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Taking Back the Town

Garrett Duke

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“I can’t believe you have gotten me into this, Garr,†Ethan’s gravely voice breaks the piercing silence that had accelerated within the powerful engine car as his intense green-gray eyes stare out through the passenger window. “We’ll either wind up dead or in jail when this gets through, you do realize that, don’t you?â€

Garrett remains silent for a long moment as he stares sullenly through the dirt splattered windshield of his 1970 Mustang Mach I that he had rebuilt only a few years ago. Listening to the powerful engine purr within the hood, pride swells within him at the hard work and talent he had placed within his dream car.

“Don’t give me that crap, Ethan, you yourself agreed with all of us that something had to be done. If not Hazzard will never be the Hazzard it once was,†Garrett glares through icy cold and hard smokey gray-blue eyes at his muscular passenger.

“Well it won’t do either of us any good,†Ethan pauses for a long moment to glance over at Garrett, “if we are dead or in jail.â€

Impatience steadily begins to grow within Garrett as he glares into the sun while his own doubts begin to grow steadily within him. “As if I don’t already know that, but things have to change and the only way they’ll change is if someone does something to help it change. Perhaps we won’t be able to enjoy the better Hazzard, but someone else will,†Garrett tugs the black leathered steering wheel sharply left to throw his red car into a sharp turn, “look, if you want to back out now, Ethan, go for it. I can stop here and call someone on the CB. . .I’ll tell Riddick that something had come up or something. Just tell me.â€

“I didn’t say that, Garrett and I think you know what I mean,†Ethan slowly responds as he shoves his black cowboy hat half way over his eyes to block the blaring sun, “I just have my doubts.â€

“Don’t we all,†Garrett lends his friend a small smile while patting him on the back, “things will work out.â€

“Yeah,†Ethan answers softly as the old dark mine slowly comes into view, “here we are. I don’t see their vehicles here or anywhere?â€

“Perhaps we beat ‘em here,†Garrett shrugs as he allows his mind to slowly wander through the plans they had worked out a head of time, of what it might lead to, “relax Ethan...we’ll be fine.â€

“I’m as relaxed as I’m gonna be,†Ethan mutters as Garrett forces the Mustang to an abrupt halt.

(cue Riddick)

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The hot afternoon wind beat hard on age old lumbers of buildings of Skunk Hallows ghost town. A huge Maltese tiger stood out as a lone figure in the town, laying on the porch of a yellow painted house dozing in the late afternoon sunshine. The hairs of his thick white and black stripped coat flickered and waved as the warm wind blew against him.

Also sitting out front of the yellow painted house sat a white and orange 1970 Dodge Charger with the infamous name “Ghost†written down the rear panels. The cars brilliant white paint smudged and an coated in a sopping wet layer of fresh mud.

The blue tiger respectably nicknamed Razor, known as Riddick’s alter ego raised his head impatiently looked towards the houses front door.

“Come on Chet, Garrett and Ethan are gonna leave with out us.†The tiger called out, speaking as a human would, his gravelly voice bellowing.

“Im coming I’m coming...†The 21 year old Duke boy called back.

The steady thud of boots walking across a wood floor could be heard an the screen door opened, out stepped a tall, lanky, black haired, half blind, mismatched eyed, goatee decorated young Duke. Chet stepped out onto the porch and stood beside Razor for a moment lighting a cigarette and taking a lengthy drag.

“Ready?†Chet asked looking at the big tiger laying on the porch with his famous sideways grin.

(Cue Garrett)

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Silence continues to swarm amongst the two muscular men as they slowly desend into the cave like darkness of the old mine. "They're late," Ethan slowly breaks the silence as he pushes a button off of his watch to make the face glow a bright green within the pure darkness of the cave.

"Is this what we'll have to put up with if you come along?" Garrett lets out a long breath he had been nervously holding as he watches Ethan for a reply.

"There's no if in there, Garrett, I'm coming along for the ride," Ethan speaks up with a little hurt in his voice, "and I was only stating a fact."

"Well," Garrett goes silent as another powerful engine blares from somewhere close, "hear that? That's probably them. You sure you want to go through -"

"Of course I am," Ethan throws daggers through the darkness before he slowly finds an old latern and slowly lights it with an old lighter that he had shoved into the pockets of his dark denim tight fitting jeans, "Are you?"

"Hell yeah," Garrett gives him a smile as he nervously begins to trace the long thick scar that runs from behind his right ear and down his chin, "it's now or never. I'll chose now."

Silence once again crowds between them as they wait in anticipation for the rest of the group to join them in order to go through the plan again before pushing the plan into action.

(Cue Riddick)

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The General Lee’s Ghost eased into the drive out front of the old mine, the powerful Dodge Viper engine under the Ghost’s hood idled with a steady re-tete...re-tete. The white car parked beside the mustang and the young black haired Duke boy wearing a black Stetson climbed out through the window and made his way towards the entrance of the cave.

Razor appeared from the edge of the woods and sleekly slide down a short embankment to the opening of the mine and joined the Chet.

“Hey! Anyone here?†Chet called out his voice echoing and echoing through out the abandoned mine shaft.

