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A Day in the Life of a Duke

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*through an opening between the briar bushes and small Sassafras trees Jesse sees movement. At first he makes a motion back toward the cave but then stops in his tracks and mutters under his breath "Luke???" He turns around and tries to get a better look. Squinting his eyes, he realizes he is right.*

"Psst Psst Luke, Luke, over here"

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"Ferget about me. What about you? I heard a lot of shooting. And where's Bo?"

*Hears a car start up through the woods. The car then revs and then speeds off. Even though the Dukes can't see it, Jesse knew who it was by the sound of the engine*

Jesse (no longer whispering) "That there was them Lefty and Carl fellers in that souped up Ford Maverick"

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*sees Bo coming toward him*

"Well I'm madder than a hornet and I was perty worried about you boys but as long as we're rid of dem varmits that's all that matters. Now let's head back to the farm and see if we can sort this mess out"

*steps over a log and heads for the main trail back toward the road*

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*still however hadn't forgotten the way Luke had been blaiming him for a lot and shrugged off the hand his shoulder. While it didn't usually take Bo too long to calm down from an argument, when Luke said something that insulted him...or more rather hurt him...it took him a might longer. Without the hand on his shoulder, he continued inside*

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