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Sprint Cup Series race results and happenings

Garrett Duke

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Well now that the Dover race has just finished...that leaves eight races left of the 2010 season. *Sniffle* LOL. It wasn't the most exciting race, though have to admit I missed the majority of the first half of the race due to a church function. I think they only had four cautions and of the one I saw, was for debri.

By now we all know that Clint Bowyer went on a roller coaster ride of high and low emotions last week with his win and then the large penalty that NASCAR had handed out to him and his team. Well, this Sunday, it didn't get any better for him. He ran into the wall just before half way mark and had to go into pits, well in pit road he was caught speeding and had to do a drive by penalty. He was at least two laps down by the time the race ended.

Stewart and Biffle were both chase contenders that were a couple of laps down that had hurt them big time in points. As was Matt Kenseth who over shot pits and blew out his tire. He was having a pretty good run up until that point. . .

AJ Allmindinger from Richard Petty Motorsports led 143 laps, which I think is the most he has ever led, only for him to get a low tire and had to go into pits early and to be pulled a lap down. He was two laps down at one point. He said it was a ten cent spring part that was in his tire that he must have ran over going out of pits that caused his tire to go down. He raced his way up to the lead lap to finish tenth! Way to go AJ! :D

Jeff Gordon ran a pretty decent race all day running in the fifth to seventh position most of the day. Last half the race he said he car was lose...but what really cost him was his slow pit stop he had during his last pit stop...front right tire changer lost a lug nut I think to slow him down and costed him three seconds and several positions on the race track. If I remember right he went in eightth and came out twelveth. He finished eleventh overall.

Kyle Busch led 46 laps before being chased down and passed by Jimmie Johnson. He had the fastest pit crew all day. Kurt Busch got caught speeding in pits half way through the race but rallied forward to get a top ten finish. Jeff Burton finished second. And Jimmie Johnson held on to win the race, leading the most laps, to make his fifth time of winning from starting at the pole. He got the maximum points today by qualifying first, leading the most laps, and then winning the race. (Am really excited since I picked him and AJ Allmindinger for two of my four fantasy race team...am now leading my team of three in points! YEE HAA as Bo would say ;) )

Well here is the top ten finishers of today's race at Dover:

1. Jimmie Johnson

2. Jeff Burton

3. Joey Lagano

4. Kurt Busch

5. Carl Edwards

6. Kyle Busch

7. Paul Menard

8. Ryan Newman

9. Denny Hamlin

10. AJ Allmindinger

Now we are on race number 3 of the chase in Kansas...am really hoping for a turn around from Gordon so he can regain some of them points he lost today. Of course, my opinion on that is very highly biased. ;)

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Well, the Sprint Cup Series is going to be racing at Kansas on Sunday at 1:00 EST on channel ESPN. Kansas is a 1.5 mile tri-oval track which is Clint Bowyer's home state track, so maybe he'll be able to turn his sour luck around. ;) Jeff Gordon won the first two races at Kansas, though hasn't won since then...though has several top fives and tens there.

Here is the first fifteen starting positions for Sunday's race:

1. Kasey Kahne

2. Paul Manard

3. Jeff Gordon

4. Joey Lagano

5. Greg Biffle

6. Ryan Neweman

7. Juan Pablo Montoya

8. Matt Kenseth

9. Kurt Busch

10. David Ragen

11. Bill Elliot

12. Denny Hamlin

13. Regan Smith

14. Tony Stewart

15. Elliot Sadler

Jimmie Johnson starts 21...and Dale Jr starts 20th.

