally getting into the top ten and he drops a cylinder with 30 laps to go. Clint Bowyer was the first victim of the dropped cylinder and later hit the wall. He had time to take it to the garage for a little while.

AJ Allmindinger who started from the pole led a lot of laps before being passed by Martin Truex Jr who also led a lot of laps until Denny Hamlin passed him to later on win the race. AJ had engine problems as well...I think that was what his problem was.

Johnson and Jr both had a great and fast race. Stewart had hit the wall at one point but later said he was going in the right direction...

Here is the top ten finishes of the Kansas race:

1. Denny Hamlin

2. Martin Truex Jr

3. Jimmie Johnson

4. Matt Kenseth

5. Greg Biffle

6. Kevin Harvick

7. Dale Earnhardt Jr

8. Kasey Kahne

9. Carl Edwards

10. Kyle Busch

And before I forget to post this important information as I had for the Saturday night Texas race, the Sprint boys will be racing under the lights next Saturday night at Richmond. Love night racing...really hope Gordon will be taking home the trophy or at least a top five. Something to be excited about...

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Hopefully the Richmond race will be tonight but according to Darrell Waltrip on Facebook an hour or two ago, it was raining in Virginia. :( RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY, COME BACK ANOTHER DAY! So hopefully they will get the race in tonight under the lights...

Whenever they get the race in, this is what the top ten starting lineup will look like:

1. Mark Martin

2. Carl Edwards

3. Kevin Harvick

4. AJ Allmindinger

5. Kyle Busch

6. Jeff Gordon

7. Denny Hamlin

8. Martin Truex Jr

9. Kasey Kahne

10. Dale Earnhardt Jr

Which means three of four Hendrick cars are starting in the top ten :D...except for Jimmie Johnson that is starting 27th.

Am really looking forward to tonight :popcorn: (though holding my breath that nothing will happen to the 24 team and that the 24 car can cross the checkered line without a scratch! I can only hope. His bad luck can only last so long...right?). Hoping everyone's driver on here will have a fun and safe race. Make sure to check back after the race or tomorrow (depending on how tired I am...) for the race review!

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Well the Richmond race just got over and it was an odd type of race. One that this 24 fan isn't too happy about, but then again, what race has this 24 fan been happy about? He started sixth and t hen during a restart got bottled up and hit the wall...lost two laps from early on in the race. Made it for a long race to watch knowing he was all the way back there with little hope of getting back up on the lead lap, but I watched til the end. Gordon ended up finishing 23rd tonight.

There seemed to be a few pit problems today. Paul Menard's crew lost a tire across pit road where the pit member ran into the pit road to get it (where he could have gotten hit by another car!) and later was talked angrily to by an official for doing that. Guess it had something to do with JJ's car or crew that was next to them...one of the crew members it sounds like went to talk to the 48 crew and the crew cheif for Menard told the member he try that again, he'll be fired.

Then after fighting to the front from the 27th spot, JJ's crew had tire issues when the rear tire changer went to give the tire to another member who had left...he rolled the tire to the wall. Which is a no-no and Johnson had to be put at the end of the longest line...with 60 some laps to go.

Then on the restart Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart had an issue. Don't exactly know what had happened other than I feel like NASCAR wasn't quiet clear and ruined Carl's night. Carl led the most laps and after the restart his spotter told Carl that NASCAR said he had the lead...Stewart said that NASCAR gave him the lead. Stewart spun the tires and couldn't start and NASCAR blackflagged Edwards for accelerating before the green flag box...his front bumper was just on the line. So he was sent to the end of the line and went a lap down before gaining his lap back. So disappointing for the 99 team of Carl Edwards.

Had another caution...according to Stewart it was for a water bottle. Which I understand his displeasure at it being thrown for a water bottle, but also think NASCAR is searching for ways to get cautions since there has been so few cautions in the past five races...as Darrell pointed out, cautions breed cautions. Except as late...everyone's been playing nice this year. Kyle Busch has an awesome pit crew supporting him every race...and well he beat Stewart (who had a slow pit stop) out of pit road. Kyle Busch went on to win the race. His first race he won this year...and the fourth time in a ROW that he has won the sprint Richmond race. Dale Earnhardt Jr came home second with a great comeback of the night. Stewart came home third and wasn't too happy about it afterwards.

