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Halloween HiJinks


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This is a new mini series that me and B.L Davenport, and DixieDavenport are doing of the teenage Dukes and Davenports!! hope ya'll enjoy!!

It was Halloween and the school bell rang at the highschool. B.L and Lori stepped on the bus, B.L tripping Lori as usual. Lori cussing her out.

Lori took her seat by Luke, they were dating, they had been for a couple of months too. It was their Junior year. B.L rolled her eyes and sat by Cooter, yammering to him about something. The bus pulled up picking up the grade schoolers, Dixie and Bo. Daisy had just started highschool. Dixie looked to Lori and Luke and rolled her eyes at them. She sat with Bo as all the other seats were taken. Luke whispered in Lori's ear,"Wanna go "TRICK OR TREATING" with me, say at the old cemetery, to the old haunted house?" Lori could feel his smile pressed against her ear. She nodded in approval. The bus pulled up to the farm and Luke getting off kissed lori telling her that he'd see her tonight. Bo got off with Daisy, rolling his eyes. As usual B.L and Lori fought for who got to the steps fastest, B.L would usually win, sometimes! Lori walked in and headed straight fer the shower. B.L grinned evily and walked in flushing the commode. Lori screamed out getting out, running after B.L. Cooter shook his head, Dixie was excited that her older brother was taking her and Bo trick or treating.B.L and Daisy were going to follow Luke and Lori, catch them, scare them, then tell on them, just cause they could. Dixie was a little princess in her costume, Bo was a NASCAR driver. Cooter took them both agreeing to Luther and Uncle Jesse to have them home befre the cerfue. Cooter nodded, Luther looked to Lori,"Yea same goes fer you too!" Lori giggled and walked out. She got in Midnight Rider and took B.L with her to go meet Daisy. When they got there B.L got out running to Diasy planning their evil plot to catch Luke and Lori in the act. They knew if Cooter could catch them so could they. Luke climbed in with Lori and they pulled out heading towards the cemetery. B.L and Daisy had snuck in the back of the car not being noticed. When they arrived to the Boot Hill Cemetery, Lori and Luke climbed out taking hold of each other's hand. B.L and Daisy snuck out hiding behind the bushes watching Luke..........

Cooter meanwhile was headed out that way taking Dixie and Bo to some Hazzard residents houses out through there............

CUED MEMBERS ONLY!!!-----DixieDavenport,B.L. Davenport, LoriDavenport

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Luke hope that Lori was just scared enough to hold on extra tight. Luke had no clue that he was about to get some help in this department from Daisy and BL. Luke and Lori started walking through the old cemetery. Luke pointed to a grave, "That's the grave of old Henry Sloan. Uncle Jesse tells that he use to hide money out back of his fishin' shack. Seems that on Halloween he'd dig it all up and count it to keep the evil spirits from getting the money. This story had gotten out and most of Hazzard thought he was crazy. But, some guys from out of town heard some men talking about old man Sloan. They were able to get enough information to find Mr. Sloan. They watched him long enough for him to dig up all his money. The guys from out of town killed Mr. Sloan and took the money. They say that now, every Halloween he walks the County looking for his money. Sooo"

At that very moment BL stepped on a dry branch and it cracked under her foot.

It even surprised Luke, especially when Lori jumped closer to him.

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It even surprised Luke, especially when Lori jumped closer to him. He wrapped his arm around Lori's waist holding her tight as they continued there walk through the cemetary. As they walked Daisy and B.L following close behind shuffling through the fallen leaves making them rustle. Luke heard this and stopped looking around but the two girls had already ducked out of sight. Lori swallowed hard she wasn't gonna be afraid she kept telling herself then all the sudden a branch came flying by that Daisy had thrown well the subsequent thud from the branch was Lori's undoing she screamed at the top of her lungs and took off running toward the 'haunted house' Luke running to catch up calling.

"Lori wait it was probably just an owl or something......"

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Lori stopped catching her breath at the steps of the house, Luke walked up in behind her and took her in his arms.

B.L and Daisy fell over laughing at them. Lori could hear them walking up the way. Lori smirked to Luke and looked to a fake skeleton on the porch, and some red paint, Lori decided to get Luke to lay down on the ground as Lori put some of the paint on him.. She then made the skeleton dance with some strings and climbed on the top part of the roof above the porch. She smiled to Luke as she saw Daisy and B.L stop dead at Luke and looked shocked and panicked.