Surprise, surprise...I am looking forward to Sunday's race. HA HA. Have to say the mile and a half tracks are my favorite type of tracks...but that is also because those are the tracks that Gordon excell at the most. Though do have to admit I do love NASCAR's shortest track - Bristol. :)

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There is no such thing as a dumb question, Roger. This thread is for the individual races and all that is happens in each race...that is just the starting line up for today's race. Jr did not make it into the chase and JJ is second in points prior to today's race. JJ had a bad qualifying run it looks like and didn't do too well in practice since he spun out. Luckily he didn't do no damage to the car. All in all, it really don't mean much of anything for JJ. He can turn a bad car into a great car by the end of the race and seems to pass people easily...so he could easily have a top five day today if all goes his way and if he escapes all accidents. That is one concern for me with Gordon or Johons starting back that far is that accidents seem to occur easier back in the pack than up front.

But to calm your worries and fears, Roger, that is only today's qualifying run and how he will be starting the race. Has nothing to do with points. I only went up to the top fifteen starters and thought I'd include Jimmie and Dale since they are popular drivers that I know people around here may be interested in.

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The Kansas race has just gotten over and all in all, I think it was a good race. Gordon didn't get the win he needs...and deserves (my opinion, of course!), but he did lead laps in the beginning part of the race and finished fifth - to move up from eightth in points to fifth in points. Not a win, but still a good points day for the 24 team who had great pit stops all day long.

They had several cautions, several lead changes, and several different leaders throughout the race. Though to be honest with y'all, didn't see at least 40 minutes of the race due to a pet blessing at the church, though did listen to the race on the radio to and back from church. So I guess, I probably missed 20 minutes or so of it - though as I said earlier, I don't get as much out of the race as listening to it on the radio as I do watching it on TV. I am much more of a visual person when it comes to sports. ;) So all I have to comment on the race is of what I saw and heard, so I may have missed a few things here and there.

I guess the big story of the race today was that Kyle Busch (who was third in points going into the race) spun David Reutimann out who in turn came out after Kyle to shove Kyle into the wall and had spun himself out in the process. David took it behind the wall and came back 10 laps down while Busch's crew, despite Busch's complaints and insistance of taking it to the garage, kept it out and he finished a lap down and 21st over all. He droped from third to seventh in points.

Tony Stewart led the most laps today, but came home fourth at the end of the race. Kevin Harvick battled all day to finish third, and Jimmie Johnson started the race 21st, went as far down as 28th, and came back to finish the race second. Since Denny Hamlin, who was the point leader coming into the race, finished twelveth today, Jim

mie Johnson is now our point leader...eight points ahead of Hamlin. Greg Biffle who seemed to have a pretty good car all day ended up winning the race after two dismal finishes the last two chase races.

Here is the top ten finishers to today's race at Kansas:

1. Greg Biffle

2. Jimmie Johnson

3. Kevin Harvick

4. Tony Stewart

5. Jeff Gordon

6. Carl Edwards

7. Matt Kenseth

8. Paul Menard

9. Ryan Newman

10. AJ Allmindinger

We will be going to another mile and a half track next week in California which will be at three EST...

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The Sprint Cup Series is going to be racing at Fontana, California today at three EST on ESPN. It is a two mile D shaped track that both Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson are known to be great at. Gordon has three wins and Johnson has five wins at their native track. So if anyone is going to surpass Johnson for the point leader today, they have their work cut out for them. I personally hope that Gordon breaks out of his winless streak and make it a fourth win at Fontana. :D They will be racing for four hundred miles (I think) so I presume it will be 200 laps. I could be wrong...but it is the Pepsi Max 400. Talking of Pepsi Max, Gordon has been in their commericials saying they are giving away a prize per lap or something like that.

Here is the top ten starters for today's race:

1. Jamie McMurray

2. Elliot Sadler

3. Matt Kenseth

4. Juan Pablo Montoya

5. Kasey Kahne

6. Martin Truex Jr

7. Greg Biffle

8. Jimmie Johnson

9. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

10. Joey Lagono

Well, I don't know if there will be any lingering effects from last week's race between Kyle Busch and David Reutimann, but it is something to look for. Hopefully they have their differences worked out, but as of last night, they were saying they were still upset over what had happened in the race. (Reutimann had a good car, kinda lost control for a moment and Kyle Busch spun him into the wall. Reutimann had to fix his car and came out and retaliated against Kyle by slamming into him. Kyle was third in the chase prior to last week's race, but now is seventh...losing 60 points.) It has been the topic of discussion all week this past week as to how non chase drivers should race chase drivers or whether Reutimann was right or not. I have my own opinion on it all, but will keep it to myself unless y'all want to hear it. Don't want to bore you with it. ;)

Anyway, I just hope nothing comes out of it for today's race...never know who else may be collected in a little payback like that. In last week's case, no one else was involved.