The huge white tiger followed closely on his heals, the animals white night seeing eyes glowed as they entered the darkness of the cave an approached the lit lantern and there comrades. Chet gave his infamous side ways grin as he came into the lamp light, there plan was good, very good.

“Are ya all ready do this?†Razor asked his evil sounding voice bellowing through out the cave with a tainted edge.

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Garrett watches silently while sitting on an old milk cart as his cousin steadily moves into the darkness of the cave, followed closely by the tiger. Chills race down his back as he silently notices how evil the tiger's bright eyes give an cold evil look within the darkness of the mine. "Yeah we're here," Garrett slowly speaks up as he grabs a Marlboro light from the hard box that he had sat besides him. Lighting up his cigarette with his midnight blue lighter he eyes the new company with hardened eyes, taking them in. "Of course we're ready."

"We wouldn't have been here before you," Ethan pauses a he slowly stands up from his milk crate that had been positioned on the opposite side from Garrett. He slowly readjust his black leather, curved outside edged cowboy hat upon his coppery brown hair before finishing, "if we weren't ready."

Silence caves within the old mine as Garrett slowly stands up to approach Chet and the tiger while he slowly organizes his thoughts and his emotions. "The question now, is, are you ready?" he give them an ornery evil grin from within his thin golden blond goatee, "I say we do it and see what happens."

(cue Riddick)

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“There was never a doubt in our mind that ya’ll wouldn’t show.†Razor spook with a cold edgy twitch in his voice. “Besides this is all over due....lets go over the plan once more, things have to go smoothly.â€

Chet nodded in agreement taking a seat on a rock protruding from the wall of the mine, his mind tuned in to listen closely, he had the plan memorized in detail....but once more could do no harm.

“I know we have gone over this again and again....but we got to get this right the first time, there will be no second chance in this matter...†Razor began to speak, throughly going over the groups well organized plan in depth an detail.

It took but 15 minutes to go through the plan, it was time to put it all in order and follow through.

“Alright, were ten minutes ahead of schedule. “He paused to look at the pocket watch hanging on a chain around his thick an burly neck. “Its 5:45....we should arrive at the Sheriff’s Department by 6:00...remember your places, keep track of the time....an if for some reason we get separated an things go hay-wire...we meet at the “Hanging Horse Shoe Saloon†in Skunk Hallows ghost town at 2:30 am.†He paused once again to take in the intent stares of his comrades once more then nodded his big head and got to his four pawed feet. “Lets go!â€

(Cue Garrett or Ethan.) {Please note, this fic will be open to the public to add to it as soon as it passes a certain point, which will be very soon.}

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Disbelief builds quickly within Garrett as he stares up at the court house from across the street. The last time he had done anything remotely against the law had been a couple of years ago with his old friends; before he had been forced to move to Hazzard. "C'mon Ethan," Garrett pats Ethan upon his muscular shoulder while throwing out the butt end of his cigarette and smashes it into the pavement as they slowly walk across the street.

"Let's do it," Ethan gives his own weary grin as they approach the parked cars in front of the court house where he looks around to find Chet, "Right at six, we're on time," he looks up from his clock and his intense gray-green eyes grow serious, "you be careful Garrett, Kristy would never forgive me if you were to get hurt doing this."

Garrett elbows him in the stomach while putting on a smile before saying, "You worry too much, Ethan, things will work out fine. But in case, you be careful too," Garrett pauses as his right hand involuntarily goes up to his thick scar while he glares around towards the court house, "Well time's up...see you on the flip side."

"Yeah," Ethan nods while he tightens the grip of his hat upon his hat before he gives Garrett a pat before heading towards the front steps.

* * * * * * * * *

Sweat drips slowly down Garrett's face as he slowly approaches the back door of the court house. Doubt slowly climbs within him as he rethinks of the plan they had came up with days ago. It had seemed so good to him at the time and so positive, something could actually be done for the better, and he'd be the one to thank for it. But will it work or will it explode in his face?

Brushing the sweat off of his face with a thick hand, Garrett steadily throws the door open and a harsh wind of air conditioner is blown into his face as he steps into the wide hall way. Walking past a few closed and darkened windowed doors, Garrett glances down at his watch, timing his steps.

Reaching a sharp white corner that leads into a longer hall way and of which will lead to the sheriff's department, Garrett abruptly comes to an halt at the sheriff's door being thrown open. Garrett's heart comes to an abrupt halt as his half sister, Kristy Duke steps out into the hall, holding open the door for a moment. Her back is turned towards him and he silently takes in her thick long strawberry blond hair and her knee length denim skir with her white blouse.

"Good night Mr. Hogg," she says innocently into the open door, "I'll see you in the morning, Rosco."

'Damn, she'd kill me if she only knew what I am about to do,' Garrett silently thinks as he watches his sister.

"Nite Kristy," the sheriff's voice calls out for her from within his office before she waves at him and closes the door. A brief moment passes before she walks across the hall and towards the main entry door into the building.

A brief moment of silence buzzes through the thick hall ways before the front door slowly is drawn shut behind Kristy. A tingle of relief rushes through Garrett at hearing his sister leaving, glad to see her out of the way.

Abruptly, his thoughts of his sister is interrupted as the sheriff's door is slowly opened and fear rushes through Garrett as Rosco steps out, holding the door open. "Nite Boss," Rosco says as he tips the end of his hat towards the plump commissioner that remains hidden within the sheriff's office.

