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A Day in the Life of a Duke

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We used t' get along great...but lately...*shakes his head* Lately we been at each other's throats...and I'm sick of it...I'm sick of trying t' figure a way out of every mess he gets us into...I'm sick of his attitude towards everything..*sighs-he was so frustrated which is why he had spilled what he was feeling to Jesse; normally he would just stay quiet keeping himself to himself*

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*nods his head left, then right*

That ain't neccessarily so Luke.

Before you went into the Marines, you were able to tolerate anything yer little cousin would throw at ya.

I remember one time you were back behind the barn with Enos, Daisy and BethAnn Stovall. The four of you were out there past midnight watching them there shootin' star things. I think there was about a million of them that night. Anyhow, Bo climbed on top of the barn with a dynamite arrow and shot it up in the air right at the moment you was giving BethAnn a smooch.

Of course, I give him a whipin fer gitting into the dynamite but you just laughed even though he scared ya half out of yer wits. You had more patience than any of my kids at that age.


So don't tell me ya ain't changed.

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*calm face*

Now don't git riled up. I know yer more patient than Bo, I'm just saying you've lost a lot of the patience ya used to have.

Ya know, it seems like ever since ya got back from the Marines ya ain't been exactly the same.

Now, I know exactly what yer going through. When Uncle Sam called me, I had to leave all this freedom we got here on the farm and do what I was told 24 hours a day for 4 years, just like you. A feller gits home from an experience like that and he doesn't quite have the same patience as he used to. That way of living is structured and disiplined and....well.....Bo ain't exactly good with them two qualities.

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*nods slightly* But it aint just the structure... *knows that he had a lot of emotions still built up inside of him about the Marines and Nam that he had never shared...and likely never would...there was no point really...war was war....and it always had casualties...he supposed in many ways, the old Luke was one of them*

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Jesse had seen that hollow expression on Luke's face many times. He knew it was because of Viet Nam. Of course it might have been easy for someone like Jesse to recognize that look since he had experienced the horrors of WWII and knew, all too well, the afterthoughts.

Jesse got up, went over to the stove, grabbed the coffee pot and poured two fresh cups for himself and his troubled nephew.

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