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Well, I don't know if there will be any lingering effects from last week's race between Kyle Busch and David Reutimann, but it is something to look for. Hopefully they have their differences worked out, but as of last night, they were saying they were still upset over what had happened in the race. QUOTE]

Just got done watching The Home Depot Race Day show on the Speed channel...I guess David Reutiman and Kyle Busch talked on Friday as did their crew cheifs. According to Reutimann that was Kansas and now we are in California. Which is good. ;)

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Well the Fontana race has just gotten over with...meaning there is only six races left of the 2010 season. :( :( :( I have to admit with thiry laps remaining, I was ready for the race to be over with, but now wish it wasn't. LOL. It was an eventful race with a lot of lead changes and a lot of cautions. The Roush drivers had a lot of problems...Greg Biffle's engine broke early in the race to finish his day, Carl Edwards had something break in his fuel after his car stopped running after a pit stop to put him in the pits for fourteen laps. Matt Kenseth's engine was blowing up at the end but was able to finish the race.

Kevin Harvick, Juan Pablo Montoya, and Jeff Gordon all got served with speeding penalties in the pits...which is why I said was I ready for the race to be over with. With thirty laps remaining of the race, Gordon got caught speeding. He came into pits second, came out twenty-fifth where he stayed for awhile. Kyle Busch's engine blew with him in fifth spot towards the end of the race. With five laps remaining, David Ragen slid up the track and Kurt Busch ran into the back of him for the only accident related accident. The announcers said out of the twelve chase drivers, only Tony Stewart, Clint Bowyer, and Jimmie Johnson had no problems. (Which was the top three finishers of the race.)

Here is the top ten finishers of the race:

1. Tony Stewart

2. Clint Bowyer

3. Jimmie Johnson

4. Kasey Kahne

5. Ryan Newman

6. Mark Martin

7. Kevin Harvick

8. Denny Hamlin

9. Jeff Gordon

10. David Reutimann

Know not all of you are Jeff Gordon fans, but I have to say that I was and am very happily surprised to see him finish nineth after getting caught speeding so late in the race. He was stuck in 25th spot for a while there, but when a caution went in he got four tires, and then another he got two tires that helped his talent make his way up into the top ten. Definately not the win he may have had, but a great turn around on his part. He had awesome pit stops all day today,...once he had a 12.2 second stop with a four tire change! (Way to go team 24!!!!!!!!)

For all you Jr fans, today (10-10-10) is his 36th birthday. He came home sixteenth today. Happy birthday Jr!

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Well this Saturday night the boys will be racing at Charolette under the lights! I know I say this with every night race, but I love night races...well I love them all (especially the ones that Gordon does well at!), but am always excited when they race at night for some reason. Something different I think. When I think of Charolette, I think of Jimmie Johnson. He excels at this track, though read a title somewhere stating he hasn't been the best in the fall races at this track as of late. But still a track I think of him being good at. Not that I really want him to win again...if Gordon is to take the lead, Gordon's going to have to start winning and Jimmie is going to have to have some uncharacteristic bad luck along the way. (Sorry Roger!) Not that I want JJ to have bad luck, because I do like him and he's my second favorite driver, but it is about time Gordon show everyone he's still capable of winning. ;) And of course...that is all of my opinion that I should probably keep to myself. LOL.