Garrett hears a mumbled response from Hogg as he glances down the hall in fear, wondering what to do now. Quickly, Garrett glances down at his clock to find only five minutes have passed since he had entered. 'Come on Ethan and Chet' Garrett panickly thinks as he steps out into the main hall way.

"Hey sheriff," Garrett breaks the silence and the aging sheriff quickly turns around, surprise registers in the sheriff's bright blue eyes, "You got a minute?"

"Garrett Duke," Rosco slowly responds, his words tremble within surprise, "What you want?"

"I want...no I mean, I need to talk to you," Garrett motions towards the closed door with his head, "in your office," Garrett glances around the empty halls, "I want to talk to you in your office where no one may over hear and all."

"Well, I don't know Garrett," doubt drips in the sheriff's voice, "It's closing time and I'm on my way home. Can't you come by in the morning?"

"No, it's now or never sheriff," Garrett takes a deep breath, "and I need it to be now."

"Well OK," Rosco resigns reluctantly and he slowly opens the door and Garrett follows him through it to find Deputy Strate finishing some paper work at his desk and a shadow of Hogg's reflection through his windowed door from his office. "What is so important Garrett?"

"I need to talk to you about," Garrett searches desperate for something to say, "about Hazzard. It has really changed within the past year since I have moved here."

"Things change, Garrett," Rosco states with a bit of annoyance in his voice, "that's life...live with it or get out."

"I wish I could get out, but you see, I have to be here for my sister. This town is very important to her," he fumbles while praying for Chet and Ethan to show up, "and well, I was hoping there may be something that you could do to help her feel more comfortable here."

"Comfortable? What's so uncomfortable about Hazzard?" annoyance builds within Coltrane's words, "I think you better go home, Garrett. Get something cold to drink or something. But you are now out of my time... I need to get home."

"Not so fast," Garrett places his body in front of the closed door, glancing around the room as Enos steps up from his seat, "I want some answers from any of you, before any of you leave."

Disbelief and anger dart within the sheriff's eyes as he takes a quick step closer to Garrett. "If that is the way you want to be, Garrett, you are now under arrest," he says grabbing his handcuffs out of his belt, "I should throw you under the jail!"

(Cue Riddick)

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A pair of pearl eyes peered through the bushes beside the steps of the court house as the beautiful strawberry blonde haired Kristy Duke passed by and got into her vehicle and started for home. Step one was already complete, Razor had promised Garrett that step two would not be carried out until Kristy, his sister was safe and out of harms way.

The big white tiger jumped up onto the cement steps of the court house an watched Kristy drive away and out of sight. Ethan and Chet came out of there hiding places, each had stood behind a corner on either end of the huge building.

“Alright you two, step two. Move! Now! Go.†Razor whispered careful not to raise his voice, there plans would be shattered if a passerby heard them.

Chet opened one of the entrance doors and went inside first, just as planned. He adjusted the black Stetson cowboy hat on his head and straitened the collar on his shirt as he waltzed in, his back strate and his attitude brisk. One of Rosco’s officers passed by him just as he was entering, Chet’s brow furrowed, none of the officers were supposed to leave. Just the same he continued with his part of the plan, Razor would retrieve the escaping officer at the last possible moment and bring him back inside.

The young black haired Duke boy approached the closest desk where three of the five officers in the court house sat, he gave them a sideways smile.

“Can I help you?†One of the officers asked in a business like manor.

“Yes, yes you can.†Chet paused and glanced at the clock....just six on the dot, taking a deep breath he drew a .45 from the outside pocket of his coat and pointed it at the officers sitting at the desk. “The three of you can start by taking off your gun belts....one at a time. You first buddy.†Chet said nodding at the officer sitting closest to him.

Each of the blue clad officers reached for the sky, there faces pleading for mercy, an the first of them began to unbuckle his gun belt and hand it over to the demanding Duke. Just as the three were getting started Chet saw Ethan pass by him headed down stairs to convince two other officers down there to hand over there gun belts and join there comrades up stairs.

Chet took the first of the gun belts and glanced back at the clock nervously hopping that Garrett was alright.

“Garrett! Are you alright?!†Chet shouted, his deep Yankee voice echoing through the halls and down to Rosco’s office.

Meanwhile out side Razor was watching as the officer that had passed Chet on the way in descended from the front steps. As the blue clad man came around the end of the stairs Razor dashed down the cement railing in two huge leaps, his third leap sending him pouncing onto the officer. He tackled the officer to the grass careful not to use his claws and harm the innocent man, no matter how tempting it seemed to be. Roughly he pinned the officer to the ground, the middle aged man shaking in sheer terror.

Razor bared his teeth in the deputies face as his huge paws pressed the man against the ground on each side of his shoulders. The white eyes glared an glinted viciously.

“Please....please don’t hurt me!†The deputy pitifully whimpered, pleading for his life.

“Remove your gun an throw it away towards the building...now.†Razor snarled.

In a few short moments the deputy had removed his gun belt and Razor had back off an proceeded to escort him back inside. He brought the scared deputy to Chet who sat nervously watching his three captives were now bound hand and foot in ropes and sat along the wall there mouths gaged by a bandanna.

