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Wacky Hazzard Tickets


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After reading a post written by texasdaisy09 on the Cletus thread about him ticketing people 10 dollars for spitting, I got an idea. Boss has been known to come up with some crazy ideas to make money by ticketing people. Post any crazy ideas that Boss might come up with to help him make money when the county funds are getting low. (More than likely because he embezzled them).

1) littering inside of a garbage can

2) bleeding on the street after a car accident

3) not taking your hat off in his bank

4) drinking milk while working on a still

5) listening to the Beatles

6) eating healthy food

7) passing a penny on the sidewalk without picking it up

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1. Being related to the Dukes

2. Having too much hair

3. Running on the sidewalk

4. Not donating enough to the JD Hogg Memorial Fund

5. Picking a flower

6. Not having enough money

7. Not buying a beer at the Boar's Nest

8. Saying you like the General Lee

9. Consorting with the likes of the Dukes

10. Grand Theft Boss' food

11. Obstructing the delivery of Boss' breakfast/snacks/lunch/dinner

12. Standing on the sidewalk too long

13. Wearing a white suit

14. Beating Boss in any kind of gambling game

15. Helpin' the Dukes escape Jail.

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This thread just reminded me of a joke by one of my favorite comedians, Tim Vine.

"I was mugged recently and I burst into tears. A policeman came up to me and said 'I'm fining you £10'. I said 'For crying out loud'. He said 'Yes'."

You can see the original towards the end of this video (Warning: may contain puns):

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Maybe Boss should move to Finland. Back in 2002 a director of phone company Nokia got fined for speeding on his motorbike - he was doing 75km/h (47 mph) in a 50 km/h (31 mph) zone. In Finland the fines are proportional to income, so his fine was $103,600.

OMG! That is one huge fine!!!!!! Dang, I'm glad I don't live in Finland!

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In Finland the fines are proportional to income

I've never heard of a system like that.

I'd have to give it a little more thought before I form a final opinion but my first reaction is that that's a great system. It certainly prevents rich people from laughing at the law because they can just buy their way out of trouble.

It would present a problem though. Does that mean that someone with no job and no income can speed as much as they want and never have to pay a penny?

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I wouldn't feel too sorry for the guy. Apparently that was equivalent to 14 days' income, but he said they'd used the wrong year's income to calculate the fine and he got it reduced to $5,245 on appeal.

I can't find a definitive answer about what happens to someone with no income, although I did find that fixed fines were used for offenders just over the speed limit. The minimum of these is about $60, so I guess they have to pay that.

I found another case from January last year in Switzerland where a repeat speeding offender was caught driving his Ferrari at 85 mph through a village. They must have a similar system to Finland because they assessed his overall wealth ($22.7m) and fined his $290,000. I can't find any reference to an appeal, so I guess he had to pay.

This may be beaten by another Swiss case from August last year. A Swedish driver was caught doing 290 km/h (180 mph) in his new Mercedes SLS AMG. He'd avoided a couple of speed cameras by driving too fast for them to photograph him before being pulled over by police with a radar gun. His car was impounded, and he could have to pay 300 days' impound fees, which works out at about $1,000,000 - now that would put a smile on Boss's face :).

I remember from old episodes of Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld that Switzerland isn't exactly the motorist's friend.

From Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld:

"I was stopped by the police who were concerned that the V8 engine in my TVR, and especially its Matrix Churchill supergun exhaust system, was too loud.

Strange that at no point in the conversation did they say anything about the loaded Kalashnikov [rifle] on the passenger seat."

Remember that in the UK, gun ownership is illegal for most people, and tightly controlled for the rest, so that is the point that is being made - loud exhaust vs loaded gun, which is more dangerous?.

Other strange Swiss motoring laws include not being allowed to wash your car on a Sunday, and having to carry a spare pair of glasses in your car if you need them for driving.

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OMG I just saw, the Duke Boys actually made a joke about this in an episode cept now I dont remember which one it was LOL...but it goes something like this...

Bo: Boss'll be finein' people for...I don't know...the colour of yer hair...

Luke: *laughs* Or for having hair...

OMG!!! :rofl:ROFLOL!!!! I remember that now. I don't remember the episode but I remember laughing so hard at that! Thanks for reminding me of it!!!!

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