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Yankee or Dixie?


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52% Dixie. Actually I am from Ohio, a funny little thing that actually happen when I was on vacation in Georgia with my family. My dad was drivin and we was a this little country road and he had a 1984 Caprice Classic with V-8 with 4 carbs, and he sees this stop signs and he must been going 85-90mph and we felt the Caprice go in the air a little bit. Oh by the way no ticket that day.

True Story :D:-?:-?:D

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I am 60% Dixie......which is hard to believe. I was born in NC to Yankee parents, but only lived there six months. I lived "up Nawth" for my whole life until I was 23 years old --- and then moved South again (to VA).

I am "too fast" to be from the South, but am not "rude" enough to be a Yankee. That, perhaps, just makes me a misfit; but I yam what I yam (as Popeye would say). My girfriend is from Long Island, so she keeps my Northern attitude and speech going strong. :D

The Dukes was my favorite show when I was in high school and I even had a Confederate Battle Flag on the front of my car back then. Too bad that it now has been misused by racist organizations and is seen as something bad. :( Likewise, Old Glory was flown on the slave ships that brought people to this country in bondage.

Not trying to start that type of discussion here (sure it has been done already), but the anti-heritage folks need to study their history a liittle bit better. The so-called Confederate Flag did not even fly over Richmond during the Civil War (War Between the States) anyhow. Also, because the KKK hijacked the Cross for their rituals, I doubt that we should view it is a symbol of "hate" because of a few cretins who misuse it. :-?

You could probably fly the actual Flag of The Confederacy in Washington and 90% of the people there would not even recognize it. Okay, I am off my soap box now. The way I see it, we are all Americans and we'll stick together when it gets rough. Just think of the song by Charlie Daniels, In America, and you'll get the drift of it. Anyhow, great site here!!

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