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Sounds gruesome... anyone know the rating on this?

I have never heard of the film, let alone watch it. It almost sounds disturbing... even if Tom is in it.

Does he really play a psychotic person that well? Does he do it as well as he could play a mad scientist, or something like that?

Anyway... would someone be so kind as to give me a brief overview of what it is about? All I picked up on was that it had ants and Tom is a psycho...

General Grant

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I just caught the last part of it but I thought that Luke should have used a bow with dynamite stick arrows to kills those bugs. That ant in the head thing changed him more than the time he drank that pond water that was laced with chemicals.

(Poor Tom, people like me will never let him be anybody else besides Luke Duke)

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Oh, that was a good idea, TimDuke! I don't know why I didn't think of that?!

I don't know if it sounds like a show I would want to watch...?? I guess there is no harm in checking it out from the library. From the plot, I better not watch this one at night. Might give me nightmares that I am being chased by ants!!

I know what you mean, Roger. Tom is always going to be Luke Duke. Poor him! Well, Luke isn't that bad, its better than being know for a psycho, I guess!

General Grant

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Ehm... I have seen that movie. It ran on german TV just a few months back. I watched it because of Tom Wopat and despite the fact, that it had a red point in my TV Magazine, which means the worst of all ratings.

Ehm... what should I say. A good actor can't make a bad movie a good one. And this really was one of the worst movies I have seen in ages.

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