B.l said frightened..........

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Lori began to wiggle the skeleton around Luke making it dance, B.L. and Daisy screamed bloody murder, the looks on their faces as they stood their and held each other screaming was priceless, Lori jumped doown and got Luke up, both of them laughing. Luke pulled out a hankercheif he kept in his jacket pocket and cleaned himself up. B.L. and Daisy got sooo mad that B.L.'s eyes lit up brighter than the red paint. Lori looked to her cousin,"Whats wrong cousin?? looks like ya saw a ghost??"

Lori and Luke fell over laughing.

Cooter was bringing princess Dixie and NASCAR boy along down the road. When he saw Midnight Rider parked there, ehhh boy it was ANOTHER time he'd catch Luke and Lori at it again, last time was at the movies and the pond. Cooter pulled in. Bo and Dixie following behind him. He hollered to them calling out as he didn't see them in Midnight Rider. He took hold of Bo and Dixie and walked through the cemetery with them, Bo acted like he was fearless and stepped on a twig and almost pissed a streak. Cooter couldn't help but laugh.

When he got up to the house he saw B.L. and Daisy there. Lori was hugging Luke she was supposedly "cold." Cooter looked to Lori and shook his head,"Cousin... you and Luke go off to "Trick or Treat" and ya had t' bring our little cousin and his little cousin along??"

Lori sighed,"They snuck in the back of the car when me and Luke left."

Cooter nodded. Bo and Dixie were bored. Bo started eating his candy. Luke saw him and sighed,"Uncle Jesse'll kill me fer sure now, AND Luther."

Lori rubbed his belly,"No Uncle Luther won't...he'll get me!"


The fog had started to lift and you could only see the house. Luke looked around and finally said,"Guys we need t' head back its getting late."

Cooter agreed. Lori stopped him,"no way!!! I ain't going through there!!! its cold, dark, creepy, and you cant even see the pathway!!"

Cooter looked she WAS right, as bad as he hated to admit it. Luke sighed,"Well we might as well go in the house then hadn't we?"

Lori swallowed and agreed. They all made their way tot he steps Lori pushing Cooter up them,"You go first yer older!"

Cooter smirked and rolled his eyes,"Ohh gee thanks cousin!"

Luke had Bo and Dixie and B.L. and Daisy in front of him, Lori clinging to his side with her fingers through his belt loops Luke.............

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Luke herded the four younger ones in front of him in behind Cooter B.L stopped in her tracks, turned to face Lori and said

"Hey Lori"

Lori: "what?"

B.L: "boo"

Lori screamed when B.L said boo because she sort of jumped at Lori as she said it. B.L fell over laughing holding her sides this was going to be fun. They all went into the house and B.L taunted Lori.

"What's a matter cousin.... Afraid of your own shadow?"

Lori flew at B.L about to smack her when Cooter snapped harshly

"Cool it you two!"

Daisy was giggling from B.L scaring Lori. They all sat down in the floor Daisy and B.L snitching some of Bo's and Dixie's candy.......

B.L looked at Cooter with a scowl she was still peeved at him for making it sound like she was a little kid when he asked Lori and Luke if they had to bring their little cousins along 'trick or treating. Cooter however wasn't paying any attention to her giving him dark looks.

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Lori looked around it was a big, grayish black room with cob webs and the likes in it. There was an old green velvet chair setting in the corner of the room. Lori smirked to B.L.,"Ey B!!! I think I see a cover over there in there in the corner room behind that chair, go get it for us."

B.L. snorted and got up, Lori sneaked up in behind B.L. realllly quiet and BAM!!! she grabbed B.L.'s sides and screamed at her. B.L. jumped at least a foot in the air and shouted at Lori. Lori walked back over to Luke and fell down laughing. Bo and Dixie snikered at B.L.

Cooter got up and shook his head,"Now you two quit!! act yer age!!"

Lori looked to B.L.,"Whos afraid of their own shadow now cousin!?"

Luke chuckled alittle and smiled to Lori. He could tell this was going to be a long night between the two.