“Heres the one that snuck out, heres his gun belt.†Razor said as he dropped the heavy belt from where it hung around his neck.

“Alright, I will tie them up. Was the coast clear?â€

“Yeah, theres not a soul in sight.â€

“You should go check on Garrett and help him if you can, Hogg is still here, hes going to be a handful.†Chet said as he began to tie the deputies hands together.

Razor nodded an jogged off towards Rosco’s office. “On my way.†He replied to the young Duke boys nervous request.

(Cue Garrett & Ethan)

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Harsh emotions streak through Garrett's numb and tired body as he sits hunched over upon an old ragged cot that is held upon the steel bars. He allows his mind to continue to rush roughly within him of the past few minutes that had led him to where he sits now. Silently, he wonders if all of this had been a set up on Chet's part, if this had been part of his plan all along. Just as fast as the thought had approached him, Garrett shakes it off, Chet is family and wouldn't do such a thing to him. Not when he had felt the same thing as Kristy and him had felt for a while now. . .he just wouldn't do it. But where is he?

"Damn it," Garrett utters in frustration as he reads his expensive watch, watching the red second hand slowly move around the gold face. "Where are you Chet?" Garrett speaks silently aloud as he glances up from the stained cement floor as movement comes from up the flight of stairs.

Listening to the shuffling upstairs he wonders if it is Chet or if it is only Enos or Rosco leaving for the afternoon. Once again, the hurtful thought of Chet setting him up enters his mind. But why would he do something like that for? There'd be nothing in it for Chet other than Garrett being arrested. One less Duke?

Garrett's doubtful and skeptical thinking is abruptly deflated when somewhere from upstairs, Chet's powerful voice rings out, "“Garrett! Are you alright?!â€

Hope builds quickly within Garrett at hearing his cousin's voice from upstairs, calling his name. Garrett slides off of the rumpled sheeted cot as heavy foot steps come down the stairs and relief fills Garrett at seeing Ethan's five feet and eleven inche body entering the basement. "Ethan," Garrett smiles running a hand over his thin goatee.

"Shoulda figured on you getting your pitiful self arrested," Ethan grins as he reaches up and takes a hold of the large ring of keys that hung upon a hook on the brick wall. Garrett watches him with a watchful eye as Ethan slowly unclock the door and Garrett shoves it open to step out into freedom.

"Thanks," Garrett repsonds glancing around the empty basement and back at Ethan.

"You owe me," Ethan answers as he leads the way to the winding flight of stairs and they slowly walk up to the sheriff's station in silence.

(cue Riddick)

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(This post was a joint effort.)

The glass shaddered onto the floor as the 800 pound tigers shoulder bore through the office door and into the room. Shoved so tremulously the door hit the wall behind it as Razor dashed into the room his ears laid back and his teeth bared.

Rosco and Enos backed up against the wall shaking with fear there eyes wide an intent on the huge white and black cat.


"OK Enos, you think you got all that?" Rosco glared through tired and burnt out bright blue eyes at his younger and enthusiastic deputy who stands ahead of him at the desk, "this is a damn break for us. A dumb Duke messing up...khee khee!" Rosco squeals in excitement as he thinks of the young Duke downstairs, "It may not be Bo or Luke Duke, but it's the next best thing...Garrett."

"Y-yes sir," they shy deputy quietly responds as his mind swiftly changes from the young Duke downstairs to the young Duke's family. A family that had welcomed him aboard when he had no one, a family that has welcomed him so willingly into thier home and treated him like family. Yet, now he is forced to sit and watch Garrett Duke. Regret and dread fills his body as he reminds himself of why Garrett is locked up. The law is the law.

"Look at me Enos," Enos looks up at his supior officer as Rosco stands from his swivel chair, "this is important to me...to Hogg. Don't mess up, boy. You mess this up, I'll have you cleaning toilets and the floors down the hall. You understand me, Eno-"

Abruptly the town's sheriff's threat comes up incomplete as the shattering of glass interrupts Rosco's lecture and grabs both officer's attention. "Judus Priest on a Poney!" Rosco yells out in fear as the large white tiger jumps upon the broken down door just as Enos backs up against the desk, sitting down on the edge. "Wha-" Rosco cuts himself off as he stares fearfully into the evil eyes of the tiger.

Razor strut strate up to Rosco his huge teeth bared and a deep growl gurgled from deep within his chest. His pure white paws stepped across the floor with agile ease and blunt silence.

"If you want to continue keeping all your limbs intact Rosco, you had better ease that gun belt off an toss it away." Razor snapped his pearl white eyes glaring. "You too Enos!"

He watched as the two deputies pried there belts off and dropped them to the wood floor with shakey hands, he glanced around, Garrett was nowhere to be seen. Kristy would kill them all if something happened to him during this intense and risky attack.

"Where the hell is Garrett!?" Razor demanded.

Fear gnaws ruggedly through Rosco as he glances nervously at his deputy, as if seeking help from him. Glancing back at the tiger, Rosco stutters, "Dow-down stairs. I don't know who. . .who you are, but you won't get away with it!"

"Formerly Riddick! You had better not have laid a hand on Garrett or I will have your head for my next meal. Now move! Out!" Razor snapped again driving the two law officers out into the other room and into Chet's awaiting hands.