Though to give y'all a heads up, I am going to be out of town all this weekend at a conference so I will be missing this race. :( Am excited about the conerence, but hate the fact that I am going to miss a race, especially this race! I do plan on taping it, but knowing me, once I get home on Sunday I'll hop online to check and see where Gordon and Johnson finished out, who won, and where everyone is at in the points. Then I will probably not end up watching the recorded tape...that is how it goes. Then again, if Gordon ends up winning as I hope he does...I may be motivated to watch it!

But for all of you lucky people that do get to and want to watch the race, it is Saturday night on ABC at 7:30 EST. :) Sorry to be a let down for the weekend since I probably won't have much to report back on other than what I read online and all (unless by chance I do watch it and that won't be until Monday night, if not then, then probably next Saturday. :( Busy week night schedule!) .

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Thanks for keeping us updated Garrett.

With Jimmie in the lead, it looks like we have a good conspiracy theory.

Could it be that Jimmie was holding back a little bit during the regular season? That way, he (and all of NASCAR) wouldn't be hearing tons of complaints about how much he wins.

Ah the famous conspiracy theory...heard that one online before. ;) Though I don't really quite buy it. If all Jimmie's mishaps and uncharacteristic mistakes he has made this season is of his own making, he was taking a huge risk. A risk that I don't think he'd think was worth making if you ask me. Anyone of those mistakes or mishaps could have costed him his chance at making it into the chase, which would erase any hope of getting a fifth championship. My opinion and I could be wrong about it. Guess he could have been holding back a little, but don't think all of it was on purpose. Though it is odd that he had did have those mishaps and uncharacteristic mistakes, though I doubt he'd do it on purpose. I could be wrong though...;)

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Top ten drivers of Saturday night's race:

1. Jamie McMurray

2. Kyle Busch

3. Jimmie Johnson

4. Denny Hamlin

5. Greg Biffle

6. Matt Kenseth

7. Joey Lagano

8. Kevin Harvick

9. David Reutimann

10. David Ragen

Well, I did get to watch the last ninety laps of the race Saturday night afterall. Though, seeing how Gordon is my driver to watch, he was back in 24th spot when I turned it on and the driver I don't care too much for was leading the race, I figured I didn't miss much. Sounds like Tony Stewart had a rough day by the previews they showed with an on the track altercation and a couple of pit road accidents as well. Saw on NASCAR.com that Gordon got sent back a lap down when his electricity went out in the car and he had to switch batteries or something like that. Though it didn't help much with thirty laps to go, he got caught speeding on pit road...again. Two weeks in a row! He is generally good about not speeding on pit road so last week was surprising when he got caught. But two races in a row?

Anyway, Kyle Busch led the most laps (the driver I don't care too much for) and with thirty or forty laps to go, Jamie McMurray passed him on the restart. Jamie McMurray won the race for the third race this season...(Daytona 500 and Brickyard 400 at Indy, and now Charolette.). Kyle Busch did finish second, but Jimmie Johnson gave him a good fight for it, but came in third. (Though Kyle Busch wasn't too happy with settling for second place.)

If anyone has anything else to add, feel free to since I didn't see the whole thing or even most of it. . .

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I apologize for slacking. Just realized I didn't put in the starting order. Can't recall the top ten, but I do know that Denny Hamlin won the pole position to start today's race. He started first...and for all you elven fans, will be happy to know, he finished first too. (You see that GLG? ;) I thought of you when I saw that.)

Well today was a very eventful and active day. A lot of guys having troubles and a lot of guys with good cars. A lot of team rivalries seemed to be going on. Starting with Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. Gordon went to pass Jimmie and Jimme quickly blocked him or closed the door on him to get Gordon loose and Gordon lost a couple of places with that. Jeff Burton and Kevin Harvick got into it a little bit themselves. Joey Lagano and Kyle Busch had a little contact with each other as well. They had a lot of cautions and a lot of lead changes. Jeff Burton got credited with the most laps led for today's race, Harvick led his share of laps, and of course, Denny Hamlin led a lot to win the race. Gordon led some laps himself when he opted to stay out of pits during a caution...JJ didn't lead a lap today I don't think. But Junior Nation was finally able to cheer and get excited when Jr passed Gordon and take the lead. I think he led some ninety laps today...they said he had only led 71 laps of this season up til today. It is always great to see Jr have a good day! :D