Here is the top ten finishes of the Richmond race:

1. Kyle Busch

2. Dale Earnhardt Jr

3. Tony Stewart

4. Denny Hamlin

5. Kasey Kahne

6. Jimmie Johnson

7. Clint Bowyer

8. Mark Martin

9. Brad Keselowski

10. Carl Edwards

Well once again Rick Hendrick had three of his four cars in the top ten...everyone BUT Jeff Gordon. :(

We are off to Talledega next Sunday afternoon where they always have 'the big one' so am almost sure that NASCAR will have the wrecks and cautions that fans are looking for. I just hope Gordon or the rest of the Hendrick cars will steer away from the wrecks and come home with a clean and good finish. Perhaps Gordon will give me a win on my birthday...after his year this far, I think Gordon DESERVES the win. How much bad luck can one driver have?

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Well y'all the NASCAR Sprint Cup has had their qualifying run in today to determine to see which driver will start where. And this 24 fan is extremely happy and proud of the top line up and to see how the race will start out. But I will let y'all guess why...HA HA.

Here is the top ten starting line up for the TALLEDEGA race tomorrow:


2. AJ Allmindinger

3. Marcos Ambrose

4. Aric Almirola

5. Kasey Kahne

6. Carl Edwards

7. Greg Biffle

8. Tony Stewart

9. Michael Waltrip

10. Matt Kenseth

(Dale Jr will start 18th - he seems to be the favorite to win on Sunday. Johnson will be starting 19th.)

Well by now I am sure you all have a strong hunch as to why I am excited. Know it is only a starting spot...one he may lose quickly...hoping not...but am happy and proud of Jeff Gordon's strong run. He wrote in Facebook that he had a bad fast car. Just hope he didn't have it made up for a qualifying run...would rather start ten with a fast car all race and not just a couple of strong laps and then fade away. Really am HOPING this is where the 24 team will turn things around and have a STRONG finish. Perhaps I am biased here, but with all the bad luck he has faced and endured this 2012 season thus far, I feel he deserves a win...a good race. But first he will need to avoid "the big" one.

Talledega is a restrictor plate race...one of the fastest tracks they visit. And since it is so fast, it tends to provide a lot of accidents. Bad accidents. Such as this one where Brad Keselowski flipped Carl Edwards right before going across the finish line:

Love how Carl Edwards' attitude. Found it ironic him running across the finish line like he did. Remember watching that race and feeling so bad for Edwards.(Edwards later flipped Keselowski in Atlanta after Keselowski wrecked him first in the race. Those two have a history with each other starting with this race...though Edwards didn't blame Keselowski at the time. Each time, to me, Keselowski had started it. My opinion on that though.) Sadly some fans did get hurt in this accident, Edwards felt bad about it all and remember the year after this he had invited at least one of them to the race and all that. But it was real scary to watch.

Hope we don't see a repeat of that wreck with anyone...hope all your favorite drivers will have a great race tomorrow!

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Well the Nationwide Series race at Talledega was today. Joey Laganon held on to win the race...seemingly to avoid a huge wreck right at the end that had taken Eric McLure air lifted to the hospital. Eric McLure accident Really hope not to see any more of accidents like this in tomorrow's race. Pray and hope Eric is OK. Darrell Waltrip said on Facebook that Eric was concious and talking to the medical staff, so that is a good sign. . .just how scary that was!

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Well they had a great extended pre race show today on FOX. Michael Waltrip is in the race so he wore his fire suit under his suit...too funny. Shown a lot of bad wrecks at Talledega...too scary. Hope we don't see any today and that all our favorite drivers will have a great race today and avoid the big one.

But the pre race show is about over and it is about go time for all who are wanting to watch the race. Can't wait to hear Darrell Waltrip say his trade mark "Boogity, boogity, boogity!"

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Well the Sprint Cup race at Talledega has just gotten over and Brad Keselowski has held on to win his second 'Dega race. His second win of the season.

THere was four or five cautions or something like that today. Not as much as normal, but enough. Jimmie Johnson suffered through some sort of engine problem. Think they said some sort of pump broke in half and he was sat out for the rest of the race. Jeff Gordon complained about his water temp. being too hot. But at the end it didn't matter. Halfway through or so Dave Blaney was having gas issues and went up to collect another driver, sent Truex Jr down who hit Gordon who went down the track to miss the wreck. He was then sent up to hit the wall hard. To end his day as well. My top two driver's with DNF's today. Another sad racing day for this 24 fan...and 48 fan. The wreck also took out Carl Edwards.