Razor returned to the room an head butted the door leading into Boss Hogg's office, letting himself in.

"Two hundred and thirty three, two hundred and thirty four, two hundred and thirty -five," Boss slowly counts as he places each dollar bill upon the large stack to force a broad greedy smile to spread across his chubby face. Puffing on his thick cigar he continues, "two hundred and thirty-six, two hundred and thirty-seven, two hundred and thirty - eig-" Boss Hogg screams in fear and in startlement as his closed and locked door is abruptly thrown open. Momentarily, he forgets about his stash of money upon his wooden desk as he watches with intense fear as the large muscular tiger makes himself welcomed into the room. "A ti. . .tiger," Boss stutters before eyeing his money, "Rosco! Rosco come here! Rosco!"

"Rosco isn't going to beable to help you Boss, he preocupied." Razor approached the desk that Boss was standing behind, his black and white ears laid back and his white eyes wide and ferice.

"Put down the cash and come with me....or I'll make a snake out of ya." A hint of sarcasism rang in Razor's voice, but not even a trace that he was at all kidding. "Come on hurry it up! Your deputies are waiting!"

"I'm hurrying!" Hogg says, panic drips from his normal greed infested voice. Sweat slowly melts from under his white stetson and down his chubby cheeks as he makes his way around the sharp cornered edges to where the big tire stands, glarind demandingly at him. Walking to the tiger, Hogg blows a thick cloud of cigar smoke into the evil eyes of the tiger before heading towards the thrown open door.


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**AUTHOR NOTE--Special Thanks to Riddick & Kristy for the idea on this post and the one that follows. If y'all borrow my character in the future, go nicely on her! lol ** :D


Meanwhile in Chickasaw - about 30 minutes earlier...

"Hi, Sheriff. I came in here as soon as my shift was over," said Vicki as she walked into her Boss's office.

Sheriff "Big Ed" Little, Chickasaw County Sheriff smiled at the petite redhead deputy. "Good. How was your patrol this afternoon?" he asked.

"Not too bad," said Vicki, giving Sheriff Little a stack of tickets. "I gave out at least a dozen speeding tickets, and a couple for reckless driving."

"That's real good. You're turning out to be a great addition to my police force. Could you do me a favor and deliver some papers in Hazzard for me?"

Vicki rolled her blue-gray eyes at the Sheriff. "What now?" she asked sarcastically then added, "The last time we were in Hazzard, we nearly arrested everyone for falsely banging up your patrol car. I'm not sure if Rosco or the Dukes are over it yet."

"Well, at the time, I was in a bad mood to start with especially after chasing Bo & Luke Duke, and it was a couple of months ago," the Chickasaw Sheriff laughed. "Will you please do this for me?"

Vicki nodded her head. "I guess so, Sheriff. But the next time you want some papers delivered to Hazzard, maybe we can take some money out of the budget, and buy one of those new fax machines."

Sheriff Little laughed as he watched the redhead walk out of the Chickasaw County Courthouse doors...


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About 30 minutes later, Vicki drove her Chickasaw County Patrol car across the Hazzard County line. "Wow! This is strange..." she thought shaking her head as she kept driving then added, "Enos or Rosco are usually hiding in thr trees here. Something must be going on in town."

As she drove into town a few minutes later, she noticed that no one at all was on the streets. "Where is everybody?" Vicki said to herself as she pulls her patrol car up in front of the Hazzard County Courthouse.

As she started to get out of the patrol car, 3 men and a white tiger came rushing out the front doors. "2 of those men look very familiar..." she thought to herself as they came rushing up to her patrol car.

After looking at her patrol car, 2 of the men went back inside the Hazzard County Courthouse. She didn't get a chance to get away from the other one.

A gun barrel was thrust in the open car window.

"You! Stay inside the car, and take off that gun belt!" said the gunman, snapping at the redhead.

"No! I won't do it!" snapped Vicki back at the gunman.

The gun barrel dug into her back, then moved to her neck. "Need I ask again?"

Trembling slightly, Vicki moved behind the wheel. Her knee brushed the car keys, still dangling from the ignition. The man slid in beside her, Though the gun barrel was still thrust against her neck, it was the man's eyes that she focused on as she drove them out of Hazzard. They were black, fathomless. She knew that she had seen him somewhere before.

"Where--where are we going?" she asked trembling slightly.

"We're going on a scenic drive. Just keep driving until I tell you to stop!" the gunman barked at the redhead, placing a hand on her elbow.

Vicki's thoughts were racing, seeking some means of escape, but she came up with nothing. That gun was insurmountable enough. If somehow somebody was following her...

After a few miles, Vicki abruptly stopped her patrol car in the middle of the road, jarring herself and the gunman

She then lunged at the gunman. Pure animal rage, fueled by the instinct to survive, sent her clawing first for his eyes. At the last split second, he flinched away. Her nails scraped down his cheek, drawing blood. Before he could shift his aim with his gun, she grabbed his wrist, wrenching desperately for control for the gun. He held fast. Not with all her strength could keep the gun at bay, keep the barrel from turning towards her.