Well, know some or most of you are not Jeff Gordon fans and some may really dislike him for some odd reason or another, but I do have to vent. Gordon was having a great day today until his pit crew costed him five spots during a caution to get him out nineth after coming in fifth or fourth. Which wasn't no big deal until he kept dropping positions. He then went to pass Kurt Busch who I guess thought there wasn't enough room for Gordon below him and went down to block him or something, well the two had a little contact. Which was no big deal for any of the two drivers. Sure Kurt was frustrated about it, but am sure Gordon wasn't too thrilled about it either. Well Kurt then retaliated against Gordon to turn him into the wall! He finished 20th and two laps down...and is now over two hundred points behind point leader Jimmie Johnson. I know I am biased here, but there was no need for Kurt to retaliate that big at Gordon...or anyone else that may have done that. In my opinion, he just ruined any chance Gordon had left of winning the championship by what he did. As I said, I am sorry for venting, but being as big of a Gordon fan that I am, I very frustarted by what had happened. After two poor races by Gordon due to car issues and pit road speeding penalties, Gordon was having a good race today to be ruined by that incident.

Here is the top ten finishes of today's race:

1. Denny Hamlin

2. Mark Martin (Martin did an great job today after getting wrecked and starting out poorly, he raced hard to finish second.)

3. Kevin Harvick

4. Kyle Busch

5. Jimmie Johnson

6. Joey Lagano

7. Dale Earnhardt Jr (Way to go!)

8. Carl Edwards

9. Jeff Burton

10. Brad Keselowski

Thanks for all that listened to my venting...I try to keep my opinions limited here, because I do know that every driver has it's fan base, and everyone has a right to like whoever is out there...or dislike any of the drivers (no matter who I like and who I don't care so much for. LOL) We are off to Talledega next week where "the big one" is always lurking around the corner. It'll surely change the points for sure...we're off to restrictor plate racing. Should be exciting...just hope Gordon and ALL of our favorite drivers will be able to escape "the big one" (accident.). :D

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Thanks for the update Garrett. It sounds like things are starting to get serious out there. I just hope nobody gets hurt because of someone losing their temper. This is the time of the year we see that happen.

I apologize for JJ's actions. I also apologize in advance for anything bad he does the rest of the year.....LOL

Now that I got that out of the way.......Go Jimmie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You are very welcome for the report...am always glad to do so.

LOL Roger. Thanks for apologizing for JJ...though after the incident with Kurt Busch, Jimmie is the least of my worries. At least Gordon was able to recover with Johnson's move, Busch ruined Gordon's race and his chances of winning the championship. Though Johnson do have to admit that Johnson was driving pretty aggressively today, at least for his style. (Kinda funny. Gordon called into his spotter after Johnson did that to him, and asked his spotter to ask Johnson's cc if Johnson had a spotter or what happened to his spotter! At least he was able to joke about it.)

I am sure you are right about the tempers flying now...they only have four races remaining. And with Talledega next week, I really hope no one gets hurt next week or any other race. Hopefully they can keep their cool.

I was hoping that Gordon would accomplish his drive for five before Johnson got his, but don't look like that will happen. Right now it is between Johnson, Hamlin (six points behind Johnson now), and Harvick. And seeing as I am not too big of a fan of Hamlin or Harvick, I am going for my number 2 driver...JJ. :D Though I am definately not giving up on Gordon. He may not win the championship, but he still has four races that he could win...especially Talledega if he can escape the big accident as he was unable to do in April.

