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Tom Wopat Appearance

Hot Rod

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Hi fellow Dukes Fans, I just found out that Tom Wopat will be visiting the Canton Hot Rod Show Feb 18th & 19th, 2012 at the Canton Memorial Civic Center, Down Town Canton Ohio. They are supposed to announce it soon on cantonhotrodshow.com website. This is a rare treat for Dukes Fans! Anyone with a General Lee planning on showing off their Ride?

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Just a quick update. Here is the link to the show. Tom's on the bill, but there are no specifics on the day(s) he will be there. Tom's own website does not yet show this event, but they'll probably get around to it soon.


TimDuke, I hope they have your General there. I'll probably miss this gig as I'm usually buried under a half-ton of snow that time of year.

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Great pictures!

Before I realized Tom was using a marker to sign the dashboard I thought something else was going on.

I thought he was using a mini-flashlight to look for something illegal that Rosco had planted in his car to get him thrown in jail.

I guess I had nothing to worry about. Tim Duke is a big strong guy and I don't think Rosco would try to pull anything sneaky with him around.

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