Casey Mears who had led some laps had spun out and bumped Trevor Bayne, but not too hard.

There was another multi car accident that collected Michael Waltrip and other drivers..then during the restart after that, AJ Allmindinger went to block Denny Hamlin only to cause another big wreck that collected Tony Stewart as well. Hamlin's tire blew up to shred his car on the track.

Matt Kenseth led the most laps only to pull too far ahead at the end of his team mate Greg Biffle and Kyle Busch pushed Brad Keselowski past to the win.

They just said there was 19 cars that was taken out of the race due to accidents. Most this season thus far.

Here is the top ten finishing spots:

1. Brad Keselowski

2. Kyle Busch

3. Matt Kenseth

4. Kasey Kahne

5. Greg Biffle

6. Clint Bowyer

7. David Ragen (You should be proud Roger!)

8. Trevor Bayne

9. Dale Earnhardt Jr

10. Jeff Burton

Next race will be next SATURDAY night at Darlington.

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Not a stupid question...had to go look it up. Says it is in SC...so I figure that has to mean South Carolina? LOL.

Thought of you, Roger, when I saw Ragen with a top ten. At least someone I knew had a driver that had a good race. Guess I know a couple Jr fans and he finished nineth, so two drivers.

Last year at Darlington was when Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch got into it after Harvick knocked Busch a couple times on the last lap. Kyle got tired of it and turned Harvick. Harvick then blocked Kyle in pit road and got out of his car to punch Kyle. Kyle in turn hit Harvick's car and drove away. Both were fined and put on probation...and Regan Smith went on to win his first race.

Darlington is also know to collect it's fair share of stripes on the wall with the drivers banging on the wall. See how many stripes she collects Saturday night...hopefully none from Gordon. Danica Patrick will also make her second appearance in Sprint Cup. For her sake, hopefully she has a better race than her first race at Daytona...

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Danica Patrick will also make her second appearance in Sprint Cup. For her sake, hopefully she has a better race than her first race at Daytona...

Thanks for the info...and the geography lesson.

I think we should call her Danica "Daisy Duke" Patrick since they have similiar driving styles.

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You are welcome Sissy Duke and Roger. I am a normally quiet person, but when it comes to NASCAR, baseball, and the Dukes I can talk forever. HA. Love talking NASCAR and love writing my reviews...especially if I can say Gordon and Johnson had good races. HA. LOL. Haven't been able to do that lately, but that time is comin'...they are both too good to be down for too long. Of course t hat is all of my biased opinion. LOL. Was thinkin' last night if anyone was interested we could put a Q&A thread up...may not know all the answers but may know some. HA. Let me know if you are interested..if not, I won't do it and it won't hurt my feelings any.

Danica "Daisy Duke" Patrick? Well I don't know if I should say anything since I missed the Nationwide Series race last week, but it sounds like she got herself in trouble due to her driving style. I heard both ways. But it sounds like she wrecked Sam Hornish Jr during a cool down lap (I assume they meant caution) after they bumped. Though they have talked, Hornish said he bumped her due to his tire going out...still retaliation during a yellow? Not cool. But perhaps other than that her driving skills are similar? LOL

Just a reminder...next race is Saturday night. You tune in on Sunday to watch Darlington, unless they get rained out (Fingers crossed that they don't...) you'll be missing the race. :D

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Funny I just got done writing my last post when my uncle sent me this link of the incident and the interviews. Can't say I am too impressed with Danica with what I saw or her attitude during the interviews. Danica Patrick and Sam Hornish Jr. Glad I finally saw what had happened and to me it looks like, just like Sam said, his tire blew and he was sent up the track in front of Danica. At least, that is how I saw it.

Understand Danica being upset, but I am willing to bet that Hornish Jr wasn't very happy his tire going out on the last lap like that either. Uncool that she would wreck him after the race for something he didn't do on purpose. Ah well, that's Talledega. Lots of emotions at going 200 MPH...(this was in the Nationwide Series race Saturday..)

Interesting to see how she will do in a Cup car on Saturday night...hopefully better than her Daytona debut in February where she wrecked on the fifth lap with Jimmie Johnson...