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I've just watched the highlights, and speak as a neutral observer (I still haven't picked a favorite). I would say that Jeff Gordon's nudging of Kurt Busch was maybe a bit naughty, but, to use an F1 term, it was just a 'racing incident'. Maybe Kurt felt the need to tap Jeff back, but it looked like gave a good push rather than a tap.

I don't know if it was the high camera angles, but the cars looked they were going much slower here. I'm sure they weren't, it must have been an optical illusion.

Good finish to the race again with close battles for 1st and for 4th in the closing stages.

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I've just watched the highlights, and speak as a neutral observer (I still haven't picked a favorite). I would say that Jeff Gordon's nudging of Kurt Busch was maybe a bit naughty, but, to use an F1 term, it was just a 'racing incident'. Maybe Kurt felt the need to tap Jeff back, but it looked like gave a good push rather than a tap.

I don't know if it was the high camera angles, but the cars looked they were going much slower here. I'm sure they weren't, it must have been an optical illusion.

Good finish to the race again with close battles for 1st and for 4th in the closing stages.

Well, I may not fully agree with it, it is great to hear what a neutral observer saw and feels about the incident. Being the huge Jeff Gordon fan, I know when it comes to him or Jimmie Johnson, my opinion is biased or tainted. LOL.

I don't mean to imply that I fully disagree with your observation, but also feel like Kurt got what he was wanting when he spun Gordon into the wall. But once again, my opinion is biased which is good to hear a neatral observer. Gordon said that he went into the corner too fast when he was passing Kurt Busch and that is why or how he tapped Kurt Busch. As you said they say in F1, they also call it in NASCAR: Just a racing incident. I understand why Busch was frustrated, I'd be too if the roles were reversed, but he didn't need to hit Gordon as hard as he did to express his displeasure at it. A little bump back in return would have gotten the message across. . . Hoss, I hope you don't think I am arguing with you, I am not intending to do so, just saying my opinion. ;) As I said, it is great to hear what an neutral observer observed of the incident, it helps give me a different perspective of what it may be. . .

As for speed, don't recall thinking they were going slow, but do know that the laps were counting down fast! If you want speed, stay tuned for Talledega on Sunday! :D That track is so fast they have to put restrictor plates on the cars to slow them down! ;)

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I understand why Busch was frustrated, I'd be too if the roles were reversed, but he didn't need to hit Gordon as hard as he did to express his displeasure at it. A little bump back in return would have gotten the message across. . .

Maybe I didn't put it well originally. I'm basically agreeing with you Garrett, a tap for a tap is ok, but Jeff Gordon seemed to receive quite a long push from Kurt.

If you want speed, stay tuned for Talledega on Sunday!

I probably won't get to see it 'til Wednesday, but I'll be watching.

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Maybe I didn't put it well originally. I'm basically agreeing with you Garrett, a tap for a tap is ok, but Jeff Gordon seemed to receive quite a long push from Kurt.

I probably won't get to see it 'til Wednesday, but I'll be watching.

DOH me. I should have sat and thought of what you said before just posting as I had. I guess I kinda thought perhaps that was what you meant, but wasn't sure and kinda thought maybe you meant that was what Busch was meaning to do, but didn't end up doing that. I didn't mean to get defensive or argumentative if that is how I came across. I am sorry about that, Hoss. You did well in your post, it was all me.

Poor Hoss has to wait that long for the races...don't know if I'd survive that long. LOL. Then again, if I had to watch it on Wednesday, I'd probably wouldn't get to watch it, because I work during the day and have Catechism at night on Wednesday. Well it'll give you something to look forward to longer, Hoss, plus extend your season by a few days over ours since ours will end on a Sunday. LOL

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Talledega just ended...87 lead changes throughout the whole race! It was apparent from the drop of the green flag, that finding a bump draft partner was important for today's race. (As is every Talledega race.) If all that didn't prove to the drivers that drafting would be a big deal, then I think Denny Hamlin proved it when he lost his draft partner and he dramatically fell back. He lost a lap, but was able to get back on the lead lap once again to finish nineth (unofficially). Tony Stewart's tire went down early in today's race and he went two laps down, but ended up on the lead lap.