It was the last image that Vicki registered: that black hole, slowly turning until it was pointed straight at her face. Something lashed at her from the side. Pain exploded in her head, shattering the world into a thousand slivers of light.

They faded, one by one, into darkness as she finally recognized who her captor was...It was Chet Duke...

CUE: Riddick, Kristy, Chet, or anyone else! :wink:

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“Ouch!†Chet said as the strawberry blond haired deputies finger nails racked his face. “That hurt.â€

It was over an instant after that, Chet’s strength over powered the small women and the side of the gun collided with the side of her face. He hated to hit her like that but he feared for his own sake and hers. If the gun even accidently went off it could have spelt fatal injuries, an he hadn’t intended on harming the Chickasaw County deputy, she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hell she hadn’t even been part of the plan, she wasn’t even on there list of plans an hostages.

Chet opened the drivers door and picked the women up in his arms as gently as he could, careful not to bump her against the steering wheel. He carried her to the rear of the police car an opened a door to the back seats. For a moment he stared at her, looking at her pretty face and gentle features, brushing a lock of hair out of her face he swallowed feeling some heat crawl up his neck. She was pretty, down right pretty, too bad she had to be a deputy. Just the same his mismatched eyes stayed locked on her for a long moment an he smiled to himself, how had he over looked her in the past.

Still grinning to himself Chet shook the thoughts from his head and laid the red head in the back seat of the patrol car and shut the door. In a few short moments he was driving back towards the court house where, Garrett, Razor and Ethan were waiting for his return.

(Cue anyone.)

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After tangling with Chet, Vicki gave up her struggles with him.

She was good at subdueing a man with a gun, but she was no match for Chet. She didn't want to see him get hurt or herself.

Chet reminded her too much of herself when she was a wild rebellious teenager, back when she was dating Hughie Hogg for a while.

Now 30 minutes later, Vicki opened her eyes to a slit as she watched Chet drive her patrol car.

"Oh...great!" muttered Chet under breath then added, "We just past my no good cousins, Bo & Luke! I hope that they don't realize that you're not driving, little lady."

Vicki opened her eyes after hearing Chet's remark. Maybe Bo & Luke will see that something is amiss. That Maybe something isn't right.

The sunlight, glaring and relentless, was shining in Vicki's eyes. She tried to escape it, to stop those rays from piercing through to her brain, but the light followed her.

She moaned softly as the side of her face stung a little. She reached with her hand to feel the blow, but realized that both of her hands came up. That was when she realized that Chet had used her handcuffs on her.

Vicki closed her eyes again, pretending to be asleep as Chet pulled up in front of the Hazzard County Courthouse.

But however, she was trying to come up with a plan.

Maybe she can convince Chet that she had changed considerably since they had last saw each other.

Working in Chickasaw with Sheriff Little in the last few years had made her as mean as he is. and could be as mean as anyone else.

Vicki continued to play possum as the back door opened...

Cue: Chet or Anyone! :D

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Impatience and frustration coursed raggedly through Ethan's trembling body as he watched the thin needle of the second hand slowly ticking around. Glaring at the small white face of the clock that hangs upon the wooden wall while his thoughts rush roughly within him; of his past and of what had brought him here. "Relax," Ethan jumps as a large muscular hand lands upon his left tense shoulder. Taking a deep breath, Ethan slowly turns to face Garrett with a large smile spreading across his handsome face, "he'll get here and all this will take off as planned."

"Jeesh Garr, you don't have to sneak up on me like that," Ethan forced his own smile as his concern slowly moves towards what the young Duke thinks of him. Growing embarrassed of his nervousness and doubts, Ethan glances down at his black leather cowboy boots and at the dusty wooden floor before saying, "I'm sorry to be such a drag to you and to everyone. . .I mean, I want to do this. It is about time people sit and listen to us, that we be heard, and about time we all belong here. It's just I - I don't know if this is the best way to do it."

"As I said, relax," Garrett shrugs feeling his friend's tension and doubts through his shoulder, "things will work out and at the end we will be taken seriously and noticed. It's either this or I'm gone...I leave and Kristy will leave as well."

"That is if we don't get busted," Ethan gives a real smile as he forces himself to relax, "no wonder why my brothers always ignored me and left me out of their plans...I drag them all down with worrying." He gives a small nervous laugh, "I'm sorry...I'll relax. I can't help but to think of the worse...it's who I am. I don't mean to look or to seem as if I am a chi-"

"I don't think you're a chicken and neither does Chet...or I don't think he does," Garrett smiles as he looks around the large sheriff's office while listening to Hogg's, Strait's, and Coltrane's yells from the downstairs cells, "relax and enjoy...while you can."

"Yeah," Ethan shrugs glancing around while stepping away from the clock, "what you think is taking Chet so long? This wasn't in the plan."

"Eh I know but plans seem to vary and change from time to time. Don't worry, he'll come," Garrett steps down from the podium where the sheriff's desk sits to stand near the stairs, "Meanwhile we now control the sheriff's station...we should be having fun at it."

"Hell yeah," Ethan smiles as his doubts melt into confidence.

(Cue Vicki or Chet)

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The husky but sleek blue and white tiger leapt up the stairs an joined Garrett and Ethan by the sheriffs desk. He sat down an rested for a few moments not saying anything, everyone had been securely placed in one of the two jail cells an now all they had to do was wait for Chet.

