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  1. The General Lee makes the HOT ROD magazine August issue. Inside the magazine are some behind the scenes shots with the General Lee and the awesome jump that I got to witness being an extra. I picked it up today at Autozone--seen the cover---turned to the page and was soooo excited!
  2. The General Lee makes the HOT ROD magazine August issue. Inside the magazine are some behind the scenes shots with the General Lee and the awesome jump that I got to witness being an extra. I picked it up today at Autozone--seen the cover---turned to the page and was soooo excited!
  3. Go to CMT.com and clic on MOVIES and then it tells about Dukes of Hazzard ringtone available for 1.99!!!!!!! ENJOY
  4. well..........I called in for my call time Wednesday nite and me and 14 others were cancelled --I do have a friend that was still scheduled to go--I havent talked to her yet-but when I do I will make a post on what happened Thursday. And Im not a liar--everything that I have posted is God's Honest Truth, I dont have any reasons to make up stories- I dont have anyone to impress and dont care if I dont impress anyone-I just figured that some people on here would like to hear whats goin on on the inside of the makin of the NEW Dukes of Hazzard movie. ANd I posted just what I was called and told. And I also noticed that I made my post up under the wrong subject heading--and I apologize for that. Also A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO MARYANN for helping me with my loggin in problem. I appreciate it TREMENDOUSLY
  5. YEEEEEHAAAAAAA! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I bought my SEASON 3 DVD set and It has my movie ticket in it! ! ! ! It has a sticker on the outside sayin its located on the inside--sure enuff its there a $12.00 coupon movie pass.
  6. HEY its me again----I was an extra in teh DOH movie-and i kept all of yall updated well here s an update for ya! ! ! ! Hadnt had a chance to post -been very busy. Got a call last week from someone thats involved in the filming of the movie. She told me they need me to go back to Clinton, LA tomorrow (6/2/05) because something about they forgot the openin scene that tells about the town of Hazzard or some sort. So she had gotten a call from LA last week tellin her to round some of the extras up for shooting-ALL of the main actors got called in also--she said it s really crazy, bein that the movie will be out AUGUST 5th! ! ! !.
  7. Well when we were done with the scene last Saturday they bidded ALL EXTRAS fairwell and gave us a big thankyou. Said the actors would finish up this week and then everyone would be gone. Well this morning I got a call from one of the P A's and he asked me to come back to Clinton for Saturday . Told me to wear the exact same thing from last week. Soooo the filming still goes on. The movie is gonna be action, adventure and comedy (more).with the same theme song. Hopefully more news later
  8. 7 errors---sorry, thats just a little bit more than the law will allow LOL
  9. Hello out there Hazzard County: Well all EXTRAS finished their part in the movie Sat 1/29/05. The actors themselves are due to wrap things up Friday Feb 5th. Thursday we filmed up in Clinton --done a scene outside the court house got to see Jessica, Nick ,her mom , and Kacie (her friend) the crew thats in charge of organization wouldnt let us around them hardly. Jessica didnt seem to friendly BUT Nick did give sum autographs. Friday we were back in CLinton doing more outside scenes around the courthouse, with all the cast Willie, Burt, David, M.C. Sean, Johnny, and Jessica.still not hardly able to get really close to them unless you are part of the scene. Crew is really STRICT about extras getting autographs and pics. We are working long hours anywhere 10-12 hours. started raining so we had to quit doin the outside scenes so they done some interior scenes at Cooter's garage and interior at the courthouse. sent extras home early--we had to go back Saturday Well Saturday we finished up ALL outside scene at the courthouse. I was in a scene with all the cast except Lynda Carter she wasnt there. I got to pat Sean on the back for winning the race . It was sooo funny Johnny grabs Jessica to hug her cuz it was part of the scene for Duke Boys winning and he lays a BIG KISS on her neck- I was like whhhhaaa tttttt !!!!!! Shes not really sociable--I told her hey and she spoke back but then turned away. The weather got really nasty rainy and COLD and she didnt hardly have anything on up top and she was FREEZIN(a little brown leather western type vest and LOTS of Cleavage . I was anywhere between 2-6 feet from her all during the scene ,all together everyone was within 15 feet in diameter. I mean i could reach out and grab Johnny and Seans butt. Jessica looked like shes been tanning shes sooo dark . Oh yea BTW i asked some of the ppl thats putting the movie together and they said the same ol song "The Good Ol Boys" by Waylon will be the song. My opinion from seein things on the inside the movie is goin to be pretty darn good! I did manage to get my pic taken with MC Gainey, the guy playin Enos,and David Coeshner (Cooter). Got those durin lunch time when noone was hardly on watch duty. I also got a pic with the producer (Jay Ch????? and the director---Artist. When i get them developed I will try my best to post them on here --If i can figure out how LOL
  10. Hey --when do ya'll get together in the chat room and chat????? I ve been there several times and the room is EMPTY. Would love to talk with sum of yall sumtime. over and out