JJ and Gordon hung out in the back all day today in order to avoid "the big one". Though as of past Talledega races, the big one never really came. They had a couple of big accidents that involved a couple of cars, but not the one that collects half of the field as is normally the case at Talledega. With fifteen laps to, Chad Knaus (JJ's crew cheif) told him to go and Gordon got teamed with JJ and in three laps went from the back of the field to the lead! Though after leading one lap, Gordon yelled that he was going to blow :( and got out of the way as to not blow in front of JJ. Though, oddly enough, Gordon didn't blow up at all. He fell back to twentyth, but did get a top ten finish. Wish I knew what had happened...oh well. Am definately nto complaining.

Though earlier in the race, Junior had a great race and was up in front most of the race. Led 24 laps. Burton had a fast car all day too and was drafting with others. The two were drafting and they didn't align properly or something and Burton went down and hit Jamie McMurray and went up to hit Jr into the wall. Jr did come back out but it was several laps behind everyone else. Burton was done for and was clearly frustrated when he kicked his car in the grass area of the field.

Well as they went past the white flag, Kevin Harvick who was leading with a damaged race car due to another accident. Halfway through, Bowyer somewhat passed him when AJ Allmindinger got spun around and ended up going hood over wheels several times that had froze the feild. (NASCAR has a rule that if the caution comes out under white flag, the race is finished.) It took them a long time to see who was winning the race at the time the caution went out, but it ended up going to Clint Bowyer.

Though I have to admit that I am kinda frustrated with how ESPN handled the whole thing. I understand that it was a close and exciting finish, but they gave little attention to AJ Allmindinger who hit the wall and flipped his car SEVERAL times. In fact the only replay of the accident that they showed at first was to see where Harvick and Bowyer finished. They did kind of show it later on, but they never talked to AJ once he got out of the incare field center and didn't say if he was OK or not until the very end of the program. Granted with the safety barrier on the wall and all the safety equipment in the car and on their uniform, that it helps them and protects them and gives you a sense that they are OK. But not neccesarily. To me, it was scary to see him or anyone roll like that and hit the wall that hard and yet they gave it little attention as they were paying all their attention to who won the race. Am I the only one that feels that way or saw it as that way?

I was going to list the top ten finishes of today's race were, but I will wait until later this week to do it...I'll try for tomorrow when everything is made official. They had a hard time establishing as to who finished where...in fact at first they had Johnson finishing 8th and Hamlin finishing 7th which would have put Johnson only two points ahead of Hamlin.Then at the end they had Johnson seventh, Gordon 8th, and Hamlin nineth. I just went and looked at the finish positions and they still had Harvick listed as the leader and Gordon at tenth. (I'd take eightth over tenth for Gordon ;) Though still would rather have a top five or better yet, a win :D)

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Wow Garrett for a second there I didn't know if I was reading a script from a race written for an episode of Dukes or a real NASCAR race.

It sounded pretty crazy!

Am I correct in assuming that Gordon thought he had a problem because a gauge on his instrument panel told him there was a problem? If not, he must have heard something that made him think there was a problem. I'd be interested in finding out what it was all about.

I'll agree with you. It sounds like ESPN was being insensitive to AJ. My guess is that the folks at ESPN were arguing amongst themselves how to cover things when two dramatic things are going on at the same time. If they covered AJ too much and he wasn't hurt, folks would ctiticize them for not covering the winner. If AJ was hurt and they spent too much time covering the winner, they look insensitive. The bottom line is that someone's life is more important than a checkered flag....(or the end of a white flag in this case).

Thanks again for your detailed analysis.

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Thanks Roger...:D Would have been interesting to see Bo out there racing and Luke as a crew chief. Wonder if he'd be as good as Chad Knaus. . .

It was a crazy race...

