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Well I lack the knowledge of how to put the link into the song title, but that takes you to the video for my one word song of:

"Tonight" by New Kids On the Block (To not give Garrett a bad name here...Garrett is only my screen name and my character...his author is a female and am a big New Kids fan. This has to be one of my favorite song of their's. :))

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I don't remember this one very well, but while I was on YouTube I checked out "You've Got It (The Right Stuff)" by NKOTB. I don't want to offend you Garrett, but I had to laugh at the dancing :).

Well Hoss...glad that you took time to go look at my song. Was wondering if anyone would comment on their style. Guess it isn't for everyone. Truth be told, if it wasn't NKOTB, I probably wouldn't be interested either. Since I only listen to Country and Christian Music. NKOTB is the only band outside of those genres that I listen to due to a friend that had gotten me into them back then and then again now that they are back touring and making music. Am excited to say in June I will be seeing them in concert for the sixth time since they returned to singing and all that. That was an old song of theirs...now here is the first song that they came out with when they reunited:

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For those of you unfamiliar with Max Headroom, he was touted as a sophisticated, computer-generated character. In reality it was actor Matt Frewer in heavy make-up with some clever visual effects. Let's face it; computer graphics in the mid '80s just weren't up to the job.

Maneater - Hall & Oats and Nelly Fertado

Now that would make an interesting trio :).

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