“Everyones all secure, I’m gonna go outside and keep the look out. Don’t worry, Chet’s a bad ass, he won’t let us down.†Razor got to his feet and excited the station.

He went outside and laid down on the concrete steps, just as he was getting comfortable a Chickasaw county sheriffs patrol car pulled up to the curb and Chet got out. In his arms he carried the unconscious young, pretty red headed female deputy.

“Somebody get a shotgun and a bible.....†Razor said teasing the young Duke boy as he came up the steps an paused to talk to the tiger.

“What for?†Chet asked looking at him bluntly.

“Why a shotgun wedding of course.†Razor laughed.

“Ha ha very funny.†Chet gave Razor a friendly bump with his boot and went inside the station leaving the big tiger on the steps on the look out.

“So far so good.†He whispered to himself.

His white night seeing eyes gazed out into the street and across the town square, it was most likely supper time, only a few people lingered in the streets. None the less they had come this far, there plans would not be spoiled by someone who just happens to stroll by.

(Cue Anyone.)

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**Chet is used with permission on this little post.**

Vicki awoke with a start as Chet opened the back door of the patrol car.

"You know, Chet, I know that I walked in on you by accident, but I think that it was the best thing that could have happened," said Vicki, smiling at Chet.

"How so?" Chet asked, smiling at the redhead as he helped her sit up in the back seat of the patrol car. "What do you have in mind?"

"For one thing, these handcuffs has got to go. I know that you only did that out of meanness," Vicki laughed, indiciating to her bound writsts.

Chet laughed at Vicki. "So I did. Are you okay?"

Vicki rubbed her wrists after Chet took off the handcuffs. She then took Chet's hand in a friendly but suttle gesture. "I am now. Now about the other thing, Why not let me join up with you & your gang. We could do well together. I know every inch of Hazzard & Chickasaw Counties."

Chet stared at Vicki for the longest time as they sat in the back of the Chickasaw Patrol car. He couldn't believe that Vicki was talking like this. He didn't know that deep down that Vicki was just as wild as he was.

Even though Vicki suddenly felt weak and frightened on the inside, she smiled at Chet gratefully. Knowing that she didn't know if he believed her, she was more touched that he was listening to her talk, and to keep an open mind---willing to be convinced.

"What about the police force? Won't that hurt your career?" Chet asked surprised at the redhead's remark.

"We'll worry about them later." Vicki said as she giggled wildly. "We don't have to worry about Chickasaw County anyway...because Hughie Hogg runs that county now, and he's been "training" me to help him run it too."

Chet laughed at the redhead's remark. :lol:

CUE: (Anyone ready to have a good time writing!)

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(This is a joint post by Vicki & Chet)

The black haired Duke boy gave his famous sideways smile at the redheadded Chickasaw County officer and stared at her for a moment. She was down right pretty, an her eyes lit up with joy an excitment, an her lips looked inviting and pure. Chet liked his lips not saying anything more in reply to her, an silently he couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to kiss those rose red lips.

Both of them were quiet, pensive, as if neither wanted to broach the subject of what would happen soon.

Vicki stared into Chet's eyes. She couldn't stop thinking about him, even as he inched closer to her.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't feel his arm go around her shoulder. Vicki was nevertheless not surprised when she felt his presence close to her.

Gently Chet drew her closer to him, he knew what was about to happen and he could feel the redness creeping up into his face. His mismatched eyes gazed into hers as gently as they would allow, the silence over took him.

"Did anyone ever tell you your erasistable." He gave her a toothy smile, his nose so close to her he could smell her perfume.

"Not in a long time, sugar. Not in a long time," said Vicki, as she watched Chet's face inched closer to her.

"Did you know that I wanted you in my arms for a long time now, even before you started working in Chickasaw with Sheriff Little," Chet drawled in a husky voice as he slipped his arms around Vicki's waist.

Feeling that it was now or never Chet bent his head forward tightening his hold around Vicki's waist he pressed his lips to hers, his black Stetson tipping back out of the way.

Vicki trembled slightly as his mouth continued to claim hers in a hungry kiss. She didn't want it to stop for a long time.

After gulping in some air, Chet kissed her again. Heat and warmth flooded inside Vicki, along with a glorious feeling that she'd just found what she was missing in her life.

"So did you planned this?" Vicki breathless as they finally drew apart.

"Not exactly until now," said Chet as he pulled Vicki back into his arms.

He put his arm around her back and took her hand into his, his smile never fadding, his heart racing at a million miles per second.

"There was no plan really.....I just." He paused unsure how to explain himself. "I just could help myself I reckon." He said with a smile as he lead her towards the Sheriffs station enterance.

"So what do you think.....think Im a good kisser?" He teased alittle, but his heart still raced and he knew his face was red

Vicki giggled as she put her arm around Chet's waist. "You're just fine, sugar. What about me?"

Chet nodded slowly. He wasn't sure on what to say. Finally he let out a breath and looked straight into her blue-gray eyes.

"Chet, is something wrong?" Vicki asked as Chet stared at her.