I don't know what gave Gordon the idea that he was blowing up. I assumed he felt like he was going to blow, but maybe his tempterature guage was telling him he was...I dont' know. They said they were going to talk about it on the following show, but was too frustrated that they wouldn't just say it, that I gave up on ESPN and went on the computer. I would really like to know what it was. Hopefully someone on his fan forum will know or that he'll say on his site.

You are a lot more positive about ESPN and it's commentors than I am, Roger. I just went with that they were being insensitive and were talking about what they thought would be of the most interest. To me, I was more interested in AJ than who had finished first or second. Perhaps if one of 'em where Gordon or Johnson I'd feel differently, but I'd still would be worried or interested in AJ as well. I just thought they did the whole thing wrong and if they were arguing with which to talk about or to give attention with, I feel like they went the wrong way. They could always make a big deal over the finish...as they always do...after NASCAR made the official ruling. But you did put a positive attitude upon the situation which is always a good thing and sometimes I need a reminder or a fresher outlook on things. And you are very right...a person's life is more important than who finishes where and who is where in the standings.

You are very welcome. I enjoy writing about the race and the points...or anything NASCAR if you can't tell. ;) We have three races left of the season...Texas, Phoenix, and then Homestead! I can't believe it is that time of year again and am dreading the end of Homestead where I'll have to wait three months until Daytona. :( Then I'll be going into withdrawls...

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Garrett, as you know, I only get to see highlights (I could get ESPN America which shows the races live, but it's about $25/month). I don't know whether the coverage I see is from ESPN or some other provider (it has American commentators), but I didn't get to see any more of AJ Allmendinger's crash than you did. It's got to be the worst crash I've seen in NASCAR in my short time of watching it. It would have been nice to hear he was OK.

I found this quote from AJ afterwards:

"I hate this place. I always have and always will."

I guess the crash isn't going to help matters.

Talladega really gives a different type of race. There was plenty of 4- or 5-wide racing, and loads more pushing/drafting than I'd seen before. The commentators also mentioned drivers getting the 'Lucky Dog' quite often (don't worry, you don't have to explain it to the Englishman - I looked it up :)). I don't know what it was about the last race, but you were right - Talladega does look fast.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

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I am glad to hear that it wasn't just me that felt that way about the commentator's lack of interest in AJ's wreck. I felt bad for AJ not getting the attention I felt he should have received for his bad accident. I felt they were being insensitive to the whole situation and handled it poorly. I was and am very glad that he is OK after crashing as he had.

That wasn't the worse accident that I've seen in NASCAR or Talledega. Just last year, the spring race, on the last lap and ten feet from the checkered flag, Brad Keselowski was trying to pass Carl Edwards for the win, Edwards blocked him and Keselowski got into the rear of his car to send Edwards' car flying in the air and into the fence...lucky they have that large curving wire fence over the track fense, because if not, his car was going to be going into the stands. Fans did get hurt. Edwards luckily climbed out OK and felt bad for the fans that were hurt. (Edwards this spring in Atlanta went back after Brad for an incident in that Atlanta race that took Edwards out for a hundred laps, ten laps to go Edwards went to spin Brad out and Brad ended up flipping in the same fashion as Carl did in Talledega last Spring.)

I can think of a couple of bad accidents that Gordon got into as well as a few other bad accidents. But I am not taking anything away from AJ's accident. It was bad and the fact that ESPN didn't cover it, made it worse I felt. I highly doubt that the wreck changed his opinion about Talledega for the better. . .

Talledega is a fast track and they do go four or five wide. It is known for bad accidents or accidents taking out half the field as it did in the spring race. It is a race I look forward to, but hold my breath all at the same time hoping that Gordon doesn't get involved in a wreck and that everyone will walk away alright at the end of the day.

Dang Hoss...you ruin all the fun! I'd have loved to explain the lucky dog...LOL.

You are very welcome. I enjoy writing about the races and it gives me a reason to talk about the race as well. Thank-you for posting, I enjoy reading what others thought of the race or of what I had posted. :)

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