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Why the heck did Rosco get eliminated already? I guess the Coltrane clan takes their eyes off this place for one second and blammo! LOL.

Bo 30 Luke 23 Jesse 31 Cooter 13 Enos 3 Daisy's history. Sorry. She gave her last point to Jesse.

Bo 30 Luke 24 Jesse 30 Cooter 13 Enos 3 Jesse have the point he cruelly took from Daisy to elimate her and gave it to Luke. I now officially start a campaign to eliminate Jesse just because Roger neve

(Well if people are going to post more than once, then maybe we should make it official that it is ok to post or vote more than once since that isn't the original rule? I don't know. Just a thought. On my end...sorry to disappoint Bo since I had so stubbornly been voting for my favorite Duke boy, but I'm not being much help on this thread but slow it down. So to his dismay, I am going to say that I am dropping out on this thread. It isn't going anywhere but in circles. Y'all have fun. Hopefully someone else will pull Bo through without me. :( )

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Bo 27

Luke 30

Jesse 28

Cooter 15

The original post specifies that you may only post once a day.

If anyone wants to go back and sort out the mess, go ahead but be specific as to which posts you're altering. Your alterations will likely be checked by other participants.

As for me, I vote we don't change any of the numbers....I'm only one vote though.

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That's why asked what i asked yesterday, because that's what i thought too. but then tex posted twice in one day. But then you (Garrett) said that wasn't the rule. Which was why I posted twice today. If it was wrong then ignore the post.

I meant that I wasn't aware that the rule had changed (about only being able to post/vote once a day) and then had sarcastically said it would help your favorite character progress by posting twice in one day. Didn't mean to confuse anyone. As for me, it don't matter one way or another how many times anyone posts. I was just kind of wondering what was going on and all. This thread is getting nowhere and just decided to step down and watch y'all have at it, because obviously by me posting for one person it is probably not helping matters any. Didn't mean to upset or confuse anyone. I am sorry for my part.

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