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A Day in the Life of a Duke

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*takes eyes off wall and looks at paper*

Carl Crosby? Carl Crosby. It says here that he goes by different last names but never different first names. Hmmmmm. Oh, now I remember where I heard that name before! His folks was Earl and Leona Crosby from over there in Choctaw. They was dairy farmers over there.

After they passed on, little Carl inherited the farm and turned it into a safehouse for mobsters from Atlanta. He got caught and served quite a bit of time in the federal slammer. In fact, I didn't even know he was out. Shoot, I didn't even recognize him. I wonder what he's gotten himself into this time. Poor Earl and Leona. Little Carl was their only child and was bad from the first time he ever saw the light of day.

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*face expresses his confusion*

Well, I sure can't imagine why he'd be after any of us.

*picks up his coffee cup and looks at it but doesn't drink any*

Ya know, Earl Crosby was quite a story teller. *pauses and smiles* On occasion he even told one that was true. Before he went on to meet his Maker, he told me that little Carl turning bad was his only regret in life.

*the room is silent for awhile as Jesse thinks some more. He then gets up, walks over to the door and grabs his red hat*

I'm heading into Hazzard. After Earl passed on, Leona moved into Oxford's Boarding House. I reckon it's about time I paid her a visit.

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"You sure as heck shouldn't be goin' by yerself in case one of them guys shows up again...it ain't gonna be long before someone in town points ya out to them. An' knowin Cooter, if they claim t'be our friends then he'll tell em without thinkin twice about it..."

*points out as he leant against the side, not looking in Luke's direction.*

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Well, according to Miss Leona, Carl met that Lefty feller that he's hanging out with in prison. Now Carl is kinda of a simple minded feller and he'll follow Lefty though Hades door if Lefty asked him to. Now she's not exactly sure what they're up to but she did hear them taking about a contract with some big wig in Atlanta. I ain't got no idea what kind of contract she was talking about but it couldn't be good.

*phone rings and Jesse answers it*

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