"No, nothing is wrong. I don't know how to say this so I'll just say it straight. This...thing...between us is so strong, it's killing me. I thought that the feelings would go away when you left for Chickasaw so long ago, but when I saw you again, my heart started going crazy for you. I can't stop thinking about you."

Vicki sighed loudly. "I feel the same way, Chet. What are we going to do about it? How are we going to explain this to everyone?"

He only shrugged, he didnt care what other people thought, it was un important to him. " Well for now beautifull lets just leave them to there own thoughts." He lead her to the door his smile holding strong, Razor still laid on the steps to the station but his attention was not on them.

Chet opened the door for her. "Ive got a job to do, your welcome to tag along all you want sweet thang."

(Cue anyone.)

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Meanwhile, in the jail cells downstairs, several voices were going at once, most of it Boss argueing with his law officers over how inept they were for allowing this to happen. Then suddenly Boss realized what time of day it was and his newest concern was how they were going to get food. One deputy's voice finally rose above the din of the blubbering law officers. "Hush! HUUSSSH!!!"

MaryAnne Coltrane finally was able to silence everyone around her. She looked at Rosco, Enos, Cletus, and Emery Potter, who was only wearing a uniform because MaryAnne asked him to help volunteer for something. Boss puffed away nervously on his cigar.

"Yellin' ain't accomplishin' a whole hell of a lot. When them boys up there figure what the hell it is they wan't, they'll let us know."

"Well I hope it's soon," Boss said. "And I hope they're going to let us eat."

"Will you stop worrying about your stomach for one minute?" MaryAnne said. "We've been locked by an 800 pound tiger and three Dukes. I think we might have a little problem on our hands."

"Damn Dukes!" Boss yelled. He looked at Rosco. "Why didn't you stop them?"

"Like I had much of a choice against an 800 pound tiger?!"

"Argh, Rosco so help me if we make it out of this alive, I'll fire you!"

"You'll have to fire all of us then, Boss," MaryAnne said.

"I'll fire Kristy too for what her kin and her brother Garrett's doing!"

MaryAnne snorted. "If Razor doesn't turn you into cat chow first. Have you stopped to think of the possibilties of why they have us all locked up down here?"

Boss was quiet. He seemed uncomfortable suddenly.

"If I was you Boss, I'd stop worrying about the bridges you're gonna burn tomorrow...and think about all the ones you burned yesterday..."

(Cue anyone!)

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Blissfully unaware of the events in town, Brian's big concern thus far, was keeping a hamburger casserole warm while his kin was late for dinner. "Where the hell are they?"

He made a call to the Sheriff's department and tried the CB. No answer. "@#$%&*."

Brian turned off the oven and grabbed his car keys. Maybe Boss Hogg had MaryAnne and Rosco out on parking meter duty and they'd lost track of time. Though deep down inside, he was worried....nothing kept cops from a home-cooked meal. Especially when they weren't the ones cooking it.

He set food out for the dogs and left the house. He roared towards town in Diablo, putting the black Chevy into high gear. He careened into the town sqaure in a matter of five minutes flat.

Seeing that MaryAnne and Rosco's patrol cars were out in front of the courthouse, Brian felt some relief. Maybe county business had them in a meeting or something. Feeling less concerned, Brian parked Diablo behind a patrol car, and walked up to the courthouse. His black jacket hung upon over his shoulders, and his stride was casual as he approached the steps.

( cue anyone!)

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A deep tremulous growl came from the top of the steps in the shadow of one of the big cement pillars. It wasn’t a friendly kind of growl, an it was far too large to be that of any local dog.

A pair of night seeing white eyes peered from the shadows an Razor licked his large canine teeth as Brian came into view. This wasn’t in the plans, no one was supposed to be around, none of them had counted on the kin of the people on the jail cells coming to look for there missing family members. But no Coltrane, especially this one in particular was going to spoil there plans, not when they had already come this far.

“Hold it right there Brian.....an don’t move.†Razor’s gravely voice echoed deeply in warning.

He raised to his feet and an stepped out into the dim lighting of the closest street light, his long body sleek and flowing the thick blue an white coat covering his body ruffled. His back slighty curved and his shoulders rounded, ears laid back against his neck and his tail swayed back and forth twitching like that of nervous rattler.

Razor stopped his approach as he came to the edge of the top step, his huge white paws on the very edge, his razor sharp claws curled around the peak of the step.

“Where do ya think your going?†Razor asked with a hint of sarcasm....he would carry this conversation on as long as possible and keep it as friendly as possible.

(Cue Brian)

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The big white and blue tiger took two steps to one side blocking Brians enterance into the build, his white eyes beeming. He gave a fimilar mocking laugh at the black clad Coltrane.

"I dont at all seem somewhat familiar to you Brian? Not even my voice?"

Razor paused gazing at Brian for a moment, his eys stayed laid back on his neck and his shoulders rounded in a defensive manner.

"MaryAnne and Rosco are preocupied at the moment...." The tigers white eyes narrowed evily. "But your welcome to join them..."

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Brian's demeanor immediately changed. The easy drawl and friendly banter faded, replaced by a hard look and a low, edgy voice.

"Oh, I remember you. No matter what form you take, ah'll always know you. Just like you'll always know me. Now then....either you move aside, Morris....or I take a page out of the Jungle Book on yer hide."

(cue Catman )

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