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After seeing Bo look at the present and then turn directly to him, Jesse gave Bo a look that told him that it was time to mend this problem. Jesse didn't have to say a word. Bo knew what was expected of him. He could read every wrinkle and white hair on his Uncle's face. But mostly, he could see through those old eyes into Jesse's soul. What he saw was a mountain of love with a small stream of tears flowing down it because 2 of the 3 people he loved the most were struggling.

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"Oh so I suppose i'm not allowed to keep secrets now then am I?! I'm not allowed to have any secrets of my own because Mr Perfect gets all stroppy about it! You have secrets too Luke but do you see me go snapping at everyone because you won't tell me?!"

Bo argued back, not caring now that people were starting to look their way.

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Jesse *second guessing himself as to whether or not he should have let things go that far* Well, Cooter, I ain't sure what I caught and what I didn't. I ain't sure what started all this. I ain't sure what's in that little box and I ain't sure what to do next *hesitates* Sometimes it's best to just let 'em work things out for themselves....I ain't sure if this is one of those times or not

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