  11. I did the test and it came back as 83% Dixie!
  12. they had sign up to b an extra at Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge. just listen in the news or read newspaper go to www.lacasting.com or email me you info and I will turn it in
  13. Hello out there Hazzard County Peeps Well I havent poted anything since Wednesday--been VERY BUSY doin the movie---LONG HOURS---but well worth it. Wednesday we were at Erwinville. La at the race strip filming the race scene of the movie . Those "Duke Boys" were there and Boss Hogg. It was a little bit warmer than Tuesday. Lots of fun. 6: 15 am - 6 pm Thursday it was same hours, same place. LOTS more FUN no DUKE BOYS. BUT Boss Hogg was there and I got to be in a part with him and Enos. Made my day!!! The guy that played the sherriff in the original Walkin Tall --i believe his name is John sumthin Baker ( tall , older man ,big) I know i dont have that name right but oh well. The guy in the crew that I complained about Tuesday-- he was pretty nice today--comin round I guess--I talked to him and he said he was tired --so I gave him some slack--they have been workin some LONG hours..He s pretty cool. On the way home my clutch went out in my truck sooooooo I had to borrow a vehicle to get there yesterday which was Friday and I was sent to a different filming location which was Clinton, LA--they were short handed extras there yesterday. They done some stunt scenes --where the GENERAL LEE jumps cooters wrecker and race scene with Boss Hoggs race car and THE GENERAL and i believe the mustang does a 360 they wouldnt let us watch becuz of safety and Bosses cadillac runs into a barricade. Our part that we were suppose to be in didnt take place becuz of the scenes were havin to be redone until they were right. They asked me to be back there next Thursday, Friday and Saturday and to wear the same thing I had on. as for Mon, Tues, and Wed dont know as of yet. Heard that there's gonna b a part thats not gonna be in the theatre edition --its gonna be on the DVD edition where they paid some women in a strip bar to take their tops off.Paid them like 600.oo bucks a piece. Well more on them Dukes as news comes available Goin to go get me some more sleep lol
  14. Yes they asked me to bring my ford truck. Willie Nelson is Uncle Jesse, and no it isnt for him to drive-its for me to drive in some of the street scenes. For the record Im not a guy-Im full fledge female. Here in Louisiana- they have quite a few movies being filmed and I hope to get involved in some of them--1 is Lady Luck about Queen Latifah 2- All the King's Men-bout Huey Long and there is another one out there but cant remember the name.More reports to come
  15. i didnt bring my camera today becuz they told us in a letter no cameras allowed,BUT alot of ppl had camera phones and were takin pics---soooo if they can-Im gonna bring my camera and try to steal some shots. Today Johnny had on a long sleeve red button-up with jeans and looked like leather boots. Sean had on a blue or black t -shirt,jeans, and tennis shoes (if my memory is correct-LOL) I was too busy checkin out his face . They are really HOT.
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