Cooter walked upstairs and grabbed some pillows and covers for them. Luke leaned in to Lori's ear,"Well I reckon you'll be sleeping with me won't you??"

Lori covered her mouth and giggled. Dixie looked to Lori and said,"COOTER!!!! Lori is gonna Do IT!!! WITH LUKE !!!!!!! I HEARD HER SAY IT!!!!!!"

Cooter looked to Luke and Lori and shot Luke alook, he didn't like Luke dating Lori not one bit, but he didn't say anything. Luke looked to Cooter and said..........

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Luke looked to Cooter and said rolling his eyes at Dixie, "I was kidding her. I asked her if she was sleeping with me tonight? I didn't MEAN it like THAT!"

Cooter just grunted.

Luke looked at Cooter and reminded, "You know we're going to be in hot water tomorrow." It was likely they'd all be in trouble but with Luke and Cooter being the oldest in each family they would be in more trouble.


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Cooter nodded laying back on the pillow. He took Dixie and Bo's candy from them hiding it. Lori and Luke sat up and talked, as B.L. and Daisy finally laid down. Luke propped the pillow up against the wall taking Lori into his arms and rocking her back and forth.

Truth was Lori wasn't scared she just loved being near to Luke. Lori fell asleep in Luke's arms hearing a small creaking sound coming from up above, followed then by a small thump. Luke heard it and looked up to the top of the stairs, Lori began to shake a little, that DID scare her..


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Luke wrapped his arms around her a little tighter as Lori began to shake truth was he was a little disturbed by the sounds coming from upstairs too but he wasn't gonna let on to the others. Cooter didn't hear a thing though he was already asleep so hadn't seen Daisy and B.L get up from their places and sneek upstairs not seen by Luke and Lori either. There was another bump this one louder than the first and a door creaking then slamming shut. It had been the two missing girls exploring with every intention of scaring Lori again but, when the door slammed shut behind them they began to scream bloody murder because it had stuck and now they couldn't get it open.




The others downstairs heard the two girls screaming their heads off and......

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Luke and Cooter were up and gone leaving Bo, Dixie and Lori behind as they raced up the steps. By this time Luke had figured out that the noises he heard had to have been Daisy and BL. "Where are you two?"

Panicked female voices called out, "HERE!"

Cooter and Luke started checking doors. Luke found one that was locked or stuck. "Daisy?"

"Yeah, we're right here!" Daisy cried.

Luke put his shoulder to the stuck door. It didn't budge. "Cooter, here give me a hand." Both hit the door as hard as they could before it opened to find a terrified Daisy and BL.

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Luke took Daisy in his arms as Cooter took B.L.

B.L. sighed and walked down with Cooter, Luke, and Daisy. When they got to the bottom Lori smirked to B.L.,"That'll teach ya not t' go off and try an scare me anymore!"

B.L. stuck her tongue out at her and went to lay down beside of Daisy. Cooter looked to Luke who went back to Lori and wrapped his arms around her. Cooter grunted and said,"You love birdies keep an eye out fer anything, I tell ya'll aint going to sleep."

Luke rolled his eyes and snorted,"Whatever Coot, don't you worry bout us."

Lori giggled and snuggled closer to Luke in his lap. Luke smiled and rested his head on her shoulder smiling to her, looking at her saying..........


Now through all of this, Bo wanted to go trick or treating with Dixie because, well he liked her alot!! And he wanted to let her know so he looked to her and with the sweetest of eyes said,"Hey Dix, if yer scared anyyyy at all, Ill protect you!"

Dixie smiled and said...........

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Lori got as close as she could to him and nibbled his ear, Luke let his hands wander a bit, Lori looked to him and said,"Luke uh....I've never done this before."

Luke looked up the stairs, knowing he could get her up there. He smiled and said,"Well follow me and I'll take it really slow then."

Lori swallowed and nodded, Luke taking her hand and quietly slipping upstairs with her to a bedroom that the door didnt creak, it had a pretty sturdy floor so it wouldn't squeak as much, the bed was sturdy too. Luke backed towards the bed leading Lori over, she was shaking like a hairless rodent in the middle of Alaska. Luke took her in his arms and nibbled down her neck kissing it softly. Lori closed her eyes and fell onto the bed with him...................


