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Ways to get kicked out of Chemistry Lab

Val Strate

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Here are some ways to get kicked out of Chemistry lab.

Pretend you have an electron stuck in your ear and inisist on describing the sound it makes to everyone in the class.

When everyone is quiet and working, scream out, "My eyes!"

Insist that there is no such thing as chemicals.

Say you're algeric to protons.

Drop cheetos in the liquid nitrogen.

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Ok, now that I am taking Chemistry I came up with some more excuses... I aplogize in advance if some of you don't get this. Trust me this is really bad Chemistry humor. Bad as in cornball humor, but hey what do you expect from me?

1) Tell your TA that you're having a dipolar moment.

2) Insist that you lost your benzene ring and that your fiancé is going to kill you because of it.

3) Say all carbon based life forms piss you off.

4) You can't come to class because you cracked your electron orbital shell.

5) Tell them you ate all the pie bonds in your molecules.

6) You can't finish the lab because you're actually counting the number of carbon atoms in a mole to see if Avogadro was really right.

I know they are corny but for any chemistry nuts out there... they are for you!


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