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Unfortunately, the uploader of that video didn't want anyone from my region to see it :(. I found HD footage of the crash

. I've seen some of the male drivers behave like that; Danica obviously figures that to succeed, she has to be that stupid too. I don't mind a bit of nudging, it adds to the sport, but dangerous behavior like that should get an automatic suspension. If she'd tried it on the road she'd probably be in jail.
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Hoss - Sorry you couldn't get my video. :( Didn't even think of that. I am glad I am not the only one to view it like that. I feel like she was way out of line. Know NASCAR had talked about handing out punishments on Monday, but it looks like they changed their mind about that. I understand nudging him back to say she didn't appreciate that, but that was more than a nudge. I have seen Cup drivers hit the other driver in the rear to show their displeasure, but wrecking like that was uncalled for.

I also got that impression from her interview or thought that perhaps she was trying to fit in by her attitude. But I could be wrong about it.

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Okay I'm probably going to get in trouble here for asking but since you know so much about NASCAR Garrett I bet you'll have an opinion. Did NASCAR officials take it easy on her because she's a rookie or because she's a she? I'm assumimg that the NASCAR folks who make these decisions are mostly men. I know favoring Danica because she's a girl wouldn't be right but...let's face it...guys have a soft spot for girls....they don't like being mean to them.

I'm not accusing them of favoritism because I don't know enough about it to make that accusation. I'm simply asking Garrett's opinion.

Or Hoss's if he's feeling really brave.

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You can have my two cents Roger. I read a few forums on this subject last night, and I believe there are a number of factors. The fact that she's a rookie may have had an influence on NASCAR's decision, although I don't see it as an excuse for her behavior. Her being a girl (they call female drivers in lower formulae 'lady racers' over here) is probably an indirect influence: NASCAR want viewers, and are probably banking on Danica bringing some new viewers with her. Suspending her would risk losing these new viewers, even if some of them are only watching because, to quote you, "she's a she".

I find Danica's behavior the other night to be at odds with what I've seen before. I haven't seen any of the IndyCar series this year, but I've seen quite a few races from the previous two seasons, and I don't remember her doing anything like this. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

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I did. It's a shame Jeff Gordon didn't though - I think a win was the birthday present Garrett was looking for ;).

I was really hoping for a win from Gordon for my birthday or at least a storng finish. And for some reason, he didn't give it to me. Nor did Johnson. :( Don't know what I did to upset them so much that they decided not to even finish the dang race. Very disappointing gift they brought me.

As for your question, Roger, I don't know for sure but do have an opinion on it. My opinion agrees with Hoss. I think it has to do with all the popularity she has (or the popularity of her name...) and are hoping she will bring that popularity as in more viewers to NASCAR. They suspend her they are probably figuring on they would upset quite a few of them.

NASCAR upsets me in that figure when it comes to punishing drivers. They seem to be so lopsided. I know they have a rule book that they quote numbers and such out of when they dish the penalties out, but I don't think they go by that. In my opinion, it goes by who the driver is whether or not they will punish them. My opinion, of course...but do have a few scenerios that kinda back it up.

This kinda reminds me of several years ago...

Think it was about the beginning of the new point system with the chase, when during a Busch Series (now Nationwide Series) race Tony Stewart got into an arguement with one of the drivers (want to say Kurt Busch, but not a hundred percent sure on that). Doesn't really matter. But Tony punched the other driver. NASCAR talked about parking him for the Cup race, but didn't because it would ruin his chance at getting in the chase or at the championship. Which would make his fans upset.

To me, that shouldn't come into play whether or not they punished him in that matter or not. It should go as to what they did as to what punishment they hand out and not to who it is or what position in points they are. Guess I understand the fan part...if they parked Gordon, I'd be upset. But I'd also be upset that Gordon would do something to ask to be parked...

As I said, I don't have any factual facts to back up what I said, but felt all along that they have declined punishment due to her namesake and her publicity. Which, as I stated, is not right. Not fair. What she did was wrong and could have hurt Sam or other drivers as well as hurt his car further than it already is.

Don't know how Danica raced in Indy. I don't really know much about Indy nor followed her there, but it would be interesting to see if she is known to have such fits or if it is a one time thing. Hopefully it is a one time thing...going at the speeds they going...even in a cool down lap...there is no room for such acts. By anyone.

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