Meanwhile Bo and Dixie were downstairs having a little fun of their own talking and what not......

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Luke and Lori were doing some real heavy petting. Luke said quietly, "I'll only go as far as you want."

Lori replied breathing heavily, "It doesnt matter to me honey as far as you want to go,"

Luke said, "Yes, it does matter, Honey. I don't force myself on anyone."

Lori swallowed hard and smiled,"I know you don't and that's why I lov....." Lori stopped and looked to Luke he knew what she was going to say.

Luke smiled. She had never told him she loved him before. He brushed her hair back from her face and whisperd, "I have protection. Do you want to?"

Lori nodded, 'yes'. She did want to but she was trembling like she was freezing to death.

Luke smiled at her and gently said. "We can stop anytime you want."


Meanwhile Bo and Dixie were downstairs having a little fun of their own talking and what not. Bo was glad Cooter was a sound sleeper as he intended to play a little touchy, feely.

Dixie was very shy and innocent. She wasn't at all sure she liked this.

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Lori shook her head saying,"Alright, Im ready when you are."

Luke winked to her and pulled out his wallet taking out protection. He smiled as Lori looked to him wide eyed as he had his pants unzipped and his drawers dropped. Lori's mouth was wide open she had enough air to say,"Gaaaa!!!!!"

Luke chuckled softly and whispered in her ear,"Get ready....I promise to go slow."

Lori nodded and gasped alittle clinging hard to the sheets on the bed.


Daisy nodded her agreement and laid back down and humphed everyone,"I guess our time will come soon enough huh??"

B.L. got mad,"Hey...if it aint fair to us, we should make it hell on them!! tell Uncle Jesse and My Uncle Luther!!!"

Daisy snickered and agreed, B.L. laid back down giggling alittle.

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Luke nibbed Lori's neck some more trying to relax her before he made another move.

Lori was really nervous as Luke moved closer.

Several hours later he layed holding Lori. He finally asked, "Are you ok?"

Lori nodded and cuddled closer to Luke.


Dixie's problem with Bo's moves on her was that she had been preached to by her mother about being a 'good girl'. At the age of thirteen there was a fine line between being popular and being talked about. Bo was the first guy to ever want to want to get 'friendly' with her so she wasn't sure how far to let him go before stopping him. She would have to catch Daisy without BL around so she could talk to her about this.


Meanwhile back at the Davenport farm, curfew had come and gone without so much as a phone call from any of the kids. Luther picked up the phone and called Jesse to see if they had made it back there.

Jesse answered, "Duke farm." He hoped it was Luke saying they were at Cooter's and would be home soon.

Luther Davenport asked his long time friend, "Jesse have the kids made it back to your place?"

"No, Luther, they haven't. I was hoping that they were at your place." Jesse answered.

Luther said with concern, "I was looking outside at it's really foggy out tonight."


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Jesse frowned and looked outside the fog was still hanging heavy you couldn't see more than a few inches past the window. He hoped the kids were alright and just waiting somewhere for the fog to lift so they could see to get home.

"Well I'm sure they'll be home in a little while when this fog lifts probably just waiting it out some place."

Jesse reassured Luther who agreed neither one suspecting they had anything to worry about other than the possibility of the youngsters being out in the fog. Never dreaming that in the old house the two youngest were 'experimenting' and that Luke and Lori were upstairs alone doing more than experimenting.


Meanwhile Bo was still trying to get 'friendly' with Dixie who was wishing Daisy would wake up so she could pull the older girl aside and talk to her about what was going on.


Lori and Luke were still cuddled close together upstairs, Luke was brushing the hair off Lori's face as she slept quietly in his arms. He kissed her temple and looked at her relaxed features as she slept she was so pretty he thought as he stroked her cheek with his thumb. B.L hadn't went to sleep she was keeping an eye on Bo and Dixie and getting madder by the minute the longer Lori and Luke stayed upstairs, she sat up to wake Cooter up and tell him what was going on upstairs but then layed down again with a humph if she woke him up then he'd see what Dixie and Bo were upto it wasn't them she wanted to get in trouble just Lori.

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Lori opened her eyes to see Luke smiling at her, his thumb still brushed acrossed her cheek softly, Lori pressed her face softly against Luke's chest and sighed,"Luke, what I was going to say earlier..."

