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Duke or Dupe

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Here's a chance to show your knowledge of the show or get duped (tricked).

Simply list two items and the responder has to answer which one was really on the show and which one is made up. I hope everybody likes this idea and submits their own "Duke or Dupe". Be creative. Here's some examples.

Squirrel City or Finchburg

Jeb McCobb or Judge J.B. Shaftner

Walter's Paint Shop or Flat Bottom Archery Club

episode names (which is real) Luke's Close Call or The Legacy

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You're right Julie, Finchburg is the real one and Squirrel City is not.

"THe Legacy" was a real episode and "Luke's Close Call" was not.

(Although there was an episode titled "Close Call for Daisy")

To answer yours, Mrs. Snodgrass and Capital City are the real ones.

Here's one for you (or anybody else)...Buck Owens or Hank Williams Jr

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I hate to tell you this but you missed all 3. Jeb McCobb lives in Hazzard Marsh. Walter's Paint Shop is in Possum Hollow and Bib Tarkey is an old friend of Jesse's. By the way, Del McCurdy is a bluegrass singer in real life and has never been on the show (although I wish he would have been.). I just made up the Judge and Flat Bottom Archery Shop although it sure sounds like something from Hazzard.

Here's another...Boxtop Bend or Racoon River

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Nice job, luke fan07, the only one you missed up was Whitewater Valley. Jensen's Bridge is the real Hazzard County landmark.

To answer yours, Mel Tillis was on twice. He was on "The Rustlers" and "The Hazzardgate Tape" (the only singer to appear on a season 5 episode)

I think the girl who played his daughter on "The Rustlers" ended up marrying Rosco (James Best..in real life). Maybe someone could confirm that.

Which one of these is real?

Ace Parker or Wendell Wilson

Lone Pine Deli or Morgan's Glueworks

(episode names) Road Pirates or Hazzard's Finest

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Nice job Dixie, you got them all right. (it's glueworks not deli)

Here's some more. Which one was really on the show?

Hoyt Axton or Roy Clark

Woodchuck Pass or Woodchuck Marsh

Bear Claw Swamp or Bullfrog Dam

Lucius Clay or Emery Potter

(episode names) Sweet Home Hazzard or The Runaway

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