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The Hazzard Garage (Cooter's Garage)

Mark B / Scooter Davenport

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More bits- this piece is an interesting one. Through the run of the show, at least 3 different auto testers seen in the garage. With HossC's help, most have been ID'd as Sun brand machines. One however has defied identification. Hoss speculates that it was just a prop made to simulate one of these types of machines, and I tend to agree. Either way, here is my scale version of it.

15156150111_4e8edd44c6_b.jpgP9060820 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr

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It's amazing how different it looks with a bit of red paint on the bottom of walls and poles. The furniture is looking good too. I can't wait to see it with a few more details added :).

BTW, while you've got the black paint out, why not color the rear light panel on the General (unless it's a replica of the one they used in some of the 'Reunion' movie ;)).

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