Luke interrupted her,"What sweetheart? that you love me?"

Lori nodded,"Yea...I really did mean that."

Luke chuckled softly and brushed his lips acrossed hers,"I love you too Lori."

Lori blushed and said,"You really mean that, not just because you just got some, you mean that??"

Luke smiled and replied.................


Dixie then made her move, she really did like Bo alot, but she had to talk to Daisy first. Dixie then whispered in Bo's ear,"Maybe a little later, I aint quite ready yet ok??"

Bo nodded and laid back down he thought to himself,"Hey thats progress."

Dixie then got up to talk to Daisy. Daisy rolled over and looked to a confused and a little scared Dixie. Daisy...........


B.L. was mumbling something in her sleep about Lori, cussing her for all she was worth, and something about them getting action and she wasn't and it just aint fair.....

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Luke smiled and replied, "Yeah, I do mean that." When he said that he only thought of his ex girlfriend for a split second. He pretty well knew that they would get back together sooner or later. They had been doing that for over a year now. The first year had been good, but then they had been on and off for several months.

Lori smiled pleased as punch. She knew dating any of the Dukes put her in envy of every girl in school.


Dixie said, "Daisy how far can you go with a guy and not get a bad reputation? I want to be popular but not for the wrong reasons."

Daisy looked at her and thought before answering, "Well, Sugar, you can't go real far at all. I heard this one time that Maggie Hartkins went and did it with Bobby Ray and shes not all that popular, why??? ohh my did Bo ask you??!!!"

Dixie blushed, "No he didn't 'ask' me, but he's trying things."

Daisy giggled and said,"Well maybe if you only go sooo far then see if he'll stop, maybe you can get popular that way!"

"But what if he don't stop? How far is OK and how far is tooo far?" Dixie asked. She knew she couldn't talk to her Mom or Dad about this.

Daisy looked down and humphed,"Well I dont know honey, I've never did it before with anyone. But I think going tooo far is like what Luke and Lori is doing...but they are older too."

Dixie felt a little better now, "So if he's wanting to see or feel then that's sorta OK?"

Daisy nodded,"Sure, theres no harm in that!!"

Dixie said, "I just know how guys talk. I wouldn't want it to get out that I did something wrong. Besides Dad and Cooter killing me, I don't want a 'bad reputation."

Daisy said,....

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Daisy said,"Yea well, I dont think Bo would say anything to Uncle Jesse and I know he wouldn't to yer daddy, he may tell Luke but thats all."

Dixie nodded and headed back over to Bo smiling to him. Bo looked to Dixie who seemed to get a little more closer to him. Bo bit his bottom lip and let his hand wander a bit in under the covers, Dixie giggled and wiggled alittle.


Lori ran her fingers through Luke's curly hair and laughed a bit. Luke ran his fingers through her curly brunette hair as well, "Whats soo funny??" Luke asked looking into her eyes, sure he still loved Robin but who said he couldn't love two girls at one time?? He got these little funny feelings like he did with Robin when he was with Lori. Lori was there every friday night when he had a football game because well she was a cheerleader, captain at that. If you were dating a cheerleader or a football player or a Duke you were the talk of the school. Lori knew she had a reputation going on about her at that school, she never done anything with anyone but she had a reputation, thats why all the guys were after her. She'd only wanted one man though and thats why she never did anything with them. She then proceeded to run her hand up and down Luke's chest and smiled saying,"You know I could have had this on annnny other night with any other guy?"

Luke nodded slowly looking up then back to her,"Yea im aware of that, but why didn't you??"

Lori smiled and cuddled nearer to Luke,"Because, I wanted to save this for someone special to me...and you always have been."

Luke smiled and kissed the top of her head, he layed down and wrapped his arms around her pulling her nearer to him. they fell asleep.........

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Dawn broke the next morning waking Cooter and Luke up about the same time.

Luke nudged Lori, "It's morning. We need to get home before Jesse and Luther send Rosco looking for us."

Lori nodded, "Yeah!" She quickly got her clothes straightened and wished she had a brush which she didn't have. Her hair was a horrible wreck. She followed Luke downstairs to find Cooter waking up the others.

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