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Double Zero Mustang


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After watching 'Reunion', I couldn't resist having a go at the infamous '00'. I've not taken as much artistic license with this one, the chrome around the wheel arches and white letter tires are my only additions. The flames on the front fenders are copied directly, but I couldn't find a clear shot of the flames on the hood, so I had to improvise a bit - all of the replicas I've seen seem to differ in this area (my 1:18 model was no use at all). The license plate was too blurry to make out, so I left it blank - if anyone knows the correct license plate, please let me know so I can add it in. Now I have the basic shape of the '68 Mustang, I might have a go at Lucifer :).



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After seeing Garrett's recent question about fan fic writing and reading the replies it struck me that my feelings about my fan art aren't much different. Just like the fan fic authors, I also feel the need to revisit old projects now and then with a view to improving them. Sometimes I spot the equivalent of a typo, other times there are whole sections that need to be "rewritten" and parts that need fleshing out with more detail. A few months ago my General Lee artwork got a makeover, and now it's time for the Double Zero.

To be honest, I always thought the color of my original was too bright. I also knew that the rear view needed some work. When I took a second look I was surprised at just how inaccurate my first version had turned out. In the end I replaced well over half of the elements and did some sort of modification (color/shape etc.) to most of the others. The "GT" badge on the front fender is one of only a few components of the original that survived untouched!

I've tried to make this one a more accurate representation of the one that appeared on-screen. The revised color and shape are obvious changes, but I've made some others too:

Aerial added on front fender

Passenger door mirror removed

White lettering on tires removed

Chrome trim around wheel arches removed

Rear bumper guards removed

Rear side marker replaced with correct, body-colored surround



Now that I've updated my 1968 Mustang artwork, I'm sure my next update won't be much of a surprise to y'all :).

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How time flies! I was going to start this post by saying that I recently posted a picture of an updated General Lee based on a stretched Dodge Challenger. It turns out I actually posted that in May 2014 - you can see it here. Then, completely by chance, I came across mock-ups of modern versions of the Double Zero and Cooter's Camaro at the weekend. You can see them here. Inspired by these pictures, I decided to do my own updated Double Zero based on a 2015 Mustang. I thought it looked better with less chrome than the original, although I did add a ring around the grille. I also toyed with additional fog lights in the grille (similar to the original), but eventually left them out.

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A recent passing mention I read to Kookie's T bucket hot rod from '77 Sunset Strip' (1958-1964) led me to an image search. I think I've only seen clips of the show, and they're in black & white. When I saw a color picture of the car, I noticed the similarity of the body color and the style of flames to the Double Zero. I wonder if the Double Zero's color scheme was a tribute or just coincidence.



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