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  1. I dunno. I don't have a strong emotional response to the whole thing... although I do have to admit, sounds like the combo of name and graphic font was quite an unfortunate mix (whose edgy sense of humor came up with that?). Believe me, I'm around the "younger" set all the time at work - work with them - so I know how they talk and what they mean. The word's connotations may change in time, I suppose; after all, how many slang words of the past are common now? Or on the other hand, how many words that used to mean something innocent, now mean something else entirely and are almost unusable now for it? So I know language changes. It just hasn't changed enough here-and-now to be a comfortable companion to something Dukes, especially since the Mafia were known in the Dukes' day maybe even more openly than now as the biggest bad guys in existence (at least, it seems like more shows then dealt with bringing down organized crime than they do now... what, is it now politically incorrect or something; would it offend somebody? Maybe I don't wanna know....). Even in "friendly" usage, the word/name still is used in a gangsta-type, "hiphop and cool" sense, because that's the culture it's coming out of. And to me, that whole culture-thing just is not cool - if anything, gangs are even more violent than the Mafia, so why is that whole culture so "cool" now that everyone wants to dress like them, talk like them, etc? (Let's not get me started on this...) Anyway, it's certainly not compatible with Dukes. So... I suppose with all that I'm saying, there could have been a lot better names to choose. PS: I'm not putting down the group itself or anything it does... just not so comfortable with the name.
  2. Gah. Well now. This challenge leaves it so wide open that... I don't know where to start! I have some fast pondering to do, I think. Heheh. (Not to mention I haven't written anything that long in years....)
  3. *with another low chuckle, I lead the way down the sidewalk to the clinic, climbing the steps to pull the door open, gesturing the blonds and their burden through, then letting the door fall shut again behind, following as they carry Brian through into the very room he'd escaped from, heaving the black-clad Coltrane onto the bed* MaryAnne gonna handcuff him again? *asked half about and half toward the deputy bringing up the rear of this little parade*
  4. More. *joking* The jacket weighs more'n ten pounds.
  5. *chuckling myself, turning to lead the way to the clinic, thick black leather jacket slung casually over my shoulder. It is heavy... idly I wonder just what all's hidden in here...*
  6. *having watched the whole thing with a wry knowledge that getting in the way would bring wrath of one Coltrane or another down, I now glance to MaryAnne with a half-winced little grin* Promise not to use it on us? *thinking to myself that it's actually a very handy way to get Brian returned to the clinic though... which he's avoiding and could really still use time at. I gesture to Bo to help grab said black-clad medical escapee... then think twice about the mechanics of three men trying to carry one limp form* Um, I think this might be best handled by two. Yeah, I'll grab the doors. And gimme Brian's jacket... that'll remove some weight right there.
  7. *watching Brian go with amusement... briefly torn between making up to Marryanne by hauling him back, or keeping things amiable with the man I spend far more time with and letting him escape. Finally natural Duke only-semi-lawfulness (and a long history of foiling this particular sheriff's department) wins out and I fold my arms over my chest, glancing over toward Bo* Did you see Brian going anywhere? *playful tone* I think I was a mite too busy studyin' that sweet blue Chevy across the way yonder.
  8. Lukas_KD


    Anyone who gets so caught up in a fantasy world, of any kind, that they don't wanna live in the real one... I don't know, I think there must be something else going wrong in their lives. I mean, how many people, as famous and loved as the universes are, really get depressed about or believe in Star Trek or Middle Earth, for big examples? (If there's a lot, I don't know what's in people's heads, lol.) I kinda see Avatar the same way. Personally, I really liked the movie. There was an obvious Native American type storyline to it, but I think it was just plain supposed to be, and if accepted as such it didn't bother me any. The characters really caught you into their feelings and lives - it was a very emotional-passion-driven film, augmented by the music and imagery - and the alien world and animals and all were incredibly fascinating. Then again, I have a from-childhood history with science fiction...
  9. *own expression both pleased and fond, with a remaining dose of playful* It's been fun... well, mostly. *a brief chuckle... then glancing to Daniel at his response, as well* You're right... it's all about the people.
  10. *giving Bo a look, half hilarity, half wince... leaning in a bit to murmur* This could get real interesting real fast, cousin.
  11. *slight snort of amusement, barely audible from behind... having been thinking before MaryAnne even said it, that that dart-gun of her probably negates the need for a badge. I glace over to Brian as she walks away, curious if he will stay... or not. Then my eyes widen as I see the badge in Brian's hands - one hand slides over my face, shoulders shaking with laughter*
  12. *a snort, but I have to laugh too, a bit... shaking my head just slightly as I think about it... then a thoughtful quirk of an eyebrow at myself and a shrug, looking back up at Brian* It was good to be.... rougher, for awhile. Not that we usually play on the side of "bad guys", but in a way it reminded me of the old days... and anyway, we'd make an exception for you.
  13. *wry-amused little snort at the "these two" comment, otherwise unruffled... glancing over to check out Brian's state of mind, before stepping over to watch Chance check on Chet*
  14. *wth a final long look at Daney, I release her arm, folding both my own across my chest, freeing her to go forward... or run... depends on her*
  15. *an amused-wry eyebrow quirk... chuckling then as I encourage Daney out with a push, and climb out after her, only losing my grip on her for a moment. I wait for Bo to join us, flanking the dark-haired woman, before striding up the sidewalk, bringing our prisoner to Brian*
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